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Botany Lunch

Botany Lunch is held Fridays noon - 1:00 during the academic year. 1002 Valley Life Sciences Building.

Friday at noon in the herbaria seminar room, 1002 (entrance in small
corridor by north building entrance on ground floor).

Fall 2012 Schedule

August 24th Santiago Martín-Bravo Post Doctoral Researcher, California
Academy of Sciences, Assistant Professor, Pablo de Olavide University,
Seville, Spain "Biogeography and Evolution in the Resedaceae"

August 31 Matthew Britton Ph.D. student Ackerly Lab, Dept. of Integrative
Biology, University of California, Berkeley "Tetraria triangularis and the
Cape Fold Archipelago"

Sep 7th Debra Valov, Volunteer, UC Botanical Garden, University & Jepson
Herbaria, UC Berkeley "Development of a bilingual interpretive trail and
plantguide for Mesa del Rincón, San Ignacio, BCS, Mexico"

Sep 14th "Ingrid Jordon-Thaden, Research Associate, University & Jepson
Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley "Polyploid evolution and
speciation in two systems: Draba and Tragopogon"

Sep 21st Brian Swartz, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Mishler Lab.
Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley. "Speciesism and the Future
of Humanity: an Herbarium-sponsored seminar series for 2012-2013"

Sep 28th Jeffery Hughey, Biology Instructor, Hartnell College
"Identification of invasives and the analysis of DNA from type materials
to address taxonomic questions.

Oct 5th Claudia Henriquez, PhD Candidate at Washington University in St.
Louis & Missouri Botanical Garden (former Specht Lab) "Phylogenomics and
Evolution of Leaf Morphology in the plant family Araceae"

Oct 12th Justin West, Grad Student, Energy & Resources Group, UC Berkeley.
"2665 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail; trials, tribulations, and triumphs
of combining long distance hiking with botanical research"

Oct 19th Jenn Yost, Herbarium, Natural History Museum, Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology Department, U.C. Santa Cruz 'Studies of Goldfields'

Oct 26th Gabriel Damasco Graduate Student, Fine lab, Department of
Integrative Biology, University of California, Berkeley. 'Amazonian
white-sand vegetations: Disentangling the role of edaphic variability,
flooding regime and topography on tree community assembly'

November 2nd Brett Hall, Director, The Arboretum of the University of
California, Santa Cruz, President, California Native Plant Society. "Part
of Conservation is Growing. Botanical Collections and Gardens of the UCSC

November 9th Brent Mishler, Professor, Dept. Integrative Biology,
Director, University & Jepson Herbaria, University of California,
Berkeley. TBA

November 16th Chris Hobbs, Graduate Student, Baldwin Lab. Department of
Intergrative Biology, UC Berkeley. TBA

November 23 No Botany Lunch Academic and Administrative Holiday

November 30th Tom Schweich, Volunteer, University & Jepson Herbaria,
University of California, Berkeley. "A Checklist of the Flora of Mono Lake

December 7th Kathleen Kay, Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary
Biology, UC Santa Cruz "Origin and diversification of the California
flora: Re-examining classic hypotheses with molecular phylogenies"

December 14th William MacNamara Executive Director, Quarry Hill Botanical
Garden. TBA