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Sphaeropteris cooperi

Higher Taxonomy
Family: CyatheaceaeView Description 

Habit: Trees; rhizome modified as a trunk, generally short-creeping, ascending, or erect; scales especially on trunk tip, stipe bases, small to generally large, generally uniformly tan to brown, among hairs or not. Leaf: generally tufted or short-spaced, 1--1.5[6] m, generally +- alike; stipe firm, not easily crushed, base darker or not; blade [1]2[3]-pinnate [(simple)], +- glabrous or with hairs, hair-like scales, or gland-tipped hairs on axes, veins generally free (netted); axes generally grooved adaxially. Sporangia: sori +- spheric; indusia 0 [saucer- or cup-like to spheric]; spores variously ornamented, scar 3-rayed. Chromosomes: x=69.
Genera In Family: 5--6 genera, +- 600 species: worldwide, generally tropics. Note: Some recognize only 1 genus in family.
eFlora Treatment Author: Thomas J. Rosatti
Scientific Editor: Alan R. Smith.
Genus: SphaeropterisView Description 

Habit: Trunk generally 1, often thickened by fibrous mass of adventitious roots basally, generally with distinct, +- round or oblong leaf scars. Leaf: generally 2-pinnate, stipe scales of various sizes, not intergrading with hairs or black spines, cells of +- 1 size, orientation (not clearly smaller, of different orientation on margin). Sporangia: sori in 1 row on each side of pinnule lobe midvein.
Species In Genus: +- 100 species: +- worldwide, southern temperate, tropics (except Africa). Etymology: (Greek: sphere, fern, for sori)

Sphaeropteris cooperi (Hook. ex. F. Muell.) R.M. Tryon
Habit: Trunk < 1 [15] m, 10--15 cm diam. Leaf: 1--1.5[6] m; stipe <= 50 cm, basal scales <= 50 mm, +- 0.1--5 mm wide, +- white or tan, translucent, among much shorter, bristle-like, dark hairs, margins with bristle-like teeth; blade <= 3.5 m, narrow-elliptic or lanceolate; pinnae <= 65 cm; pinnules <= 12 cm, <= 2.5 cm wide, pinnately lobed +- to midribs (i.e. making frond nearly 3-pinnate), lobes crenate-serrate.
Ecology: Coastal, open, rocky cliff faces, in granitic or sedimentary sandstone soils in fog belt; Elevation: < 220 m. Bioregional Distribution: s ChI (Santa Catalina Island); Distribution Outside California: Oregon, Hawaii, western Australia; native to eastern Australia. Note: 20+ pls, 4+ years old, in California population; can survive wide range of conditions, especially with adequate water, so spread is expected. Commonly sold in nurseries in coastal California, southern Oregon.
Synonyms: Cyathea cooperi (Hook. ex F. Muell.) Domin
eFlora Treatment Author: Thomas J. Rosatti
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Citation for this treatment: Thomas J. Rosatti 2016. Sphaeropteris cooperi, in Jepson Flora Project (eds.) Jepson eFlora,, accessed on May 04, 2016.

Citation for the whole project: Jepson Flora Project (eds.) 2016. Jepson eFlora,, accessed on May 04, 2016.

Geographic subdivisions for Sphaeropteris cooperi:
s ChI (Santa Catalina Island);
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