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Botany Lunch

    Botany Lunch meets Fridays at noon during the academic year in Valley Life Sciences Building Room 1002. Enter through the hallway north of the Herbaria main entrance.

Fall 2010 schedule

August 27: Debra Valov (Volunteer, University & Jepson Herbaria)
Flora of Mulegé. Floristic research (and adventures!) in and around Mulegé, Baja California Sur.

Sep. 3: Matt Guilliams (Grad. Student, Baldwin Lab)
Phylogentic Relationships of Plagiobothrys & Evolution in California Vernal Pools

Sep. 10: Dena Vallano (Postdoctoral Scholar, Environmental Studies Department UC Santa Cruz)
Herbaria record of increasing nitrogen pollution inputs to serpentine grasslands.

Sep 17: Trevor Hodkinson (Senior Lecturer in Botany, Trinity College Dublin)
Phylogenetics and systematics of the biomass and bioenergy crop Miscanthus.

Sep 24: Jim Shevock (Research Associate, University and Jepson Herbaria)
Botany Explorations in the Gulf of Guinea Islands.

Oct. 1 John Miller (Volunteer, University & Jepson Herbaria)
Paleozoic Origin of Angiosperms:  Potential Molecular Coevolution with Insects.

Oct. 8 Tom Madsen (Grad Student, Mishler Lab)
Exploring for myco-heterotrophic plants in the western U.S.

Oct. 15: Danica Harbaugh (President and CEO, AuthenTechnologies, LLC; Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley)
The Bad, the Good, and the Only: A Revealing Look at Medicinal Herb Authentication Methods from the Dark Ages to DNA.

Oct. 22: Amy Kasamayer (Archivist, University & Jepson Herbaria)
Cataloging the Hidden Archives of University and Jepson Herbaria.

Oct. 29: Mike Park (Grad. Student, Baldwin Lab)
Studies in Collinsia and Eryngium.

Nov. 5: Nathalie Nagalingum (Postdoc, Marshall lab)
Understanding the evolution of heterosporous ferns, with special reference to the importance of herbarium collections.

Nov. 12: Christopher Davidson
Flora of the World: We may not finish, but it's lots of fun trying.

Nov. 19: Lech Naumovich (Conservation Analyst, California Native Plant Society, East Bay Chapter)
The East Bay Flora Project.

Nov. 26: No Botany Lunch.

Dec. 3: Cindy Looy (Assistant Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley)
Pleuromeia sternbergii - the success story of an Early Triassic lycopod.

Dec 10: Elizabeth Brusati (Science Program Manager California Invasive Plant Council)
Weeds on the move: Predicting the spread of invasive plants in California.