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Agoseris ×dasycarpa

Agoseris ×dasycarpa Greene
Habit: Perennial herb 15--45 cm, erect or petiole decumbent. Leaf: petiole not purple; blade (6)10--30 cm, +- oblanceolate, obtuse to long-tapered, entire or few-toothed or -lobed; lobes 1--4 pairs, (ob)lanceolate, generally angled towards leaf tip or spreading; glabrous and glaucous to densely hairy. Inflorescence: peduncle generally hairy or +- glabrous in age except distally, base of head +- hairy (+- glabrous), +- glandless; involucre 10--30 mm in flower, +- same in fruit; phyllaries in 3--4 series, generally rosy-purple except margin; outer +- lanceolate, tapered to acute, +- hairy (+- glabrous), hairs generally +- yellow-translucent, glandular, margin +- ciliate (glabrous); inner not elongating in fruit. Flower: generally 10--50; tube 4--10 mm, ligule 5--15 mm, exceeding involucre, yellow; anthers 3--5 mm. Fruit: outer +- different; body 6--9 mm, +- fusiform, tip generally +- narrowed; ribs straight, uniform, glabrous to +- minutely rough-hairy; beak 1--2 mm, generally << body; pappus 8--10 mm, in generally 2 series.
Ecology: Moist meadows, marshes, dry grassland, open forest; Elevation: 1100--2500 m. Bioregional Distribution: n SNH, MP; Distribution Outside California: to Oregon. Flowering Time: May--Aug Note: Localized hybrid populations (Agoseris glauca var. glauca × Agoseris monticola) generally appearing as hairy Agoseris glauca var. glauca or misplaced Agoseris monticola, and generally misidentified (often as Agoseris glauca var. agrestis, which is restricted to Colorado).
Unabridged Synonyms: Agoseris decumbens Greene
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