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Pseudostellaria sierrae

Pseudostellaria sierrae Rabeler & R.L. Hartm.
Habit: Plant 9--27 cm, glabrous; rhizomes with +- vertical, fleshy roots enlarged toward tips. Stem: simple or branched, ascending to erect, round (angled or grooved when pressed). Leaf: 7--35 mm, +- equal throughout, thick; margin +- smooth. Inflorescence: pedicels in fruit abruptly bent downward near upper end. Seed: 3--3.4 mm.
Ecology: Meadows, dry understory of mixed oak or conifer forest; Elevation: 1400--2000 m. Bioregional Distribution: n&c SNH. Flowering Time: Summer Note: First collected 1878; named, described 2002.
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