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Vascular Plants of California
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Equisetum ×ferrissii

Equisetum ×ferrissii Clute
Stem: annual to perennial herb, of 1 kind, 20--180 cm, green; sheath 7--17 mm, 3--12 mm wide, often with dark bands; teeth 14--32, deciduous or persistent; branches 0. Sporangia: cone tip pointed; spores white, misshapen.
Ecology: Moist, sandy or gravelly areas; Elevation: < 3000 m. Bioregional Distribution: NCo, KR, NCoRO, CaRF, SNH, GV, CW (exc SCoRI), SCo, SnGb, PR (exc SnJt), DMtns; Distribution Outside California: to British Columbia, eastern United States. Note: Hybrids between Equisetum hyemale, Equisetum laevigatum, reproducing vegetatively from fragmented stems, sometimes forming large populations, sometimes at great distance from parents.
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