In UC and JEPS, specimens of vascular plants thought to be holotypes are stored in special cabinets, where they are filed in alphabetical order under the basionym. There is usually a cross-reference sheet filed in the main collection under the currently accepted name. For most taxa, the currently accepted name, for purposes of curation, is the name used in The Jepson Manual. Isotypes are stored in the main collection under the currently accepted name. Holotypes from North American localities and isotypes from California localities have been entered into the SMASCH database. Because the holotypes were keyboarded as a separate project, basionyms are mostly not associated in the database with currently accepted names. That is, the type cross-reference sheet was not keyboarded in any way. This means that holotype specimens are not returned in the result set of queries using the current name.

I want to modify the database so that there is an analogue of the cross reference sheet--one that goes both directions, so that current names of types can be found and so that holotypes can be found in searches for their synonyms.

I'd like to have your help in determining the current names of California holotypes, and in verifying the current names that we have for isotypes and holotypes.

There is also a text page that lists all the types currently databased at UC and JEPS
and a simplified page that lists just the unknown types

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