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Marah oregana

Marah oregana (Torr. ex S. Watson) Howell
Habit: Herbage not glaucous. Flower: corolla generally > 8 mm wide, deeply cup-shaped, white. Fruit: 4--8 cm, +- spheric, tapered to beak, generally striped dark green; prickles generally dense, stiff or flexible, generally 0 at tip, unhooked. Seed: generally 3--6, 16--22 mm, disk-shaped, +- flat. Chromosomes: 2n=32.
Ecology: Shrubby or open areas, forest edges; Elevation: < 1800 m. Bioregional Distribution: NW, SnFrB; Distribution Outside California: to British Columbia. Flowering Time: Mar--May
Synonyms: Marah oreganus, orth. var.
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