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Hemizonia congesta subsp. luzulifolia

Hemizonia congesta subsp. luzulifolia (DC.) Babc. & H.M. Hall
Leaf: short-hairy, +- shaggy, or silky-hairy, hairs not notably longer at margins on distal leaves; all or distal leaves glandular. Inflorescence: heads in panicle-like cluster; peduncle 0 or 1--30 mm, bracts not > phyllaries; calyx-like bracts subtending heads 0; phyllaries 3.5--6.5 mm, tips generally < bodies. Ray Flower: 5--11; corolla white, ray purple-veined abaxially. Fruit: width 0.5--0.6 × length.
Ecology: Disturbed, open, or grassy sites, often clayey soils, serpentine; Elevation: < 1000 m. Bioregional Distribution: NCoRO, NCoRI, w edge n SNF, GV, CW (exc SCoRI). Flowering Time: Mar--Dec Note: Hybridizes with Hemizonia congesta subsp. lutescens.
Synonyms: Hemizonia luzulifolia DC.; Hemizonia luzulifolia subsp. luzulifolia; Hemizonia luzulifolia subsp. rudis (Benth.) D.D. Keck
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