Mangrove-associated Algae from Samoa, South Pacific

Posa A. Skelton and G. Robin South

plate 6

Plate VI. Figs. 34-43.
Fig. 34: Enteromorpha clathrata, young plant showing uniseriate (arrow) and multiseriate branches, scale = 50µm;
Figs. 35-36: Chaetomorpha brachygona, rectangular shaped cells, scale = 150µm;
Figs. 37-41: Chaetomorpha minima. Fig. 37: habit, scale 250µm. Fig. 38: basal cell, scale = 50µm. Fig. 39: close up of long attenuating basal cell (arrow), scale = 50µm. Fig. 40: slightly swollen tip, scale 25µm. Fig. 41: filament cells of various shape, scale = 25µm;
Figs. 42-43: Cladophora liebtruthii. Fig. 42: habit, scale = 500µm. Fig. 43: digitate holdfast attached to another filament, scale = 100µm.