On the identity of Chorda rimosa Montagne (Phaeophyceae)

Aldo Asensi, René Delépine, Florence Rousseau, and Bruno de Reviers

fig. 4
fig. 5

Figs 4-5. Original drawings of Chorda rimosa Montagne (PC #MS435, p. 5055 ; on recto verso sheet of paper, with comments in Montagne's handwriting).
Fig. 4. Recto. Paraphysis and sporangia. Montagne's comments = down: "Iles Auckland. Chorda rimosa Montg. M d'Urville"; lower left: "toutes les fig. 380" [all figures 380; 380 likely means the enlargement]; uppper left: "junior" [?]; upper right: "brun" [brown] and "vert" [green]. Empty arrowhead: unicellular paraphyses; arrowhead: apparently multicellular filaments (see text) and unicellular paraphyses.
Fig. 5. Verso. Longitudinal section. From right to left: paraphyses and unilocular organs, epidermis, cortex and network of medullary filaments. Montagne's comment = below the drawing: "Composition et / épaisseur de la fronde / 380" [Structure and / thickness of the erect thallus / 380; 380 likely means the enlargement]. (Scale bars = 5 cm for Figs 4-5.)