A Key to the Pteridophytes of Moorea

GROUP 7: Terrestrial with leaves 2-pinnate or more dissected

1 Sori elongate or linear 2
  Sori round 10
2 Sori elongate along veins on lower leaf surface; true indusia present, linear; false indusia absent 3
  Sori linear, submarginal; true indusia absent; false indusia formed by reflexed leaf margins 6
3 Rachises and costae grooved adaxially with groove interrupted at junction of rachis and costa Deparia petersenii ssp. congrua
  Rachises and costae grooved adaxially with groove continuous at junction of rachis and costa 4
4 Proximal pinnules pinnate Diplazium grantii
  Proximal pinnules entire to pinnatifid 5
5 Pinnules deeply pinnatifid Diplazium harpeodes
  Pinnules entire or toothed Diplazium ellipticum
6 Stipule-like pinnules present at pinna bases; rhizomes long-creeping Histiopteris incisa
  Stipule-like pinnules absent; rhizomes short-creeping or erect 7
7 Laminar tissue bicolored, green along pinna margins and white along costae Pteris ensiformis cv. ‘Victoriae’
  Laminar tissue green throughout 8
8 Veins free Pteris mertensioides
  Veins anastomosing 9
9 Ultimate segments to 15 mm long; blades tripartite Pteris tripartita
  Larger ultimate segments over 30 mm long; blades 3-pinnate Pteris comans
10 Leaves with two large, fleshy stipules at base and pulvinae along stipe and rachis axes 11
  Leaves lacking stipules and pulvinae 12
11 Leaves often more than 3 m long; sporangia of each sorus contiguous but not fused Angiopteris evecta
  Leaves less than ca. 2 m long; sporangia laterally fused, forming synangia Ptisana salicina
12 Rhizomes erect, arborescent, covered in a dense layer of interwoven roots (i.e., root mantle; tree ferns) 13
  Rhizomes without a tree-like growth habit 15
13 Adaxial costal scales several cells wide, with dark marginal setae Sphaeropteris medullaris
  Adaxial costal scales a single row of cells lacking marginal setae 14
14 Stipe scales concentrated only at growing tips of unfurling fronds, lacking apical setae Cyathea epaleata
  Stipe scales present at base of stipes and on rhizome, bearing apical setae Alsophila tahitensis
15 True indusia present (difficult to see in Dryopteris dicksonioides) 16
  True indusia absent (false indusia formed by recurved leaf margins may be present) 24
16 Indusium reniform 17
  Indusium pocket-shaped (attached at base and sides) or scale-like (attached at base) 20
17 Costae not grooved adaxially Ctenitis sciaphila
  Costae grooved adaxially 18
18 Rhizomes creeping; pinnules aristate on margins Arachniodes aristata
  Rhizomes erect; pinnules not aristate on margins 19
19 Stipe scales dense proximally, diminishing in number distally but present along entire length of stipe; indusia prominent Dryopteris macrolepidota
  Stipe scales present but not dense proximally, absent distally; indusia minute, not apparent without magnification Dryopteris dicksonioides
20 Rhizomes erect 21
  Rhizomes long-creeping 22
21 Leaf lamina light green abaxially, dark green adaxially; stipes and rachises black abaxially, green adaxially; rhizome scales clathrate Asplenium gibberosum
  Leaf lamina light green on both sides; stipes and rachises dark brown to stramineous on both sides; rhizome scales not clathrate Sphenomeris chinensis
22 Stipes articulate to phyllopodia which appear as swellings or stumps on the rhizomes; leaves arranged alternately in two rows on dorsal surface of rhizomes Wibelia denticulata
  Stipes not articulate to phyllopodia; leaves not arranged alternately in two rows 23
23 Blades 2-pinnate-pinnatifid, or up to 3-pinnate proximally; sori round at vein endings Microlepia scaberula
  Blades 2-pinnate; sori linear, submarginal, supplied by multiple veins Lindsaea rigida
24 False indusia absent (sori completely exindusiate) 25
  False indusia present (sori protected by recurved leaf margins) 28
25 Basiscopic pinnules of proximal pinnae enlarged 26
  Basiscopic and acroscopic pinnules of proximal pinnae +/- same size 27
26 Veins free Tectaria dissecta
  Veins anastomosing Tectaria tahitensis
27 Stipe scales present from stipe base to proximal third of stipe, white Macrothelypteris polypodioides
  Stipe scales concentrated at stipe bases, reddish brown Macrothelypteris torresiana
28 Sori borne on inner surface of false indusia 29
  Sori borne on leaf surface, not on false indusia 30
29 Ultimate segments fan-shaped; pinnae to ca. 7 cm Adiantum raddianum
  Ultimate segments trapeziform; pinnae to ca. 20 cm Adiantum trapeziforme
30 Rhizomes no greater than 3 mm diam.; blades coriaceous; veins obscured Paesia divaricatissima
  Rhizomes 0.5 cm - 1 cm diam.; blades herbaceous; veins clearly visible 31
31 Blade margins curved towards abaxial side; hairs on underside of lamina clear, acicular, abundant; indusial flaps mostly membranous, broad, sometimes bearing glandular hairs on upper surface Hypolepis tenuifolia
  Blade margins flat; hairs on underside of lamina brown, stout, few; indusial flaps mostly green, tapering, often bearing glandular hairs on margin Hypolepis dicksonioides


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