The Synthesis of the North American Flora
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Last updated 1 January 2008

Why do I get an Error 21 Print Overrun when printing a map with my Hewlett Packard LaserJet printer?

On HP LaserJet printers a "Print Overrun Error" may indicate that you need to install more printer memory to print a vector image as complex as the map downloaded to the printer by the Synthesis. You might try going to the Properties submenu of the printer and set the Graphics Mode to Raster. For complete, authoritative information, please consult the Hewlett Packard user support page on this issue at

Why do I get a General Protection Fault sometimes when I shut the Synthesis down?

Due to a last-minute change to the program code, a spurious mouse-click is generated by the program if the map window is highlighted (the top bar is blue) when the Synthesis is exited. This has no effect on any other aspects of the program operation. To avoid this General Protection Fault, just click on one of the nomenclature windows before exiting.

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