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Key to Arctostaphylos

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1. Burls at base of main stem, also above or not; plant sprouting after fire

2. Leaves with stomata generally only abaxially, surfaces generally differing in color and/or hairiness

3. Old stem bark persistent, gray, shredding ..... A. tomentosa

4. Twig with glands ..... subsp. bracteosa

4' Twig without glands

5. Twig short-tomentose and long-nonglandular-hairy ..... subsp. daciticola

5' Twig short-tomentose or short-nonglandular-hairy

6. Leaves glabrous abaxially ..... subsp. hebeclada

6' Leaves  abaxially ..... subsp. tomentosa

3' Old stem bark generally smooth or peeling, ± red

7. Plant ; burls at base of main stem or occasionally above; fruit spheric blades oblanceolate to obovate or narrowly ; widespread ..... A. uva-ursi (2)

7' Plant ; burls at base of main stemfruit depressed-spheric;  blades oblong-ovate to lance-oblong; NCoRI, CW, n ChI..... A. crustacea

8. Twig, nascent inflorescence axes densely glandular-hairy ..... subsp. subcordata

8' Twig, nascent inflorescence axes glabrous or nonglandular-hairy, occasionally sparsely glandular-hairy

9. Twig with short and long hairs

10. Leaf abaxially densely nonglandular-hairy ..... subsp. crinita

10' Leaf abaxially ± nonglandular-hairy, in age glabrous ..... subsp. crustacea

9' Twig with short hairs

11. Leaf abaxially densely short-nonglandular-hairy ..... subsp. insulicola

11' Leaf abaxially glabrous

12. Pedicelovary glabrous ..... subsp. eastwoodiana

12' Pedicelovary generally short-nonglandular-hairy ..... subsp. rosei

2' Leaves with stomata on both surfaces, occasionally fewer adaxially, surfaces generally the same in color and/or hairiness (except Arctostaphylos pacifica)

13. Old stem bark persistent, shredding, gray ..... A. rudis (2)

13' Old stem bark smooth or peeling, ± red

14. Plant  to mounded; inflorescence , 0–1-branched

15. Leaf fruit dark brown; KR, NCoRO ..... A. nevadensis subsp. knightii

15' Leaf fruit ± red; CCo (San Bruno Mtn) ..... A. pacifica

14' Plant inflorescence 

16. Twig and/or inflorescence axes and/or bracts glandular

17. Glands golden, on short hairs; burl 0 or often flat, obscure; NCoRH, CaRH, SNH, SnGb, SnBr, SnJt ..... A. patula (3)

17' Glands black or clear (pink), on short and long hairs; burl hemispheric; NCo, KR, NCoR, CCo, SnFrB, SCoR, s SCo, TR, PR ..... A. glandulosa (in part) (2)

18. Leaves strongly white-glaucous ..... subsp. leucophylla

18' Leaves green to gray-green, ± glaucous

19. Twig generally glandular; NCo, KR, NCoR, CCo, SnFrB, SCoR, s SCo, TR, PR ..... subsp. glandulosa

19' Twig not glandular; SCoRO (c&e Santa Lucia Range) ..... subsp. howellii

16' Twiginflorescence axesbracts not glandular (except twig minutely glandular, inflorescence axes sparsely short glandular in Arctostaphylos rainbowensis)

20. Fruit spheric (depressed-spheric in Arctostaphylos mewukka)

21. Stones generally freefruit dark mahogany-brown; SNF, SNH ..... A. mewukka subsp. mewukka

21' Stones fusedfruit dark red to dark brown with ± purple tinge; SnBr, PR

22. Twig minutely glandular; PR (San Diego, Riverside cos.) ..... A. rainbowensis

22' Twig nonglandular; SnBr, PR (San Jacinto, Santa Rosa, San Ysidro mtns) ..... A. parryana

23. Leaves gray-glaucous; PR (San Jacinto, Santa Rosa, San Ysidro mtns) ..... subsp. desertica

23' Leaves green; SnBr ..... subsp. tumescens

20' Fruit depressed-spheric, (to ± spheric in Arctostaphylos patula)

