The Schmitz Slide Collection at the Natural History Museum, London (BM)

J. A. Bryant & L. M. Irvine


Schmitz portrait

Fig. 1. Portrait of Friedrich Schmitz (age unknown). Courtesy of Universitätsarchiv Greifswald (UAG), Fotosammlung.

figure 2

Fig. 2. The purpose built slide cabinet housing the Schmitz collection at BM, with three trays extended.

figure 3

Fig. 3. Micrograph of Sahlingia subintegra (Rosenvinge) Kornmann, comm. Berthold, 1879, as Erythrotrichia discigera Berthold, from Schmitz slide BM000650018. Photograph by Peter York.

figure 4

Fig. 4. Two slides from the Schmitz collection.
Slide on left, number BM000651085 (bar-code label on back of slide); top label: 55o (Engler and Prantl enumeration as used at BM), 1094 (location in slide sequence), 3.94 (date of preparation- March 1894); red BM “Type”" label; bottom label: Iridaea orbitosa [Suhr] (now Aeodes orbitosa (Suhr) Schmitz), fr[uctification], C[ap] b[on] sp[ei] (Cape of Good Hope, South Africa), coll. Ecklon, d[e]d[it] v[on] Suhr, Berliner Herb.
Slide on right, BM000653866 (bar-code label on back of slide); top label: 190L (Engler and Prantl enumeration as used at BM), 3805 (location in slide sequence), 5.91 (date of preparation- May 1891), Trichodonia; bottom label: Lophothalia lanuginosa J.Ag., fr., Australien (Australia), ex herb. Kew, Berliner Herb.

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