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Grindelia ×paludosa

Grindelia ×paludosa Greene
Habit: Perennial herb 8--20 dm, erect, branched throughout. Leaf: 1--17 cm; basal generally 0 at flower, distal smaller; blade lance-ovate, +- fleshy, sessile or tapered to +- petiole-like base, glabrous, green to red-green, entire or serrate. Inflorescence: involucre 10--20 mm diam, hemispheric, glabrous, generally resinous; phyllaries in 4--5 series, bases wide, straw-colored, tips acute to acuminate, flat to +- round in ×-section, outer spreading, reflexed, or coiled 270--360°. Ray Flower: 20--30; ray 10--17 mm. Fruit: +- 4 mm, tan, top truncate; awns 2--5.
Ecology: Salt marshes, banks of sloughs; Elevation: < 30 m. Bioregional Distribution: Deltaic GV (Suisun). Flowering Time: Jul--Nov Note: Putative stabilized hybrid between Grindelia camporum and Grindelia stricta var. angustifolia.
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