24. Nascent inflorescence bracts scale-like or awl-shaped

25. Twig hairs 0 or nonglandular; leaves dull to bright green; burl prominent; NCoRI, CaRF (Butte Co.) ..... A. manzanita subsp. roofii

25' Twig hairs glandular or nonglandular; leaves bright green; burl 0 or often flat, obscure; NCoRH, CaRH, SNH, SnGb, SnBr, SnJt ..... A. patula (3)

24' Nascent inflorescence bracts at least occasionally leaf-like ..... A. glandulosa (in part) (2)

26. Leaves strongly white-glaucous; SW (except ChI) ..... subsp. adamsii

26' Leaves green, yellow-, or gray-green; KR, NCoR, SnFrB, SCoR, SCo (San Diego Co.), TR, PR

27. Twig hairs soft-wavy ..... subsp. mollis

27' Twig hairs not soft-wavy

28. Leaves shiny bright green; fruit depressed-spheric, stones fused or in 2(3) fused units ..... subsp. gabrielensis

28' Leaves not shiny or bright green; fruit depressed-spheric, stones generally free

29. Leaf blades dark green, margins often ± red; fruit markedly depressed-spheric; SCo (San Diego Co.) ..... subsp. crassifolia

29' Leaf blades green or gray-green; fruit not markedly depressed-spheric; KR, NCoR, SnFrB, SCoR, PR ..... subsp. cushingiana

1' Burls 0; plant not sprouting after fire

30. Leaves with stomata abaxially, surfaces generally different in color and/or hairiness

31. Flower parts in 4s; fruit 3–4 mm wide

32. Old stem bark smooth, ± red; w SnFrB (Bolinas Ridge, Mount Tamalpais, Santa Cruz Mtns) ..... A. sensitiva

32' Old stem bark generally rough or shredding, gray or red-gray; c NCo (Mendocino Co.), c&s NCoRO ..... A. nummularia

33. Plant  to mounded;   0.5–1.2 cm, 0.3–0.7 cm wide, oblong-elliptic; pygmy forest; c NCo (Mendocino Co.) ..... subsp. mendocinoensis

33' Plant  to   1–2.2 cm, 0.8–1.8 cm wide, round to round-ovate; coastal prairie, maritime chaparralclosed-cone forest; c NCo/NCoRO (Mendocino Co.)..... subsp. nummularia

31' Flower parts in 5s; fruit 5–15 mm wide

34. Leaf abaxially generally , sparsely so in age

35. Leaf  oblong-ovate to -elliptic, 1.5–3 cm, base ±  to ± ; plant ; s CCo (s Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo Co.) ..... A. morroensis

35' Leaf  narrowly obovate to oblanceolate, 1–2 cm, base wedge-shaped; plant  to mounded; c CCo (around Monterey Bay, Monterey Co.) ..... A. pumila

34' Leaf abaxially glabrous or sparsely nonglandular-hairy

36. Plant generally  to low-mounded

37. Leaves oblanceolate to obovate, occasionally narrowly , base wedge-shaped; NCo, c SNH (above Convict Lake, Mono Co), CCo ..... A. uva-ursi (2)

37' Leaves  to round-ovate, base  to ± lobed; c CCo (nw Monterey Co.) ..... A. edmundsii

36' Plant 

38. Petioles 4–8 mm;  oblong-elliptic, base rounded, tip ; n ChI (Santa Cruz Island) ..... A. insularis

38' Petioles 1–2(4) mm;   to triangular-ovate, base lobed, tip ; n-c CCo, s&w SnFrB

39. Old stem bark smooth, ± red;  light green; w SnFrB (Santa Cruz Mtns) ..... A. andersonii

39' Old stem bark persistent, shredding, gray or ± red;  blue-green; n-c CCo, s SnFrB (Pajaro Hills) ..... A. pajaroensis

