Mangrove-associated Algae from Samoa, South Pacific

Posa A. Skelton and G. Robin South

plate 4

Plate IV. Figs. 20-28: Caloglossa leprieurii.
Fig. 20: habit showing various plants, scale = 1cm. Fig. 21: cross section of stipe, scale = 200µm. Fig. 22: habit of an individual plant, scales = 2mm. Fig. 23: branches arising from the constricted node often issuing a basal rhizoid, scale = 0.5mm. Fig. 24: cross section of blade with four pericentral cells, scale = 150µm. Fig. 25: heavily corticated rhizoid forming a short stipe, scale = 1.5mm. Fig. 26: tetrasporangial sorus, scale = 0.5mm. Fig. 27: a cystocarp arising near the apex of a blade, scale = 0.5mm. Fig. 28: spermatangial sorus on both sides of the blade (dark patches), scale = 0.5mm.