A Key to the Pteridophytes of Moorea

GROUP 3: Epiphytic with simple leaves

1 Petioles and blades thick, fleshy; fertile leaves divided into a blade-like portion without spores (i.e., trophophore) and a spike-like portion bearing spores (i.e., sporophore) that is borne adaxially on trophophore Ophioglossum pendulum
  Petioles and blades not fleshy; fertile leaves not divided into trophophore and sporophore 2
2 Sporangia spread over laminar surface (i.e., acrostichoid) 3
  Sporangia clustered into discrete sori 6
3 Sporangia restricted to leaf tip; fertile section greatly narrowed Belvisia spicata
  Sporangia cover whole surface of fertile leaves; fertile leaves same size as sterile, or slightly smaller 4
4 Leaves to ca. 70 cm long; sterile blades glabrous or with sparse, inconspicuous scales Elaphoglossum savaiense
  Leaves to ca. 25 cm long; sterile blades bearing scattered, acicular scales 5
5 Stipe scales subulate, erect, with margins entire or subentire Elaphoglossum samoense
  Stipe scales flat, spreading, with margins serrulate throughout Elaphoglossum florencei
6 Sori clearly linear or elongate 7
  Sori round (sometimes fusing to appear irregularly elongate in Selliguea plantaginea) 11
7 Veins clearly anastomosing 8
  Veins free (may be difficult to see in Haplopteris elongata) 9
8 Leaves sessile to shortly stalked; blade apices often variously incised Antrophyum reticulatum
  Leaves clearly stalked, without wing; blade apices acute or acuminate Antrophyum plantagineum
9 Blades less than ca. 1 cm wide, narrowly linear; sori in two submarginal rows Haplopteris elongata
  Blades to ca. 15 cm wide, apex obtuse, gradually tapering to base; sori linear along veins, ca. 60° to midrib 10
10 Midribs rounded on abaxial side near blade bases Asplenium nidus
  Midribs sharply angular on abaxial side near blade bases Asplenium australasicum
11 Indusia present, round Oleandra sibbaldii
  Indusia absent 12
12 Rhizomes erect; leaf trace only a single vascular bundle; spores green 13
  Rhizomes creeping; leaf trace comprising multiple vascular bundles; spores yellow 15
13 Blades with black margins; laminar hairs absent Grammitis marginelloides
  Blade margins not black; laminar hairs present 14
14 Blades ca. 6-8 x 0.5-1.0 cm; multiple irregular rows of sori between midvein and blade margin; sori each ca. 0.7-1.0 mm diam. Archigrammitis tahitensis
  Blades ca. 3-6 x 0.4–0.5 cm; single row of sori on each side of midvein; sori each ca. 1.5–1.7 mm diam. Oreogrammitis raiateensis
15 Adaxial blade surface densely covered in tan stellate scales Pyrrosia serpens
  Blades glabrous Selliguea plantaginea


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