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Enteromorpha linza (Linnaeus) J. Agardh

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drawing of Enteromorpha linza
sections from Setchell and Gardner 1920b
The genus Enteromorpha was merged with Ulva by Hayden et al. 2003. Display references
Ulva linza Linnaeus, Enteromorpha linza var. crispata (Bertoloni) Doty, E. linza var. flexicaulis Doty, E. linza var. lanceolata (Linnaeus) Doty, E. linza var. oblanceolata Doty
Abbott and Hollenberg 1976, p. 75, fig. 32 (habit); Bliding 1963, p. 128, fig. 79a–f (photos: habit), p. 129, fig. 80 (photos): a (habit), b–d (surface views, vegetative plants), p. 131, fig. 81 (photos): a (surface view, vegetative plant), b–d (x-sections, vegetative plant), e (zoospores), f (germling); Burrows 1991, pl. 4 (photo: habit); Kapraun, 1984 p. 88, fig. 28 (photo: habit); Koeman and van den Hoek 1984, p. 28, figs. 27–32 (field-collected plants with biflagellate swarmers), figs. 33–38 (germlings and cultured plants), fig. 39 (habit, field-collected plant), figs. 40–45 (habit, cultured plants); Kornmann and Sahling 1977, p. 75, fig. 35 (photos): A–D (habit, vegetative and reproductive plants), F (surface view, reproductive plant), G (zoospores); J. Phillips and Clayton 1983, p. 12, figs. 1–3 (photos: habit, plants from nature), p. 14, figs. 4–6 (photos: x-sections, stipe and blade), fig. 7 (photo: surface view, blade); Scagel 1966, pl. 24, fig. A (habit), figs. B, C (surface views, vegetative plant), figs. D–F (x-sections, vegetative plant); Scagel 1967, p. 47, fig. 11:a (habit), b, c (x-sections, vegetative plant); Smith 1944, pl. 3, fig. 4 (habit), fig. 5 (x-section, vegetative plant) Display references
Pacific Coast Distribution:
Izembek Lagoon, Bristol Bay, Alaska (Lindstrom 1977, p. 27) to Monterey Peninsula, Calif. (Smith 1944, p. 44); throughout San Luis Obispo Co., Calif. (Sparling 1977, p. 29); Santa Barbara Co., Calif. (Cojo Pt.: Silva 5442 in UC; Goleta: Dawson 1959b, p. 186); Channel Is., Calif. (Santa Cruz I.: Silva 2656 in UC; San Nicolas I.: Murray and Littler 1989, p. 65); Ventura, Calif. (Ferren et al. 1990, p. 234); Portuguese Bend, Los Angeles Co., Calif. (Thom 1980b, p. 106); Bolsa Bay, Orange Co., Calif. (Dawson 5110 in UC); Ocean Beach, San Diego, Calif. (Murray and Littler 1989, p. 65); Gulf of California (Bahía La Choya and Punta Pelicano, near Puerto Peñasco, Sonora: Dawson 1966a, p. 5; to La Paz, Baja Calif.: Setchell and Gardner 1920b, p. 263); Jalisco (Puerto Vallarta and Cabo Corrientes: Mendoza González and Mateo Cid 1992, p. 23) Display references
Burrows 1991, p. 88; Koeman and van den Hoek 1984, p. 26; Kornmann and Sahling 1977, p. 74; Scagel 1966, p. 52; Bliding 1963, p. 127 Display references
Molecular Taxonomy:
Freshwater et al. 1990 Display references
Life History:
uninvestigated in Pacific coast populations; in Japan, sexually reproducing populations with alternation of isomorphic phases, a sporophyte that produces quadriflagellate zoospores alternating with unisexual gametophytes that produce unequal biflagellate gametes; asexually reproducing populations recycling by quadriflagellate zoospores or biflagellate swarmers (Arasaki and Shihira 1959; Arasaki 1946); in Europe and the western Atlantic, only asexual reproduction confirmed (Koeman and van den Hoek 1984, p. 27; Kapraun and Flynn 1973, p. 147; Bliding 1963, p. 130; Comps 1961) Display references
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de Jesus et al. 1989, p. 768; Blunden et al. 1982, p. 565; Dickson et al. 1979, p. 415; Medcalf et al. 1972; Rönnerstrand 1943, p. 48 Display references
Economic Applications:
Kapraun 1990 Display references

Repr  xxxxxxxxxxx Common, on rocks or epiphytic in the lower intertidal in fully sheltered to moderately exposed habitats. Scagel 1957, p. 41. Scagel 1966, p. 52. Scagel 1973, p. 131. Hawkes et al. 1979, p. 89. Display references
Ster xxxxxxxxxxxx
Repr        xxx           Common, on rocks or epiphytic in pools in sandy or relatively protected areas, in the mid and lower intertidal. Doty 1947, p. 18. Sanborn and Doty 1947, p. 24. Markham and Celestino 1977, p. 257. Display references
Ster      xxxxx    x  
Repr x        x             Common, on pilings and logs of the mid and lower intertidal. Dawson 1965a, p. 7. Display references
Ster xxxxxxxxxxxx
Repr                         Common, in pools and on rocks and logs of the mid and low intertidal. Kjeldsen 1995, p. 7. Display references
Ster      xx  xx        
Repr          x             Abundant, on rocks and epiphytic in pools, the low intertidal, and subtidal, in sheltered to exposed habitats. Johansen 1966a, p. 86. Kjeldsen 1995, p. 7. Display references
Ster xxxxxxxxxxxx
Repr      xxxxxx       Common, on rocks, wood, or other algae in semiprotected habitats of outer coast and bays, also at edges of pools in the mid to low intertidal. Smith 1944, p. 44. Silva 1979, pp. 340, 341. Display references
Ster    xxxxxxxx    

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