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Quercus ×alvordiana

Quercus ×alvordiana Eastw.
Habit: Shrub to small tree < 3 m, evergreen to deciduous. Leaf: 1.5--5 cm; petiole 2--5 mm; blade generally oblong to widely elliptic, adaxially dull, blue- to gray-green, abaxially fine-hairy, dull, pale green, tip obtuse to abruptly pointed, margin generally irregularly coarsely toothed. Fruit: cup 10--16 mm wide, 8--10 mm deep, cup- to bowl-shaped, scales +- tubercled, light brown; nut 20--40 mm, generally narrowly ovoid, distally acute, asymmetric or not, shell glabrous inside; mature in year 1.
Ecology: Dry slopes, hills; Elevation: 180--1300 m. Bioregional Distribution: Teh, SCoR, WTR. Flowering Time: Jan--Mar Note: Hybrids involving Quercus douglasii, Quercus john-tuckeri, considered species by Eastwood.
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Botanical illustration including Quercus ×alvordiana

botanical illustration including Quercus ×alvordiana


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