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Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum

Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum (L.) Hilliard & B.L. Burtt
Habit: Annual, tap- or fibrous-rooted, unscented. Stem: 1--6 dm, loosely tomentose, not glandular; internodes 1--10+ mm. Leaf: proximally +- crowded, distally +- widely spaced, 1--6 cm, 2--8(10) mm wide, linear to narrowly obovate or +- spoon-shaped, distal smaller, +- clasping, generally decurrent 1--2 mm, margin generally curled under, faces generally +- gray-tomentose or adaxial +- glabrous. Inflorescence: generally +- long-peduncled, dense to +- openly cyme-like; involucre 3--4 mm, widely bell-shaped when pressed; phyllaries in 3--4 series, ovate to ovate-oblong, silvery-gray to +- yellow or brown, transparent, glabrous or proximally tomentose. Pistillate Flower: 135--160. Disk Flower: 4--10, corolla yellow or red-tipped. Fruit: papillate; pappus bristles loosely coherent, shed in clusters or easily fragmented rings. Chromosomes: 2n=14,28.
Ecology: Disturbed sites, fields, streambeds, drying mud; Elevation: < 850 m. Bioregional Distribution: NCo, SNF, GV, CW, SW; Distribution Outside California: widely scattered worldwide; native to Eurasia. Flowering Time: Apr--Aug
Synonyms: Gnaphalium luteoalbum L.; Gnaphalium luteo-album, orth. var.
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