Contributing to the Second Edition of The Jepson Manual and to the Jepson Flora Project
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Glossary Update

The following changes have been made to the Glossary in the Guide for Authors Contributing to the Second Edition of The Jepson Manual and to the Jepson Flora Project, as a result of discussions involving Baldwin, Keil, Morefield, and Strother about terms and definitions to be used for Asteraceae in TJM2. Some of the changes involve more widely applicable terms.

A. Throughout, for Asteraceae:

  1. "ligulate" replaced with "liguliflorous" as applied to heads
  2. "radiant head" added to examples of kinds of heads for each of four kinds of heads in Asteraceae

B. The following term has been deleted: chaff

C. The following terms and definitions have been added:

A prefix meaning without, lacking -- e.g., in Asteraceae, an epaleate receptacle is one that lacks paleae
In Asteraceae, pertaining to an involucre in which the phyllaries are of unequal length, with the outer shortest, the inner longest, and a gradual transition through multiple series between.
lamina (laminae)
In Asteraceae, the strap- or fan-shaped outer portion of the corolla of a ray flower, with generally 3 (sometimes 0, 2, or 4) lobes, or the similarly shaped, 3-lobed outer lip of the 2-lipped corolla of Trixis and Acourtia.
radiant head
In Asteraceae, a discoid head with a peripheral ring of flowers having much enlarged, often bilateral corollas.

D. Definitions for the following terms have been revised (a = applies only to Asteraceae; g = applies generally; m = part of definition applies to Asteraceae, part or parts apply generally or to other, specified plant groups):

achene - m
bristle - m
disciform head - a
discoid head - a
disk flower - a
extirpated - g
ligulate flower - a
ligulate head (term also changed to "liguliflorous head") - a
ligule - m
palea (paleae) ("paleate" added to paleae as an alternate form of word) - m
radiate head - a
ray flower - a
utricle - g
vernal pool - g