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Urospora penicilliformis (Roth) Areschoug

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Codiolum penicilliforme (Roth) Silva, Hormiscia penicilliformis (Roth) Fries, Urospora mirabilis Areschoug, Chaetomorpha catalinae Dawson
Abbott and Hollenberg 1976, p. 93, fig. 49 (surface views, median and basal portions of vegetative plant, showing cellular detail); Burrows 1991, p. 55, fig. 15A (surface view, plant with zoosporangia); Doty 1947, pl. 7, fig. 4 (rhizoidal base); Kornmann 1961b, p. 45, fig. 2: A, B (photos: plants with zoosporangia), C (photo: male plant), D (photo: female plant), p. 46, fig. 3: A (female gametangium), B (male gametangium), C (syngamy), p. 51, fig. 6C (photo: habit); Kornmann 1966a, p. 83, fig. 9 (photos: nuclear and cell division); Kornmann and Sahling 1977, p. 21, fig. 3:A (photo: habit in nature), B–F (photos: plants with zoosporangia and gametangia), G (photo: zoospores); Lokhorst and Trask 1981, p. 416, fig. 6: a (zoospores), b (germination of zoospore); h (rhizoidal holdfasts), p. 417, fig. 7: a (male gametangia), b (male gametes), c (female gametangia, d (female gametes), pl. 5 (photos): 1,2 (vegetative filaments in various focal planes), 3 (young filament with girdle-shaped chloroplast), 5–7 (female gametangia); Scagel 1966, pl. 36, figs. A, B (median and basal portions of vegetative plant, showing cellular detail), figs. C, D (zoosporangia); Scagel 1967, p. 59, fig. 17:a (habit), b (vegetative plant), c (cellular detail, vegetative plant), d (zoosporangia), e (zoospores); Waaland 1977, pl. 3, left (colored photo: habit in nature) Display references
Pacific Coast Distribution:
Alaska (Port Clarence, Seward Peninsula: Kjellman 1889, p. 55; St. Michael, Norton Sound and Amaknak I., Unalaska Bay: Setchell and Gardner 1903, p. 220; Kukak Bay, Shelikof Strait: D. Saunders 1901, p. 413; Prince William Sound: Johansen 1971b, p. 66); British Columbia (Langara I., Queen Charlotte Is.: Garbary et al. 1980, p. 322; Gardner Canal: Hawkes et al. 1979, p. 91; Bamfield, Vancouver I.: Scagel 1973, p. 132; Port Renfrew and Esquimalt, Vancouver I.: Setchell and Gardner 1903, p. 220; Departure Bay, Vancouver I.: Collins 1913, p. 105); Whidbey I., Wash. (Setchell and Gardner 1903, p. 220) to Monterey Peninsula, Calif. (Smith 1944, p. 64); throughout San Luis Obispo Co., Calif. (Sparling 1977, p. 26); Channel Is., Calif. (Santa Cruz I.: Silva 5979A in UC; Santa Catalina I.: Dawson 1954a, p. 324) Display references
Burrows 1991, p. 56; Lokhorst and Trask 1981; Kornmann and Sahling 1977, p. 20; Kornmann 1966b, p. 409; Scagel 1966, p. 78 Display references
Life History:
alternation of heteromorphic phases, with a free-living Codiolum-like unicellular sporophyte that produces quadriflagellate zoospores and unisexual filamentous gametophytes that produce biflagellate anisogametes; gametophytes recycling by means of quadriflagellate zoospores; both male and female gametes capable of parthenogenetic development into unicellular stages (Kornmann 1966b; Hanic 1965; Kornmann 1963b, p. 63; Kornmann 1961b, p. 45; Jorde 1933) Display references
gametophytes annual, produced sooner in the south (February in Monterey) than in the north (June in Washington and British Columbia)
Yabu 1989, p. 123 Display references
Lüning 1990; Foster et al. 1988, p. 11; Cubit 1984, p. 1906; Sousa 1984, p. 1923; Lubchenco and Cubit 1980, p. 682; R. Lee 1965b, p. 111 Display references
Sluiman et al. 1982; Kristiansen 1974 Display references
Repr                         Common, on rocks and old wood exposed to the surf in the upper intertidal. Scagel 1957, p. 50. Scagel 1966, p. 78. Scagel 1973, p. 131. Hawkes et al. 1979, p. 91. Display references
Ster          x            
Repr                         Common, mid intertidal, on rocks and woodwork, intermingled with Bangia vermicularis. Doty 1947, p. 27. Sanborn and Doty 1947, p. 25. Display references
Ster      xxxx          
Repr                x       Common, on metal, wood, and high surf-swept rocks of the upper intertidal. Dawson 1965a, p. 9. Display references
Ster      xxxx    x    
Repr                         Common, on high intertidal rocks. Kjeldsen 1995, p. 13. Display references
Ster    xxxx            
Repr    xxxx        xx Common, on mid intertidal rocks in moderately to fully exposed habitats. Johansen 1966a, p. 91. Kjeldsen 1995, p. 13. Display references
Ster  xxxxx        xx
Repr      x                 Common, forming a dark green, hairlike slippery coating on round boulders, in the mid to upper intertidal , often mixed with Bangia and Ulothrix. Smith 1944, p. 64. Silva 1979, p. 342. Display references
Ster  xxxxx            

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