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Multi-mapper, start page

Map multiple record sets with coordinates using BerkeleyMapper

  1. Run a search from the CCH search interface;
  2. Select some or all of the records with coordinates;
  3. Display the results as tab-separated text.
  4. Copy CCH tab-separated output.
  5. Paste CCH tab-separated output into the form below: (depending on browser/OS, you may have to "view source" of the results and copy that)
  6. Click on "Map it"
  7. Add additional record sets from the subsequent page
  You can also paste in input formatted like this:
37.0234, -120.1234
36.111, -120.004
  or this:
JEPS70123, 37.0234, -120.1234
UC66456, 36.111, -120.004

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