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Platanus ×hispanica

Platanus ×hispanica Mill. ex Münchh.
Stem: 12--24(36) m, erect; base generally <<= 0.5 m wide; outer bark light gray, inner green-cream. Leaf: stipules (0)1--2 cm, generally deciduous by maturity; petiole 2--10 cm; blade +- 11--18 cm, +- round or elliptic, +- glabrous. Staminate Flower: calyx reduced, cup-like; petals free. Pistillate Flower: calyx reduced, cup-like. Fruit: head 2.5--3.5 cm, generally sessile; achene 7.5--11 mm, top truncate, basal hairs 1/2--2/3 fruit length, persistent on fruit, head; style deciduous.
Ecology: In cultivation, may persist from old homesteads, escapes to waterways; Elevation: 16--155 m. Bioregional Distribution: CaRF, n SNF, ScV; Distribution Outside California: possibly escapes cultivation in northern and eastern United States. Flowering Time: Mar--May Note: Stable hybrid between Platanus occidentalis L. and Platanus orientalis L., or possibly a non-hybrid cultivar of the latter.
Synonyms: Platanus ×acerifolia (Aiton) Willd.; Platanus hispanica Ten.; Platanus ×hybrida Brot.
Unabridged Note: Evidently originated in 17th century, generally considered to be stable hybrid between Platanus occidentalis L. and Platanus orientalis L., thought by some to be non-hybrid cultivar of Platanus orientalis; for the former, Platanus ×hispanica Münchh. (1770) has priority over Platanus ×acerifolia (Aiton) Willd. (1805). Susceptible to sycamore scale insects, +- to sycamore anthracnose fungus. Backcrosses to parent species (or crosses with those species) common, variable, resistant to fungi. Hybrids with Platanus racemosa known from CaRF, ScV, PR (Orange Co.), suspected elsewhere, with leaves variously toothed, often hairy, heads generally 2--3; other authorities treat Platanus ×hybrida Brot. as the correct name, with Platanus ×acerifolia and Platanus ×hispanica as synonyms.
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