Type specimens of ferns and fern allies in UC and JEPS

UC has within its holdings 2129 identified type specimens (holotypes [444], lectotypes [5], isotypes [1371], isolectotypes, syntypes, isosyntypes) of pteridophytes. Holotypes and lectotypes only are stored in special type cases, arranged alphabetically by basionym, and cross-referenced in the general collections. All other types are filed in the general collections, under the currently accepted name. Known or suspected types are generally marked with special type labels.

Many of the types listed below reflect activities of previous and present fern curators, especially E. B. Copeland (1873–1964; Associate Curator at the Univeristy of California, Berkeley, from 1928 to 1932 and Research Associate from 1935 to 1958) and Alan R. Smith (at UC from 1969 to present). During Copeland's tenure, purchases were made from E. Rosenstock, who had acquired, identified, and newly named large gatherings of pteridophytes from throughout the tropics; thus, types of Rosenstock names are especially common in the holdings and some may be the only extant material of a given name. Although Copeland's personal herbarium was sold to the University of Michigan (MICH), duplicates or fragments of most of his types are also in UC.

Information below has been compiled largely by the present Curator, Dr. Alan R. Smith. Data have been checked against original publication of the name, in most cases, or against monographic sources. It is likely that many additional types, some cryptically and/or inadequately labeled, remain to be discovered. Erroneous information encounted in any entry below should be brought to Smith's attention. New information on unlisted types is always welcome. Additional information on listed types is often available in fields not shown below, or on the sheets themselves (consult the curator for more information on specific taxa).

Abbreviations of author names have been standardized according to Brummitt and Powell (Authors of plant names, 1992), journal titles according to Botanico-Periodicum-Huntianum/Supplementum (1991), and book titles according to Taxonomic Literature II (TL-2).

The following alphabetical list is an index into the type specimen data.

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