30' Leaves with stomata on both surfaces, surfaces similar in color and/or hairiness

40. Plant  to prostrate-mounded, 0.1–0.5(3) m

41. Petioles to 2 mm;  base lobed, clasping; nascent inflorescence bracts leaf-like

42. Twig, nascent inflorescencesovary nonglandular; < 150 m, c CCo (s Monterey, nw San Luis Obispo cos.) ..... A. cruzensis

42' Twig, nascent inflorescenceovary glandular; 200–400 m, CCo (San Bruno Mtn) ..... A. imbricata

41' Petioles 1–12 mm;  base rounded or  to wedge-shaped, not clasping; nascent inflorescence bracts scale-like (basal-most leaf-like in Arctostaphylos franciscana)

43. Twiginflorescence axesbracts glandular; e KR (Scott Mtn Divide, Slate Mtn) ..... A. klamathensis

43' Twiginflorescence axesbracts generally nonglandular; Sonoma Co. to San Luis Obispo Co.

44. Inflorescence , 3–5-branched;   generally 3–5 cm – s NCoRO (near Healdsburg and Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co.) ..... A. stanfordiana subsp. decumbens

44' Inflorescence ±  or , 0–3(5)-branched;   generally 0.8–3 cm

45. Fruit 3–5 mm wide

46. Leaf  ± , 0.8–1.2 cm, 0.4–0.7 cm wide; fruit 3–5 mm wide; s CCo (n San Luis Obispo Co.) ..... A. hookeri subsp. hearstiorum

46' Leaf  round to round-elliptic, 1–2 cm, 1–1.5 cm wide; fruit 4–5 mm wide; n CCo (San Francisco Presidio) ..... A. montana subsp. ravenii

45' Fruit 6–8 mm wide

47. Twig gray-tomentose; bracts 3–4 mm; c CCo (San Francisco) ..... A. franciscana

47' Twig sparsely short-nonglandular-hairy; bracts near inflorescence base occasionally 5–10 mm; KR, NCoRH, CaRH, SNH, MP, n SNE (Sweetwater Mtns) ..... A. nevadensis subsp. nevadensis

40' Plant generally , occasionally mounded to erect, (0.1)0.3–8 m

48. Nascent inflorescence bracts fleshy, scoop-shaped or generally scale-like,  to awl-shaped, keeled or not

49. Inflorescence generally ± , occasionally 1–2-branched

50. Old stem bark persistent, shredding, gray – s CCo, s SCoRO (Nipomo, Burton mesas, Point Sal; sw San Luis Obispo, nw Santa Barbara cos.) ..... A. rudis (2)

50' Old stem bark smooth, dark red with ± gray or ± glaucous patches or ± red

51. Twig glandular-hairy; old stems dark red with ± gray or ± glaucous patches; n SNF (Amador, Calaveras cos.) ..... A. myrtifolia

51' Twig sparsely short-nonglandular-hairy; old stems ± red, without ± gray or ± glaucous patches; n CCo, s SnFrB (s Santa Cruz Mtns), SCoR, SnBr, PR, e DMtns

52. Nascent inflorescence spheric, cup-like, axis 0.3–1 cm, crook-necked, bracts ± fruit 3–8 mm wide; n CCo, s SnFrB (s Santa Cruz Mtns) ..... A. hookeri subsp. hookeri

52' Nascent inflorescence club-like, axis 0.5–1.5 cm, not crook-necked, bracts fruit 8–14 mm wide; SCoR, SnBr, PR, e DMtns ..... A. pungens

49' Inflorescence , (1)3–8-branched

53. Leaf  ± white, white-glaucous, gray-green, gray-glaucous

54. Fruit (10)12–16 mm wide, spheric or ± spheric

55. Stones free, occasionally some fused; nascent inflorescence bracts fruit glabrous; s CaRF, CaRH (near Paradise), n SNF ..... A. mewukka subsp. truei

