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Pterocarya stenoptera

Higher Taxonomy
Family: JuglandaceaeView DescriptionDichotomous Key

Habit: Shrub, tree; monoecious. Leaf: odd-(even-)1-pinnate, alternate, deciduous; stipules 0. Inflorescence: catkin, generally appearing before leaves, 1 or clustered; flowers generally 1 in bract axils. Staminate Inflorescence: pendent, elongate, many-flowered, on last year's twigs. Pistillate Inflorescence: erect; flowers 1--many, at tip of new twigs. Staminate Flower: calyx [0 or] lobes generally 4 [2, 6]; petals 0; stamens 3--40[50]; pistil 0 or vestigial. Pistillate Flower: calyx [0] or lobes 4; petals 0; stamens 0; ovary 1, inferior, chamber 1 above, generally 2 below, styles 2, plumose. Fruit: nut enclosed in husk or winged nutlets.
Genera In Family: 9 genera, > 60 species: northern temperate, subtropical mountains; some ornamental, cultivated for wood, nuts (Carya hickory, pecan; Juglans walnut). Note: In Carya, Juglans, husk included in fruit diam, even though derived from involucre, calyx, and therefore not technically part of fruit.
eFlora Treatment Author: Alan T. Whittemore
Scientific Editor: Thomas J. Rosatti.
Genus: PterocaryaView Description 

Common Name: WINGNUT
Stem: Bark shallowly furrowed in age, gray; twig centers chambered; buds naked [scaly]. Pistillate Inflorescence: flowers 15--50; in fruit pendent. Pistillate Flower: styles short. Fruit: 15--50 2-winged nutlets, not enclosed in husk.
Species In Genus: 6 species: temperate Asia. Etymology: (Greek: winged nut)

Pterocarya stenoptera C. DC.
Habit: Tree 10--30 m. Leaf: leaflets 6--21, 7--11 cm, 2.5--4 cm wide, lateral narrowly elliptic to oblong or oblanceolate, finely, evenly serrate, tips obtuse or +- mucronate, terminal sometimes 0 or small; main axis winged (at least below leaflet attachment distally). Fruit: body 6--9 mm, wings 13--24 mm, 5--6 mm diam.
Ecology: Disturbed stream channels; Elevation: 15 m. Bioregional Distribution: GV. Flowering Time: Spring
eFlora Treatment Author: Alan T. Whittemore
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Citation for this treatment: Alan T. Whittemore 2016. Pterocarya stenoptera, in Jepson Flora Project (eds.) Jepson eFlora,, accessed on May 03, 2016.

Citation for the whole project: Jepson Flora Project (eds.) 2016. Jepson eFlora,, accessed on May 03, 2016.

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