HEBE University of California, Berkeley

Associated Researchers

University and Jepson Herbaria

Brent Mishler (Director and Professor in Dept of IB), plant evolution & systematics
Bruce Baldwin (Curator, Jepson herbarium), systematics
Barbara Ertter (Executive curator), plant taxonomy, California flora, Near East flora
Richard Moe (Manager of collections data), phycological taxonomy

Botanical Garden

Ellen Simms (Director and Associate Professor in Dept of IB), plant ecology and genetics

Essig Museum of Entomology

Rosemary Gillespie (Director and Associate Professor in ESPM), systematics & ecology of spiders & insects

Hearst Museum of Anthropology

Patrick Kirch (Director and Professor of Anthropology), archeology and anthropology

Museum of Paleontology

David Lindberg (Director and Professor of Integrative Biology)
Judy Scotchmoor, public & website education on ethnobiology and environmental science

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

Craig Moritz (Director and professor), systematics and ecology of vertebrates

Energy & Resources Group

Daniel Kammen (Associate Professor), sustainable energy, environmental health
Richard Norgaard (Professor), environmental politics, environmental economics

Environmental Science, Policy, & Management Department

Rosemary Gillespie (Associate Professor), systematics & ecology of spiders & insects
Isao Kubo (Professor), natural products chemistry
Katherine Milton (Professor), primate ecology and nutrition

Integrative Biology Department

Bruce Baldwin (Associate Professor), plant systematics, California Flora
Thomas Carlson (Associate Adjunct Professor), medical/nutritional ethnobotany, ecology/evolution of human disease
Carla D'Antonio (Associate Professor), plant ecology
Tyrone Hayes (Associate Professor), herpetology, endocrine disruptors, in-vivo assays
David Lindberg (Professor), animal evolution and systematics
Brent Mishler (Professor), plant evolution & systematics
James Patton (Professor), mammal systematics and ecology
Ellen Simms (Associate Professor), plant ecology and genetics

School of Public Health

John W. Frank (Associate Adjunct Professor), epidemiology of the social determinants of human health & disease

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