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Fucus gardneri Silva

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drawing of Fucus gardneri
Abbott and Hollenberg 1976, p. 260, figs. 208, 209 (habit, as F. distichus ssp. edentatus and Fucus distichus ssp. edentatus f. abbreviatus, respectively); Gardner 1922, pl. 2–17 (photos: various forms, as F. furcatus); Gardner 1940, pl. 33 (photo: habit, as F. parksii); Scagel 1967, p. 159, fig. 65 (habit); Setchell and Gardner 1925, pls. 98–101 (photos: various forms, as F. furcatus) Display references
Pacific Coast Distribution:
Yakutat Bay, Alaska (Gardner 1922, p. 20, as F. furcatus f. cornutus) to Government Point, Santa Barbara Co., Calif, (Dawson 1958, p. 66) Display references
Rice and Chapman 1985 (as F. distichus) Display references
Molecular Taxonomy:
Y.K. Lee et al. 1999 (as F. furcatus); Tan and Druehl 1996; Tan and Druehl 1994; Tan and Druehl 1993 Display references
Life History:
Sloan and Bartier 2000, p. 14; Cabello-Pasini and Alberte 1997; Hurd and Stevens 1997; Sousa and Connell 1992, p. 434; Farrell 1991; Lüning 1990; Murray and Horn 1989, p. 462; Lüning and Freshwater 1988, p. 312; Van Alstyne 1988 (as F. distichus); Leigh et al. 1987, p. 1315; D'Antonio 1986b, p. 267 (as F. distichus); Turner 1985, p. 88 (as F. distichus); Turner and Lucas 1985, p. 183 (as F. distichus); Steinberg 1985 (as F. distichus); Smith and Foreman 1984 (as F. distichus); Sousa 1984, p. 1920; Thom 1984a, p. 55 (as F. distichus ssp. edentatus); Thom 1984b, p. 102 (as F. evanescens); Horn et al. 1983, p. 84 (as F. distichus); Levings et al. 1983, p. 1127 (as F. distichus); Thom 1983 (as F. distichus ssp. edentatus); Turner 1983a, p. 63 (as F. distichus); Turner 1983b (as F. distichus); Dethier 1982, p. 62 (as F. distichus); Druehl and Green 1982, p. 167 (as F. distichus); Littler and Arnold 1982, p. 309 (as F. distichus ssp. edentatus); Littler 1981, p. 401 (as F. distichus); Menge and Lubchenco 1981, p. 443 (as F. distichus); Schonbeck and Norton 1981 (as F. distichus); Pomeroy and Levings 1980, p. 3 (as F. distichus ssp. edentatus); Littler 1980a, p. 163 (as F. distichus); Thom 1980a, p. 9; Prange 1978, p. 175 (as F. distichus ssp. edentatus); Seapy and Littler 1978, p. 298 (as F. distichus ssp. edentatus); Andrews 1977, p. 1020 (as F. distichus); Pomeroy 1977, p. 42 (as F. distichus ssp. edentatus); Prange 1976, p. 94 (as F. distichus ssp. edentatus); Nassichuk 1975, p. 7 (as F. distichus); Turner 1973, p. 195 (as F. distichus); Dayton 1971, p. 357 (as F. distichus); Paine and Vadas 1969b, p. 80 (as F. distichus); Druehl 1967a, p. 42 (as F. distichus); R. Lee 1965b, p. 111 (as F. evanescens); Neushul 1965, p. 168 (as F. distichus); R. Lee 1965a, p. 14 (as F. evanescens); Widdowson 1965b, p. 1428 (also as F. evanescens and F. distichus); Scagel 1961, p. 528 (also as F. evanescens); Stephenson and Stephenson 1961a, p. 12, (as F. distichus); Stephenson and Stephenson 1961b, p. 234 (also as F. distichus); Outram 1957, p. 2 (as F. evanescens); Rigg and Miller 1949; Doty 1946, p. 323 (as F. furcatus). Display references
Antithamnion spirographidis, Elachista fucicola, Pilayella littoralis, Porphyra fucicola, Porphyra maculosa, Porphyra perforata, Porphyra smithii , Spongonema tomentosum, Ulothrix flacca
Pollock 1970 (as F. distichus); Pollock 1969 (as F. distichus) Display references
Bisalputra 1966 (as F. distichus) Display references
Hurd et al. 1995; Foster et al. 1988, p. 7; Thomas and Harrison 1988; Kloareg and Quatrano 1987 (as F. distichus); Thomas et al 1987 (as F. distichus); Rueter and Robinson 1986 (as F. distichus); Thomas et al. 1985 (as F. distichus); Bruce et al. 1983 (as F. vesiculosis); Popovic et al. 1983 (as F. vesiculosis); Duncan and Harrison 1982, p. 446 (as F. distichus ssp. edentatus); Thomas and Turpin 1980 (as F. distichus); Thomas and Turpin 1980 (as F. distichus); Brawley and Quatrano 1979 (as F. distichus); Quadir et al. 1979 (as F. distichus); Quatrano 1978, p. 490 (as F. distichus); Hogsett and Quatrano 1975 (as F. distichus); Crayton et al. 1974, p. 165 (as F. distichus); Johnson et al. 1974; Quatrano 1973, p. 210 (as F. distichus); Quatrano and Crayton 1973, p. 30 (as F. distichus); Quatrano 1972, p. 2; Brown and Tregunna 1967, p. 1137. Display references
Khotimchenko et al. 2002 (as F. distichus); Van Alstyne et al. 1999; Ragan and Glombitza 1986, p. 190 (as F. distichus); Display references
Economic Applications:
Mumford 1980, p. 16 (as F. distichus) Display references

Pl=plurilocular; U=unilocular; S=sterile
Pl                         Abundant, on rocks of the mid and low intertidal, in fully sheltered to fully exposed habitats. Scagel 1957, p. 116. Scagel 1973, p. 133. Hawkes et al. 1979, p. 93. (all as Fucus distichus). Display references
U xxxxxxxxxxxx
S xxxxxxxxxxxx
Pl                         Abundant, on rocks of the mid intertidal. Doty 1947, pp. 44, 45 (as F. furcatus, F. evanescens, and F. edentatus var. hesperius). Sanborn and Doty 1947, pp. 32, 33 (various vars.). Markham and Celestino 1977, p. 258. Display references
U  x  x    xxx  x  
S xxxxxxxxxxxx
Pl                         Abundant, on rocks of the upper intertidal and on bay pilings. Dawson 1965a, p. 19 (as F. distichus and F. parksii). Display references
U xxxxxxxxxxxx
Pl                         Abundant, on rocks of the upper intertidal. Kjeldsen 1995, p. 21. Display references
U      x        x      
S    x                  
Pl                         Abundant, on rocks of the upper and mid intertidal in moderately to fully exposed habitats. Johansen 1966a, p. 104 (as F. distichus). Kjeldsen 1995, p. 21. Display references
U xxxxxxxxxxxx
Pl                         Abundant, on rocks of the upper and mid intertidal in protected to fully exposed habitats. Smith 1944, p. 152, (as F. furcatus). Silva 1979, pp. 337, 338. Display references
U xxxxxxxxxxxx

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