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Field Notes in the Archives


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R. P. Allen : R. P. Allen's two field notebooks from 1935, containing collections no. 1-460.

Austin, Rebecca Merritt (Mrs.) (1832-1919): California Flora; A Catalogue of Plants collected by Mrs. R. M. Austin (undated).

Babcock, E. B. (1877-1954): 1912 field notebook containing collections no. 1001-1132.

Bacigalupi, Rimo C. (1901-1996): Field Notebook #1:New Mexico and Colorado Trip, July-August 1924. Contains collections no. 500-1217. Field Notebook #2: Contains notes from collecting trips in California and Massachusetts, 1925-1929. Includes collections no. 1218-2054.

Baker, Milo S. (Milo Samuel)(1868-1961): Photocopies of Baker's 43 field notebooks from 1898-1960.

Barber, J. H.: Field Notebook containing botanical collections no. 1-378, collected between 1896 and 1898.

Beal, Mary: List of plant specimens collected between 1937 and 1943. Contains collections numbered 1-961.

Belshaw, Charles : Field notes from Charles Belshaw's 1937 trip to Peru. Contains collections no. 3050-3642.

Bradley, C. B. : Undated field notebook of C. B. Bradley, containing collections no. 1-210.

Bufford, Virginia: Field notebook from Fall 1932, containing collections no. 500-578.

Burtt Davy, Joseph (1870-1940): These twelve notebooks document J. Burtt Davy's botanical fieldwork from 1893-1901. Individual notebooks are as follows:

Chandler, H. P. (1875-1918): These five field notebooks document botanical collecting trips made by H. P. Chandler from 1901 to 1912 in Northern California. Individual notebooks are as follows:

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Dempster, Lauramay T. (1905-1997): These notebooks and collection lists document Lauramay Dempster's botanical collecting trips from 1954-1983. Collections are primarily from California, but trips to Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alberta, Alaska, Mexico, Patagonia, Europe and New Zealand, and Australia are also documented.

Eyerdam, Walter, J.: collection consists of Walter J. Eyderdam's field notebook entitled Botanical collections made in Chile for Prof. J.H. Goodspeed and the Botanical Garden of the University of California at Berkeley. Collections were made from December 1957 to March 1958.

Ferguson, Elizabeth Van E. : Field notes from 1917-1920. Includes collections no. 6, 44, 51, and 94 from 1917; no. 273 from 1919; and no. 300-550 from 1920.

Foster, Adriance S. (Adriance Sherwood) (1901-1973): 1956 field notebook of Adriance S. Foster, entitled Field Notes and Records made in New Caledonia. Notebook includes collections no. 1-219.

Frost, F. H. (Frederick Hazard) (1902-): List of locations of plant collections made by F. H. Frost in the Warner Mountains in 1925. Includes collections no. 1-180.

Gillett, George W. (George Willson) (1917-1976): Gillett's Herbarium Field Book from July-August 1951, which contains collection numbers 252-278.

Goddard, David R.: Goddard's two field notebooks from 1927-1928, documenting his botanical collecting trips in California and Arizona.

Gregory, Joseph T. (1914-2007): Field Notebook, 1929-1938. Includes collections no. 1-1267, made between June 30, 1929 - June 15 1938.Collections are primarily from Northern California, but trips to Southern California and a June-July 1934 trip to New Mexico are also documented.


Hall, Harvey Monroe (1874-1932): Five field notebooks documenting Harvey M. Hall's botanical collecting trips between 1903-1924. Contains collections no. 1-13300.

H. M. Hall and H. P. Chandler Field Notes: Field notebook and map from Hall and Chandler's botanical collecting trip to the Sierra Nevada in 1900. Contains collections no. 1-737.

Heckard and Hickmand Snow Mountain Plant Records : This collection consists of four volumes of Snow Mountain plant records, created by Lawrence Heckard and James Hickman over the course of their botanical study of the area. Records are undated and include a list of previous specimens from the Snow Mountain vicinity for each species.

Hesse, Vesta F. (1901-1982): Notes on plants collected in the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1943 by Vesta Hesse.

Hoover, Robert F. (1913-1970): typed copies of Robert Hoover's field notes from 1935, contiaing collections no. 318-1185, 3482-4719 from California.

