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Vascular Plants of California
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Higher Taxonomy
Family: PolemoniaceaeView DescriptionDichotomous Key

Habit: Annual, perennial herb, shrub, vine. Leaf: simple or compound, cauline (or most basal), alternate or opposite; stipules 0. Inflorescence: cymes, heads, clusters, or flower 1; bracts in involucres or not. Flower: sepals generally 5, fused at base, translucent membrane generally connecting lobes, torn by fruit; corolla generally 5-lobed, radial or bilateral, salverform to bell-shaped, throat often well defined; stamens generally 5, epipetalous, attached at >= 1 level, filaments of >= 1 length, pollen white, yellow, blue, or red; ovary superior, chambers generally 3, style 1, stigmas generally 3. Fruit: capsule. Seed: 1--many, when wetted swelling or not, gelatinous or not.
Genera In Family: 26 genera, 314 species: America, northern Europe, northern Asia; some cultivated (Cantua, Cobaea (cup-and-saucer vine), Collomia, Gilia, Ipomopsis, Linanthus, Phlox). Note: Leptodactylon moved to Linanthus.
eFlora Treatment Author: Robert Patterson, family description, key to genera, except as noted
Scientific Editor: Robert Patterson, Thomas J. Rosatti.
Habit: Annual. Stem: erect, generally 1, glabrous. Leaf: 0. Inflorescence: head; bracts leaf-like, in involucre; flowers 1--5. Flower: calyx urn-shaped, scarious, abruptly awned, puberulent; corolla salverform, white to lavender, throat generally yellow; stamens attached in throat, filaments < 0.5 mm. Fruit: ovoid. Seed: 1--5 per chamber, angled.
Species In Genus: 2 species: western United States. Etymology: (Greek: naked stem) Note: Self-pollinated.
Jepson eFlora Author: Dieter H. Wilken
Unabridged Reference: Wherry 1944 Am Mid Nat 31:216--231
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Citation for this treatment: Dieter H. Wilken 2012, Gymnosteris, in Jepson Flora Project (eds.) Jepson eFlora,, accessed on August 22, 2019.

Citation for the whole project: Jepson Flora Project (eds.) 2019, Jepson eFlora,, accessed on August 22, 2019.