University Herbarium, UC Berkeley

Dr. Fosiee Tahbaz and Dr. Barbara Ertter, UC-Berkeley
(note: Iranian "weekend" is Thurs-Fri)

Monday, May 10
depart to airport at noon; in transit
Tuesday, May 11
in transit
Wednesday, May 12
arrive in early morning; confirm university visits and make domestic travel arrangements
Thursday, May 13
personal business
Friday, May 14
hike in canyon north of Tehran, with collecting opportunities
Saturday, May 15
morning: meet with dean and selected faculty of the College of Science, University of Tehran; introduction to Flora of Iran project; tour of herbarium and computer center
afternoon: personal business
Sunday, May 16
present lectures at the College of Agriculture, University of Tehran (in
Karaj); meet with dean, head of horticulture department, and selected faculty and students; tour of botanical garden; tour of herbarium and discussion of procedures
Monday, May 17
field trip with College of Agriculture faculty and students to Alamut area of Alborz Mountains, with opportunities for collecting and observations of traditional agricultural practices; overnight stay in rural village
Tuesday, May 18
all-day return from Alamut area; late-night flight to Mashhad
Wednesday, May 19
present lectures at College of Agricultural of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad; meet with dean and selected faculty; tour of herbarium and discussion of herbarium practices; introduction to Flora Khorassanica project; travel to Neishabur for tourist site, with some collecting opportunities enroute
Thursday, May 20
field trip with faculty and students to wild pistachio grove overlooking Turkmenistan border, with collecting opportunities en route; evening tour of AQR Central Library and museum
Friday, May 21
all-day drive from Mashhad to Bobalsar, with brief stops for botanizing en route; chance encounter with natural history field trip from University of Gorgan; brief meeting with vice chancellor of the University of Gorgan
Saturday, May 22
present lectures at College of Agriculture of University of Mazandaran (in Sari); meet with vice chancellor, dean of agriculture, and selected faculty; afternoon field trip to Hyrcanian forest, with significant bryophyte collecting
Sunday, May 23
field trip to Miankaleh Wildlife Refuge on Caspian Sea
Monday, May 24
drive from Babolsar to Tehran, with collecting opportunities in high Alborz Mountains; make additional arrangements for upcoming university visits; Tahbaz meets with Councilor of Foreign Ministry
Tuesday, May 25
recuperation and personal business
Wednesday, May 26
fly to Tabriz; present lectures at College of Agriculture of the University of Tabriz; meet with vice chancellor, dean, vice deans, and selected faculty; field trip with faculty and students to Kavandan (= geologically significant village), with limited collecting opportunities
Thursday, May 27
morning: tour of herbarium and introduction to Flora of Azarbayjan Province project; meet with dean, selected faculty, and students; provide interviews for student newspaper afternoon: fly to Esfahan; visit tourist sites
Friday, May 28
primarily personal time, but including 1-hour tour of natural history museum with botanical display; evening flight to Shiraz
Saturday, May 29
morning: visit with dean and selected faculty of College of Sciences of University of Shiraz; tour of herbarium and natural history collections; brief tour of Eram Botanical Garden
afternoon: visit tourist sites, including Persepolis
Sunday, May 30
all-day field trip to Bakhtegan Lake to look for Hypericopis; evening flight to Tehran
Monday, May 31
personal business [UC holiday]
Tuesday, June 1
morning: visit Research Institute of Forest & Rangelands (between
Tehran and Karaj); meet with research staff of botany division; introduction to Flora of Iran project; tour herbarium; tour botanical garden afternoon: personal business; late night departure to airport
Wednesday, June 2
in transit; arrive in San Francisco mid-day