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Botany Lunch

    Botany Lunch meets Fridays at noon during the academic year in the Herbarium Break Room (enter via 1001 Valley Life Sciences Building)

Spring 2010 schedule

January 15: Rebecca Welch (Graduate Student, Mishler Lab)
Cooperation without specialization? Host specialists and generalists in Nostocalean cyanobacteria.

January 22: John Game (Research Associate, University & Jepson Herbaria)
Enjoying a Warm World: Best of Botanizing, 2009.

January 29: Deb Trock (Senior Collections Manager, Botany, California Academy of Sciences)
Konza Prairie Research Natural Area.

Febraury 5: Barbara Ertter (Curator of Western North American Flora, University & Jepson Herbaria)
Trekking for basal Potentilla in Greece.

February 12: Brent Mishler (Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, Director, University and Jep
son Herbaria)

What, if anything, is a species?

February 19: Chris Hobbs (Graduate Student, Baldwin Lab)
Medicinal Mushrooms.

February 26: Seth Kauppinen (Graduate Student, Fine Lab)
A botanical travelogue of Cuba and French Guiana.

March 5: Sasan Hariri-Moghadam (Undergraduate Student, Humboldt State University)
Gi[y]ah-Shenasy: A Botanical Journey to Iran in June 2009.

March 12: Tracy Misiewicz (Graduate Student, Fine Lab).
Investigating the evolutionary history and biogeography of the genus Dorstenia (Moraceae).

March 19: Dylan O. Burge (Graduate Student, Manos Lab, Duke University Department of Biology)
Diversification of Ceanothus, subgenus Cerastes in the California Floristic Province.

March 26: No Botany Lunch.

April 2: Justin Whittall (Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Santa Clara University)
Parallel Adaptive Radiations in Wallflowers in Western North America and Eurasia (Erysimum, Brassicaceae).

April 9: Jim Shevock (Research Associate, University & Jepson Herbaria, California Academy of Sciences)
The complexity, challenges, and successes of collecting expeditions in Yunnan Province, China: an overview of the Gaoligongshan Biodiversity Project.

April 16: Dave Wagner, (Northwest Botanical Institute)
Ferntastic Ferns and Marvelous Mosses.

April 23: Abby Moore (Graduate Student, Baldwin Lab)
Grindelia: further explorations of a sticky problem.

April 30: Mike Park (Graduate Student, Baldwin Lab)
Studies in Collinsia and Eryngium.

May 7: Chodon Sass (Graduate Student, Specht Lab)
Phylogeny of core Bromelioids with a focus on Aechmea (Bromeliaceae): it’s not what you look like, it’s where you're from.

May 14: Dick Beidleman (Research Associate, University and Jepson Herbaria)
Divide to Disaster: Vicissitudes of a Frontier Botanist