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Desmarestia ligulata (Lightfoot) Lamouroux

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drawing of Desmarestia ligulata
wide-form juvenile and fringed sporophyte
Sporophyte: Abbott and Hollenberg 1976, p. 224, fig. 185 (habit); Scagel 1967, p. 95, fig. 33 (habit, as D. herbacea), p. 101, fig. 36 (habit, as D. munda), p. 99, fig. 35 (habit); Setchell and Gardner 1925, p. 851, pl. 88 (photo: habit, as D. munda); Smith 1944, p. 447, pl. 17, fig. 1 (habit, as D. munda). Gametophyte: Nakahara 1984 Display references
Pacific Coast Distribution:
Kodiak I., Gulf of Alaska, Alaska (Setchell and Gardner 1925, p. 566, as D. herbacea) to Monterey Peninsula, Calif. (Smith 1944, p. 121, as D. herbacea and D. munda); San Luis Obispo Co., Calif. (Sparling 1977, p. 32); Channel Is., Calif. (Santa Rosa I., Santa Cruz I.: Murray 1974, p. 40; San Nicolas I., Santa Barbara I., San Clemente I.: Murray and Littler 1989, p. 68; Santa Catalina I.: Miller in UC); throughout southern Calif. (Dawson 1959b, pp. 187, 189, as D. herbacea) to Punta Pequeña, Baja Calif. (Dawson 1961b, p. 393, as D. munda); Galápagos Is. (Taylor 1945, p. 108) Display references
Peters and Müller 1986b; A. Chapman 1972c, p. 90; A. Chapman 1972a, p. 1 (as D. ligulata var. ligulata) Display references
Draisma et al. 2001; Peters et al. 1997 Display references
Life History:
alternations of heteromorphic phases, with a macroscopic sporophyte and microscopic gametophytes (Nakahara 1984) Display references
this annual species appears sooner in the south (January in Monterey), and later in the north (March in British Columbia/Washington)
M. Edwards 1996; Shaffer and Parks 1994; Clark 1993; Watanabe and Harrold 1991, p. 135; Harrold et al. 1988, p. 137; Lüning and Freshwater 1988, p. 312; Rosell and Srivastava 1987; Breda and Foster 1985, p. 117; Foster and Schiel 1985, p. 24; D. Reed and Foster 1984, p. 937; Cowen et al. 1982, p. 194; Druehl and Green 1982, p. 167; Duggins 1981, p. 391; Pace 1981, p. 460; Sousa et al. 1981, p. 298; Hodgson and Waaland 1980, p. 110; Pearse and Hines 1979, p. 84; Vadas 1977, p. 356 (as D. herbacea); Dayton 1975, p. 140; Devinny and Kirkwood 1974, p. 102 (as D. herbacea); Pearse and Lowry 1974, p. 14; Rosenthal et al. 1974, p. 672 (as D. munda); Paine and Vadas 1969a, p. 713 (as D. herbacea); Paine and Vadas 1969b, p. 80 (as D. herbacea); Widdowson 1965b, p. 1427 (as D. munda); Scagel 1961, p. 529; Rigg and Miller 1949 (as D. munda); Northcraft 1948, p. 399 (as D. herbacea); Doty 1946, p. 324 (as D. herbacea). Display references
Acrochaetium desmarestiae , Ectocarpus acutus
Oates and Cole 1990 Display references
Tsuchiya 1979 Display references
McClintock et al. 1982, p. 771; Jolliffe and Tregunna 1970, p. 296 Display references
Molecular Taxonomy:
Tan and Druehl 1994 Display references

Pl=plurilocular; U=unilocular; S=sterile
Pl                         Common, in pools and on rocks in the low intertidal and subtidal to 30 feet in moderately sheltered to fully exposed habitats. Scagel 1957, p. 83 (also p. 81, as D. herbacea, and p. 84, as D. munda). Scagel 1973, p. 132. Display references
U        xxxxxx    
S    xxxxxxxx    
Pl                         Common, throughout the range, in well aerated water on channel bottom. Doty 1947, p. 35. Sanborn and Doty 1947, p. 30. (both as D. herbacea). Markham and Celestino 1977, p. 258. Display references
U          xxx        
S        xxxxxx    
Pl                         Common, in pools and on rocks in the low intertidal and subtidal to 30 feet. On exposed rocks in Spring, on channel bottoms all year. Dawson 1965a, p. 15 (as D. herbacea). Display references
U                  x    
S    xxxxxxxxx  
Pl                         Common, in pools and on rocks in the low intertidal and subtidal. On rocks in sheltered coves all year. Dawson 1965a, p. 15 (as D. herbacea ). Kjeldsen 1995, p. 18. Display references
U      xxxxx        
S    xxxxxxxxxx
Pl                         Abundant, in pools and on rocks on the moderately exposed to fully exposed coast in the low intertidal and subtidal. Johansen 1966a, p. 98 (as D. herbacea and D. munda). Kjeldsen 1995, p. 18. Display references
U      x                
S    xxxxxxxxxx
Pl                         Abundant, in pools and on rocks in the low intertidal; subtidal in the Calliarthron zone and common in and around Macrocystis beds. Smith 1944, p. 121. Devinny and Kirkwood 1974, p. 102. Silva 1979, p. 336. Display references
U x    xxx            
S xxxxxxxxxxx  

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