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Elymus scribneri

Elymus scribneri (Vasey) M.E. Jones
Habit: Plant cespitose. Stem: prostrate to decumbent, 1.5--5.5 dm. Leaf: sheath glabrous to short-hairy; auricles < 1 mm; ligule 0.2--0.7 mm; blade 1.5--4 mm wide, rolled or flat. Inflorescence: 3.5--10 cm, breaking apart with age; internodes 3.5--8 mm; spikelet 1 per node, sometimes 2 at lower nodes. Spikelet: 9--15 mm, appressed or ascending; glumes 4--9 mm, awn 10--30 mm, curving strongly outward; florets 2--12; lemma 7--10 mm, awn 15--30 mm, curving outward; pales > lemma; anthers 1--1.6 mm. Chromosomes: 2n=28.
Ecology: Rocky areas, alpine; Elevation: 2900--4200 m. Bioregional Distribution: SNH, n SNE, W&I; Distribution Outside California: Canada, Rocky Mountains. Flowering Time: Jul--Aug Note: Hybridizes with Elymus trachycaulus, Elymus elymoides.
Synonyms: Agropyron scribneri Vasey
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