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Koeberlinia spinosa var. tenuispina

Higher Taxonomy
Family: KoeberliniaceaeView Description 

Habit: Shrub or small tree, generally +- leafless, thorny, unscented. Stem: branches many, rigid, interlocking, glabrous to puberulent, smooth-papillate at 10×. Leaf: simple, alternate, generally scale-like, ephemeral. Inflorescence: raceme or +- umbel-like, axillary, bracted. Flower: radial, bisexual, small; sepals 4, free; petals 4, free; stamens 8, filaments thick, 4-angled in ×-section; ovary +- stalked, spheric, style beak-like, straight, curved, or +- coiled when dry, stigma entire, head-like, or +- 3-lobed. Fruit: berry spheric, fleshy; chambers 2, each 1--2-seeded; style base +- persistent.
Genera In Family: 1 genus, 2 species: southwestern North America, Mexico, Bolivia. Note: Often included in Capparaceae.
eFlora Treatment Author: Steve Boyd & Staria S. Vanderpool
Scientific Editor: Bruce G. Baldwin.
Genus: KoeberliniaView Description 

Common Name: ALL THORN

Etymology: (C.L. Koeberlin, German clergyman, botanist, b. 1794)

Koeberlinia spinosa Zucc. var. tenuispina Kearney & Peebles
Habit: Plant 3--10 m, puberulent. Stem: branchlets (25)33--70(82) mm, pale green, tips narrow, sharp-pointed, 3--6 mm, black or dark brown. Leaf: < 2 mm. Inflorescence: 1--7 cm, occasionally thorn-tipped; bracts +- 1.5 mm, linear, +- succulent; pedicels 3--6 mm. Flower: sepals +- 1.3 mm, ovate-deltate, entire or +- irregularly minutely toothed, puberulent, pale green; petals 4--4.8 mm, short-clawed, blade obovate or oblanceolate, glabrous, white (yellow); stamens 2--4 mm, glabrous; ovary 1.8--2 mm diam, stalk 0.5--0.8 mm, style 1--1.2 mm, straight to +- S-curved when dry, stigma entire to minute-lobed. Fruit: 4--5 mm, glabrous, black.
Ecology: Creosote-bush scrub; Elevation: 400 m. Bioregional Distribution: DSon (Chocolate Mtns); Distribution Outside California: southwestern Arizona, Mexico (eastern Baja California, northwestern Sonora). Flowering Time: Mar--Jul
Synonyms: Koeberlinia spinosa subsp. tenuispina (Kearney & Peebles) A.E. Murray
Unabridged Note: Koeberlinia spinosa var. spinosa in southeastern Arizona, southern New Mexico, southern Texas, northeastern Mexico; Koeberlinia spinosa var. wivaggii W.C. Holmes, K.L. Yip & Rushing in southeastern Texas, northeastern Mexico.
eFlora Treatment Author: Steve Boyd & Staria S. Vanderpool
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Listed on CNPS Rare Plant Inventory

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botanical illustration including Koeberlinia spinosa var. tenuispina


Citation for this treatment: Steve Boyd & Staria S. Vanderpool 2016. Koeberlinia spinosa var. tenuispina, in Jepson Flora Project (eds.) Jepson eFlora,, accessed on May 01, 2016.

Citation for the whole project: Jepson Flora Project (eds.) 2016. Jepson eFlora,, accessed on May 01, 2016.

Geographic subdivisions for Koeberlinia spinosa var. tenuispina:
DSon (Chocolate Mtns);
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