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Aloe ×schoenlandii

Aloe ×schoenlandii Baker
Habit: Erect to decumbent in age. Stem: 0.5--9 dm, loosely clustered, branched. Leaf: 2--2.5 dm, 9--12 cm wide, triangular-ovate to lanceolate, pale green, white-spotted, glaucous. Inflorescence: branches 5--10, raceme-like, 25--90-flowered, 4--9 dm, dense. Flower: perianth 25--32 mm, 3--10 mm wide, +- constricted above ovary, red; stamens +- equal, 25--35 mm, anthers 3--5 mm. Fruit: 20--35 mm, 6--15 mm wide, oblong, brown. Seed: +- 5 mm, sterile.
Ecology: Coastal-sage scrub; Elevation: < 100 m. Bioregional Distribution: SCo (La Jolla, San Diego Co.); Distribution Outside California: widely naturalized; native to South Africa. Flowering Time: Apr Note: Sterile natural hybrid between Aloe maculata All. and Aloe striata Haw. of S. Africa, apparently planted in La Jolla in early 1900s, now well established, reproducing vegetatively.
Synonyms: Aloe saponaria (Aiton) Haw. × Aloe striata Haw.
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