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Trifolium gymnocarpon subsp. plummerae

Trifolium gymnocarpon Nutt. subsp. plummerae (S. Watson) J.M. Gillett
Habit: Perennial herb, mat- or cushion-forming, hairy. Leaf: +- basal; leaflets 3--5, 0.8--20 mm, generally elliptic, thick, serrate, teeth 0.1--0.3 mm. Inflorescence: generally included, 10--15 mm wide, 4--many-flowered; peduncle 1--4 cm; flowers spreading-reflexed. Flower: calyx 4--6.5 mm, tube 10-veined, lobes < to > tube, narrow; corolla 7--11 mm, +- pink to +- tan. Fruit: 4--5 mm, exserted from corolla; stalk-like base +- 1 mm. Seed: 1.
Ecology: With sagebrush, juniper; Elevation: 1500--1800 m. Bioregional Distribution: MP; Distribution Outside California: to Oregon, Montana, New Mexico. Flowering Time: May--Jun Note: Merges clinally into Trifolium gymnocarpon subsp. gymnocarpon of Rocky Mountains.
Synonyms: Trifolium gymnocarpon var. plummerae (S. Watson) J.S. Martin; Trifolium plummerae S. Watson
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