55' Stones fused; nascent inflorescence bracts fruit glabrous or sticky; SnFrB, SCoR, TR, PR, sw DMtns (Little San Bernardino Mtns)

56. Petiole 1–4 mm;  glabrous or generally short-nonglandular-hairy, base lobed; ovaryfruit glabrous, not sticky; n SCoRI (n&c Gabilan Range, San Benito, Monterey cos.) ..... A. gabilanensis

56' Petiole 7–15 mm;  glabrous, base rounded, , or ± lobed; ovaryfruit glandular-sticky; Teh, SnFrB, SCoR, SCo, TR, PR, sw DMtns (Little San Bernardino Mtns) ..... A. glauca

54' Fruit 6–12 mm wide, depressed-spheric

57. Nascent inflorescence bracts nonglandular; KR, NCoR, CaRF, SN ..... A. viscida

58. Twig densely glandular-hairy;  sparsely short-glandular-hairy, scabrous; SN ..... subsp. mariposa

58' Twig glabrous to sparsely short-nonglandular-hairy;  glabrous

59. Ovaryfruit rough, sticky-glandular; KR, NCoR ..... subsp. pulchella

59' Ovaryfruit smooth, glabrous, not sticky; KR, NCoRI, CaRF, SN ..... subsp. viscida

57' Nascent inflorescence bracts glabrous or nonglandular- or glandular-hairy; KR, NCoRI (Sonoma, Colusa, Shasta, Trinity cos.), c&s NCoRO

60. Leaf  glaucouscanescent or densely white-tomentose, in age glabrousovary densely nonglandular-hairy; KR, NCoRI (Sonoma, Colusa, Shasta, Trinity cos.) ..... A. malloryi

60' Leaf ± glaucousglabrous or scabrousovary glabrous (minutely glandular-hairy); c&s NCoRO ..... A. manzanita subsp. glaucescens

53' Leaf  green, shiny or dull both surfaces, not ± white or ± gray due to ± glaucous or hairy surfaces

61. Twig glandular

62. Nascent inflorescence  to axes < 1 mm wide; bracts , ± = ; buds appearing as scattered beads

63. Leaf  1.5–3 cm, dull green; corolla white; twig finely glandular-hairy; KR, NCoRO ..... A. hispidula

63' Leaf  3–5 cm, bright green to ± glaucouscorolla white to pink; twig short-glandular-hairy; s NCoRI (s Mendocino, w Lake cos.) ..... A. stanfordiana subsp. raichei

62' Nascent inflorescence pendentaxes generally > 1 mm wide; bracts generally ± , > , buds not appearing as beads

64. Leaf  generally 2–6 cm, at least some > 3 cm, round to widely  or 

65. Glands of twig, nascent inflorescences dark or clear;  dull green, scabrousglandular; NCoRH, CaRF (Shasta, Tehama cos.) ..... A. manzanita subsp. wieslanderi

65' Glands of twig, nascent inflorescences gold or 0;  bright green, glabrous; NCoRH, CaRH, SNH, SnGb, SnBr, SnJt ..... A. patula (3)

64' Leaf  1.5–3 cm,  to 

66. Twig with occasionally long glandular hairs; siliceous shale, sw SnFrB (n Ben Lomond Mtn, nw Santa Cruz Co.) ..... A. ohloneana

66' Twig with glandular hairs or  glandsserpentine, s NCoRO (Sonoma Co.) ..... A. bakeri

67. Twig with glandular hairs; s NCoRO (central Sonoma Co. s of Guerneville) ..... subsp. bakeri

67' Twig with  glands; s NCoRO (Sonoma Co. from The Cedars to Healdsburg) ..... subsp. sublaevis

61' Twig nonglandular

68. Nascent inflorescence axis generally < 1 mm wide

69. Leaf  1–2.5 cm; bracts; buds not appearing as beads; plant mounded to ; s NCoRO (Vine Hill near Forestville, Sonoma Co.) ..... A. densiflora

