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Botany Lunch

    Botany Lunch meets Fridays at noon during the academic year in the Herbarium Break Room (enter via 1001 Valley Life Sciences Building)

Fall 2007 schedule

Aug. 31: Kathryn Davis (Assistant Professor, San Jose State University)
Out of Humboldt's Shadow: The Botanical Adventures of Ynes Mexia


Sept. 7: Nhu Nguyen (Grad student, Specht Lab, PMB)
California onions: perspectives in molecular phylogeny and traditional taxonomy


Sept. 14: Paul Wilson (Professor, Cal State Northridge; Sabbatical Visitor, UC/JEPS)
Pollination syndromes in Penstemons


Sept. 21: Linda Ann Vorobik (Research Associate, UC/JEPS)
The Art of Botanical Illustration


Sept. 28: Molly Nepokroeff (Associate Professor, University of South Dakota; Sabbatical Visitor, UC/JEPS)
Phylogeography of the Hawaiian endemic Schiedea globosa (Caryophyllaceae)


Oct. 5: Kathleen Kay (Postdoctoral Researcher, UC/JEPS)
Speciation studies in Costus and Clarkia: pollinators, crossing barriers, and chromosomes


Oct. 12: Paul Fine (new Assistant Professor, IB; Curator of Neotropical Flora, UC/JEPS)
Habitat specialization and speciation in a diverse Amazonian tree genus (Protium, Burseraceae)


Oct. 19: Tom Bruns (Professor, PMB; Curator of Fungi, UC/JEPS)
The Pt. Reyes Mycoblitz


Oct. 26: Susan Tremblay (new grad student, Mishler Lab)
Plant communities of Sonoma Valley: a melding of art and science


Nov. 2: Thomas Madsen (new grad student, Mishler Lab)
Adventures in Iowa botany


Nov. 9: Joel Nitta (Staff Researcher, Mishler Lab)
Biocoding the pteridophyte flora of Moorea: lessons learned from filmy ferns


Nov. 16: Ben Carter (Grad student, Mishler Lab)
Using floristic data to assess spatial patterns of moss traits in a heterogeneous landscape: a case study from California


[Nov 23: No meeting; Thanksgiving weekend]


[Nov. 30: No presentation]


Dec. 7: Bruce Kirchoff (Professor, University of North Carolina, Greensboro)
Finding New Characters: An Exploration of Seed Coat Patterns in Lupines


Dec. 14: Don Reynolds (Research Botanist, UC/JEPS)
A relic California mykota: relationships to tropical epifoliar fungi