James, Douglas William Jr. : Two field notebooks, one containing collections no. 1-136 from 1973 and the other (undated) containg collection no. 1-61. Collections from the second notebook do not match those in the first notebook. Collections are from California.

Jepson, Willis Linn.: Jepson's 71 field books, dating from 1895-1940, have been scanned and linked to his specimens databased in the Consortium of California Herbaria.

Johnson, John W.: Typed list of plants collected in Inyo County, 1937, by John W. Johnson. A handwritten note on the title page says "many discarded, HKS '69."Includes collections no. 373-472.

King, Mary Alice: Lists of plants studied by Mary Alice King in California between 1895 and 1923.

Kuijt, Job (1930-) : Field notebook from a 1955 trip to Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Notebook contains collection no. 1-81 with a note on p.2 that numbers 1-81 should read 1001-1801. A. Miller and J. Lindsay are listed as co-collectors for some collections.

Lee, Edward: Field notes for collections no. 1-5035-K, collected between March 1933 and April 1965.

Manning, Mary H.: Field notebooks from 1902-1904, containing collections no. 1-516 from Northern California.

Mathias, Mildred Esther (1906-1995): Field notebook containing collection numbers 1174-1401, made between April 24, 1937 - July 1, 1946.

McMillan, Calvin: Field notebook from a 1952 trip to New Caledonia. Notebook contains collections no. 5000-5216.

Mirov, N. T. (Nicholas Tiho) (1893-): Field notebook of N. T. Mirov from the Warner Mountains, Modoc Co., California. Contains collections no. 1-68 collected between 1927 and 1930.

Mulliken, Earle: Contains collections no. 100-153 from Amador County, California in 1904 and collections no. 160-162 from the Berkeley Hills in 1905.

Muth, Gilbert J.: Handwritten table of collection data from Black Mountain and Marble Valley, Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, Siskiyou County. Collections are dated 28 July 1965-7 August 1966. Contains collections no. 129-504.


Nelson, Donald G.: Two field notebooks documenting Donald G. Nelson's botanical collecting trips in California between 1935 and 1940. Collections no. 1-719 are included.

Newlon, L. M.: Botanical collecting data from Dr. L. M. Newlon. Includes collections no.141-254 (1921) from California and collections no.273-846 (1922) from California and Arizona.

Ottley, Alice M.: A record of collections made in California and Nevada between 1919 and 1921, including collections no. 1-1560. A trip itinerary is also included at the front of the notebook.

Payne, Frances W.: Field book from a botanical collecting trip in the Warner Mountains of Modoc County in summer 1929. Contains collections no. 1-813.

Quick, Clarence R.: Mycological and Herbarium collections from 1947-1966.

Reeve, Marian Enzler: Field notebook containing collections #1-209 made between September 26, 1939 and June 8, 1940.

Robbins, G. Thomas: Five notebooks. Four of the notebooks contain field observations regarding plant collections and the fifth contains records of plant culture experiments.

Rock, Joseph Francis Charles: These four notebooks document Joseph F. Rock's 1932 expedition to western China and Tibet, sponsored by the University of California Botanical Garden.

Rodin, Robert J.: 16 field notebooks, covering 1944-1978. Includes trip to Guam and the University of California African Expedition of 1947-1948.


Smith, Charlotte N.: Handwritten checklist of plants of Charlotte Smith, mounted in JEPS [Jepson herbarium]. Numbers include 1-1543.

Smith, S. Galen and Malcolm R. Nobs: Two field notebooks from the Smith and Nobs Marsh Plant Survey of California from 1949-1951.

Smith, S. Galen.: Notebook containing collection numbers 1000-1574 collected between June 13 and August 22, 1950. Collections are from Colombia.

Strother, John L. :This collection consists of photocopies of two sets of field notes documenting John L. Strother's botanical collecting activities from 1964-1976.

Tracy, Joseph Prince (1879-1953): 35 field notebooks and set of index cards documenting the botanical collecting activities of Joseph P. Tracy.

Tucker, John M.: This collection consists of John M. Tucker's two field notebooks from the 1941-1942 UC Expedition to El Salvador.