69' Leaf blades 3–5 cm; bracts ± = ; buds appearing as scattered beads; plant ; NCoRO, c&s NCoRI ..... A. stanfordiana subsp. stanfordiana

68' Nascent inflorescence axis > 1 mm wide

70. Leaf  1–2.5 cm ..... A. montana subsp. montana

70' Leaf  1.5–5 cm

71. Ovaryfruit minutely glandular-hairy; plant ; KR, NCoR ..... A. manzanita subsp. elegans

71' Ovaryfruit glabrous; plant mounded or ; KR, NCoRO, NCoRI, s CaRF, n&c SNF, n SNH, ScV, n&e SnFrB, TR

72. Fruit sphericstones fused; TR ..... A. parryana subsp. parryana

72' Fruit depressed-spheric, stones free; KR, NCoRO, NCoRI, s CaRF, n&c SNF, n SNH, ScV, n&e SnFrB ..... A. manzanita (in part)

73. Leaf  bright green; inflorescence 2–4-branched, axis > 1 mm wide; nascent inflorescence branches to 15 mm; s NCoRI (Vaca Mtns), e SnFrB (Mount Diablo) ..... subsp. laevigata

73' Leaf  dull to bright green; inflorescence 4–7-branched, axis ± 1 mm wide; nascent inflorescence branches generally 15–25 mm; KR, NCoRO, NCoRI, s CaRF, n&c SNF, n SNH, ScV, n SnFrB ..... subsp. manzanita

48' Nascent inflorescence bracts generally leaf-like, flat

74. Old stem bark persistent, gray, shredding (except occasionally smooth on Arctostaphylos osoensis)

75. Leaf gray, dull, sparsely appressed-puberulent, in age glabrous, base rounded to wedge-shaped, not clasping; n SN (Placer, El Dorado cos.), c SNF (Tuolumne Co.) ..... A. nissenana

75' Leaf dark green, ± shiny, sparsely short-nonglandular-hairy or glabrous, base lobed, clasping; s CCo (w Los Osos Valley, San Luis Obispo Co.) ..... A. osoensis

74' Old stem bark smooth, ± red

76. Leaf gray-canescent in youth, glabrous in age

77. Leaf base lobed, clasping;  to 4 mm

78. Ovaryfruit glabrous; SCoRO (se of Cuesta Pass, San Luis Obispo Co.) ..... A. luciana

78' Ovaryfruit nonglandular-hairy or glandular- and nonglandular-hairy; eastern and southwestern SnFrB

79. Ovaryfruit nonglandular-hairy; e SnFrB (Mount Diablo and vicinity) ..... A. auriculata

79' Ovaryfruit glandular- and nonglandular-hairy; sw SnFrB (n Ben Lomond Mtn, nw Santa Cruz Co.) ..... A. glutinosa

77' Leaf base wedge-shaped, rounded, , or ± lobed, not clasping;  3–10 mm

80. Ovary glabrouscorolla white

81. Inflorescence 2–4-branched  8–10 mm; SCoRO (c&s Santa Lucia Range) ..... A. obispoensis

81' Inflorescence 0–1-branched, ±  5–7 mm; sw SnFrB (s Santa Cruz Mtns) ..... A. silvicola

80' Ovary glandular- or nonglandular-hairy; corolla pink or white ..... A. canescens

82. Ovary nonglandular-hairy; KR, NCoR, n CCo (Tassajara, Santa Lucia Range), w SnFrB (Mount Tamalpais; s Santa Cruz Mtns) ..... subsp. canescens

82' Ovary glandular-hairy; w KR, NCoRO, w SnFrB (Shasta-Santa Cruz cos.) ..... subsp. sonomensis

76' Leaf green to glaucousglabrous to variously hairy but not gray-canescent

83. Leaf base lobed (truncate to lobed in Arctostaphylos viridissima), often clasping (except Arctostaphylos hooveri with longer petiole)

