Recent Additions to the Subfamily Ceramioideae (Rhodophyta)

Athanasios Athanasiadis


Athanasiadis Figure 5-11

Figs 5-9. Development of gland cells in Balliella cladoderma. Gland cells are cut off from axial cells (white arrow in fig. 5) and are transferred to periaxial cells either abaxially (black arrow in fig. 5, fig. 6, arrow in fig. 7) or adaxially (fig. 8). The final position of gland cells is either abaxial (black arrow in fig. 9) or adaxial (white arrows in fig. 9).

Fig. 10. Gland cells in Scageliopsis strongylekystis where the gland cell touches only the mother cell (Athanasiadis 1996, p. 180).

Fig. 11. Gland cells in Antithamnion cruciatum where the gland cells lie mainly on the contiguous cells touching slightly the mother cell.