The Consortium of California Herbaria is a gateway to information from California vascular plant specimens that are housed in herbaria throughout the state.
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UC1171588 Lasthenia coronaria (previously Acer circinatum)
UC1171593 Eriogonum fastigiatum (previously Acer circinatum)
UC1171599 Orthocarpus purpurascens (previously Acer glabrum)
UC1171595 Eriogonum fasciculatum var. fasciculatum (previously Acer glabrum var. glabrum)
UC1171600 Keckiella antirrhinoides (previously Acer glabrum var. glabrum)
UC1171605 Mimulus aurantiacus var. puniceus (previously Acer glabrum var. glabrum)
JEPS125843 Arctostaphylos gabilanensis (previously Arctostaphylos cruzensis)
JEPS122732 Camissonia contorta (previously Camissonia lacustris)
JEPS122730 Camissonia contorta (previously Camissonia lacustris)
UC70376 Chamaecyparis lawsoniana (previously Cupressus lawsoniana)
JEPS125263 Boechera retrofracta (previously Dieteria canescens var. canescens)
UC1171592 Acer circinatum (previously Eriogonum fastigiatum)
UCSC5392 Trifolium truncatum (previously Fabaceae)
UCSC5258 Trifolium truncatum (previously Fabaceae)
UCSC5259 Trifolium truncatum (previously Fabaceae)
UCSC5370 Trifolium truncatum (previously Fabaceae)
UC117607 Lepidium bipinnatifidum (previously Hornungia procumbens)
JEPS125197 Potentilla gracilis var. fastigiata (previously Koeleria macrantha)
UC912277 Layia septentrionalis (previously Layia glandulosa)
UCSC11191 Filago depressa (previously Logfia depressa)
UC1171645 Acer negundo var. californicum (previously Logfia filaginoides)
UCSC7262 Lomatium caruifolium var. caruifolium (previously Lomatium caruifolium)
JEPS116415 Chorizanthe breweri (previously Melica imperfecta)
UC718821 Physalis crassifolia var. crassifolia (previously Mimulus brevipes)
UC1171601 Acer glabrum var. glabrum (previously Mimulus brevipes)
UC718448 Monardella hypoleuca subsp. intermedia (previously Monardella hypoleuca subsp. lanata)
UC1171616 Acer glabrum (previously Nicotiana clevelandii)
UC72607 Rumex salicifolius var. salicifolius (previously Pachycormus discolor)
UC2046557 Chenopodium botrys (previously Penstemon parvulus)
UC205054 Perityle californica (previously Plagiobothrys hispidulus)
UCSC8940 Primula hendersonii (previously Primula clevelandii var. patula)
JOTR33857 Quercus (previously Quercus X munzii)
JOTR32954 Quercus (previously Quercus X munzii)
JOTR32647 Quercus (previously Quercus X munzii)
JOTR36109 Quercus (previously Quercus X munzii)
JOTR32646 Quercus (previously Quercus X munzii)
JOTR16705 Quercus (previously Quercus X munzii)
JOTR36119 Quercus (previously Quercus X munzii)
JOTR36122 Quercus (previously Quercus X munzii)
JOTR32953 Quercus (previously Quercus X munzii)
JOTR32648 Quercus (previously Quercus X munzii)
UC80248 Eriophyllum lanatum var. achilleoides (previously Rhamnus insula)
UC841173 Scirpus acutus var. occidentalis (previously Schoenoplectus acutus var. occidentalis)
UC88547 Bidens bigelovii (previously Setaria pumila)
UC134898 Centromadia pungens subsp. pungens (previously Stephanomeria diegensis)
UCSC11156 Trifolium rostratum (previously Trifolium)
UCSC11154 Trifolium rostratum (previously Trifolium)
UCSC11150 Trifolium rostratum (previously Trifolium)
UCSC10441 Trifolium fucatum (previously Trifolium)
UCSC11148 Trifolium rostratum (previously Trifolium)
UCSC11138 Trifolium depauperatum var. laciniatum (previously Trifolium depauperatum)
UCSC11137 Trifolium depauperatum var. laciniatum (previously Trifolium depauperatum)
UCSC1176 Trifolium fucatum var. fucatum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC6298 Trifolium flavulum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC6008 Trifolium virescens (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC4755 Trifolium fucatum var. fucatum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC5907 Trifolium flavulum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC5928 Trifolium flavulum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC5375 Trifolium flavulum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC6013 Trifolium fucatum var. fucatum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC4627 Trifolium fucatum var. fucatum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC5240 Trifolium fucatum var. fucatum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC5461 Trifolium fucatum var. fucatum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC3369 Trifolium fucatum var. fucatum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC6034 Trifolium fucatum var. fucatum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC5283 Trifolium flavulum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC6012 Trifolium flavulum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC3519 Trifolium fucatum var. fucatum (previously Trifolium fucatum)
UCSC5269 Trifolium melananthum (previously Trifolium variegatum)
JEPS125871 Vaccinium shastense subsp. nevadense (previously Vaccinium shastense subsp. shastense)
UC180104 Plagiobothrys fulvus (previously Xylonagra arborea subsp. arborea)