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Botany Lunch

    Botany Lunch meets Fridays at noon during the academic year in the Herbarium Break Room (enter via 1001 Valley Life Sciences Building)

Spring 2007 schedule

Jan. 12:   Steve Matson (Tahoe Chapter, CNPS)

California botanical highlights from 2006


Jan. 19: Petra Foerster (Collections Management, UC/JEPS):

The flora and vegetation of the Nationalpark Hainich in Thuringia, Germany


Jan. 26: Mo-mei Chen (Research Associate, UC/JEPS)

The Dawn Redwood Story: a look at fossil and modern populations of Metasequoia


Feb. 2: Leigh Johnson (Associate Professor, Brigham Young University):

Here and there: systematic botany in the western United States and Patagonia


Feb. 9: Scott Simono (Jepson Flora Project, UC/JEPS)

Montane Meadows of the eastern Sierra Nevada between Truckee and Sierra Valley


Feb. 16 Nick Matzke (National Center for Science Education)

Evolution versus 'intelligent design' at the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial


Feb. 23: Jon Shaw (Professor, Duke University):

Biogeography and evolution in Sphagnum section Subsecundum


Mar. 2: Zoya Akulova-Barlow

Flora of Northern Argentina


Mar. 9: Barbara Ertter (Curator of Western North American Flora, UC/JEPS)
and Fosiee Tahbaz (Curator of Middle Eastern Flora, UC/JEPS):

The American-Iranian Botanical Program


Mar. 16: Bruce Baldwin (Jepson Curator, UC/JEPS)

Pacific angiosperm dispersals and radiations of western North American origin


Mar. 23: Linda Ann Vorobik (Research Associate, UC/JEPS)

A yankee botanist's search for native New Zealand bush: a botanical travelogue




Apr. 6: Marcus Lehnert (Grad student, Mishler Lab)

Fern evolution in the Andes: old and young lineages compared: Cyathea vs. Melpomene


Apr. 13: Jessica DaSilva (Biodiversity Conservation Intern, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario, Canada):

Conservation of Cycads


Apr. 20: Eric Harris (Grad student, Mishler Lab)

The Ethnobotany of Medicinal Moss used in Southwest China


Apr. 27: Elizabeth Zacharias (Grad student, Baldwin Lab)

Photosynthetic-pathway evolution, ecological radiation, and cryptic diversity in American Atriplex (Chenopodiaceae)


May 4: John Game (Research Associate, UC/JEPS)

Botany and Geography of the Cook Islands


May 11: Danielle Svehla (Grad student, Energy and Resources Group, UCB)

Flora of the Santa Ana River: Techniques for Combining Technical and Popular Botany


May 18: Don Reynolds (Research Botanist, UC/JEPS):

Tropical forest canopy fungi