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Botany Lunch

    Botany Lunch meets Fridays at noon during the academic year in the Herbarium Break Room (enter via 1001 Valley Life Sciences Building)

Spring 2008 schedule

Jan. 25: Thomas Madsen (Grad student, Mishler Lab)
Manitoba botany


Feb. 1: Dale Vitt (Professor, Southern Illinois University)
Fire, permafrost melt, and climatic change: Key drivers of peatland function in the boreal forest


Feb. 8: Anna Larsen (Grad student, Mishler Lab)
My dissertation in a (candle)nutshell


Feb. 15: Abby Moore (Grad student, Baldwin Lab)
Plans for studying population genetics of California Grindelia


Feb. 22: John Game (Research Associate, UC/JEPS)
Pushing the envelope: botanical trips in the western US, 2007


Feb. 29: Jaakko Hyvönen (Professor, University of Helsinki; Sabbatical Visitor, UC/JEPS)
Once again in Patagonia


Mar. 7: Eahsan Shahriary (Iranian research scholar at Oklahoma State University)
A comparison of range management in Iran and the US


Mar. 14 [no presentation]


Mar. 21: Chris Hobbs (Grad student, Baldwin Lab)
Hawaiian Artemisia


Mar. 28 [spring break - no presentation]


Apr. 4 [no presentation]


Apr. 11 Susan Kalisz (Professor, U. of Pittsburg)
Is selfing a dead end?


Apr. 18 Brent Mishler (Professor, UCB)
Mosses are from Mars; vascular plants are from Venus


Apr. 25: Mo-mei Chen (Research Associate, UC/JEPS)
Plant species and their distribution patterns in the Beijing urban ecosystem


May 2: Rebecca Welch (Grad student, Mishler Lab)
Hornworts and Nostoc; sharing life at the soil/air interface


May 9: Dan Norris (Research Botanist, UC/JEPS)
The Nectandra Reserve in Costa Rica: epiphylls and other bryophyte characters


May 16: Chelsea Specht (Professor, UCB)
California Alliums: Insights into a Biogeographic Radiation and Edaphic Evolution


May 23 Roy West (Managing Director, Calflora)
Collaborations between Calflora and the Consortium of California Herbaria