84. Nascent inflorescence nonglandular-hairy

85. Pedicel nonglandular-hairy; n ChI (e Santa Cruz Island) ..... A. viridissima

85' Pedicel glabrous or sparsely nonglandular-hairy; s CCo, s SCoRO/WTR

86. Leaf  2–5 cm; fruit 8–12 mm wide; stones generally fused; s CCo (Morro Bay to Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo Co.) ..... A. pechoensis

86' Leaf  1–2.5 cm; fruit 5–8 mm wide; stones free; s CCo, s SCoRO/WTR (w Santa Barbara Co.) ..... A. purissima

84' Nascent inflorescence glandular-hairy

87. Fruit 10–15 mm wide, sphericstones fused; s SCoRO/w WTR (Santa Ynez Mtns) ..... A. refugioensis

87' Fruit 6–10(15) mm wide, depressed-spheric; stones free; CCo, SnFrB, SCoRO

88. Leaf  generally , 2.5–4.5 cm, not boat-shaped, sparsely glandular or not but not sticky

89. Leaf  bright green, not glaucoustwig long-glandular-hairy; CCo (San Bruno Mtn), w SnFrB (Montara Mtn) ..... A. montaraensis

89' Leaf  green, glaucoustwig short- and long-nonglandular-hairy; e SnFrB (Sobrante, Huckleberry ridges; Alameda, Contra Costa cos.) ..... A. pallida

88' Leaf  oblong-ovate, 3–6 cm, boat-shaped, glandular-sticky in youth, glabrous but possibly still sticky in age

90. Petiole 3–6 mm; leaves not clasping; SCoRO (Santa Lucia Range) ..... A. hooveri

90' Petiole < 3 mm; leaves clasping; w SnFrB (n Santa Cruz Mtns) ..... A. regismontana

83' Leaf base rounded, , wedge-shaped, or ± lobed, not clasping (except occasionally in suspected hybrids of Arctostaphylos montereyensis and Arctostaphylos pajaroensis)

91. Lf-like bracts deep pink, glandulardeciduous after flower; SnBr, PR ..... A. pringlei subsp. drupacea

91' Lf-like bracts green, glandular or not, persistent after flower; NCo, nw&w KR, NCoRO, CCo, nw SnFrB, SCoRO, ChI, sw PR

92. Fruit sphericstones free or fused

93. Fruit 8–15 mm wide;  scabrous, base  to ± lobed; s ChI (Santa Catalina Island) ..... A. catalinae

93' Fruit 6–8 mm wide;  not , not scabrous, base wedge-shaped, rounded, or ; sw PR ..... A. otayensis

92' Fruit depressed-spheric; stones free

94. Inflorescence ± , 0–1-branched

95. Twiginflorescence axesbracts glandular; n CCo, nw SnFrB (Marin Co.) ..... A. virgata

95' Twiginflorescence axesbracts nonglandular (except occasionally minutely glandular in Arctostaphylos nortensis); nw KR, s CCo, s SCoRO

96. Pedicelovaryfruit nonglandular-hairy; 500–940 m, nw KR (n Del Norte Co.) ..... A. nortensis

96' Pedicelovaryfruit glabrous; 30–1250 m, s CCo (Pismo Beach vicinity), s SCoRO (s Santa Lucia, La Panza ranges and s) ..... A. pilosula

94' Inflorescence , 3–10-branched

97. Leaves overlapped; plant shrub to mounded or , 0.1–2 m; n ChI (Santa Rosa Island) ..... A. confertiflora

97' Leaves not overlapped; plant shrub or tree, 1–5 m; NCo, w KR, NCoRO, c CCo, n SCoRO

98. Leaf  to , dark green; nascent inflorescence generally short- and long-nonglandular-hairy, occasionally glandular-hairy; NCo, w KR, NCoRO ..... A. columbiana

98' Leaf round to oblong-ovate, bright green or ± glaucous; nascent inflorescence glandular-hairy; c CCo (Fort Ord), n SCoRO (Mount Toro, nw Monterey Co.) ..... A. montereyensis



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