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    Mycology — Fungi and Lichens

Dr. Isabelle Tavares continued her studies of usneas, including continued assembly of data for a complete reorganzation of the taxonomic arrangement in the world monograph on Usena (Motyka, 1936–1938), utilizing new anatomical and chemical information. Sanders and Moe made and photographed sections of usneas in preparation of a publication on characters of red usneas of the world. Dr. Tavares also continued to handle Public Service queries about fungi and lichens and to curate the collections, including updating nomenclature in accordance with current literature, replacing worn packets and folders, etc. Dr. Tavares continued as contributor to Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers and to read and edit all manuscripts submitted to the California Lichen Society Bulletin.

As a faculty Curator of Fungi in the University Herbarium, Dr. John Taylor (Department of Plant and Microbial Biology) maintains a very active research program, involving a number of students and postdoctoral associates, one of the top labs worldwide in molecular systematics and evolution of fungi. Accomplishments during this period include studies clarifying the relationships of several economically important fungi, including human pathogens, in addition to studies of population structure in presumably asexual fungi. He had taken an active role in the University and Jepson Herbaria both scientifically and administratively (e.g., he serves as an active member of the Jepson Herbarium's Board of Trustees).