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VVC1799 Gilia cana subsp. bernardina (previously Abronia nana subsp. covillei)
VVC326 Camissonia campestris (previously Abronia pogonantha)
VVC867 Streptanthus bernardinus (previously Abronia pogonantha)
VVC1626 Elymus elymoides (previously Abronia villosa)
VVC327 Camissonia claviformis (previously Abronia villosa)
VVC1680 Nicolletia occidentalis (previously Abronia villosa)
VVC744 Croton californicus (previously Acamptopappus shockleyi)
VVC23 Amaranthus hybridus (previously Acamptopappus sphaerocephalus) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC23 UCR94189
VVC13 Ambrosia dumosa (previously Acer macrophyllum)
VVC2530 Swertia perennis (previously Acer macrophyllum)
VVC999 Epilobium ciliatum (previously Achillea millefolium)
VVC1811 Erigeron foliosus var. foliosus (previously Achnatherum parishii)
VVC176 Chenopodium ambrosioides (previously Achyronychia cooperi)
VVC457 Rubus ursinus (previously Adenostoma fasciculatum)
VVC1197 Lupinus andersonii (previously Aegilops cylindrica)
VVC595 Isocoma acradenia (previously Aegilops cylindrica)
VVC557 Chloris virgata (previously Agrostis stolonifera)
VVC937 Claytonia parviflora (previously Alchemilla occidentalis)
VVC1494 Juncus triformis (previously Alhagi pseudalhagi) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR127512 VVC1494 RSA682270
VVC1199 Lunaria annua (previously Alisma plantago-aquatica)
VVC1965 Eriogonum apiculatum (previously Allium bisceptrum)
VVC2064 Cryptantha micromeres (previously Allium campanulatum)
VVC979 Symphoricarpos parishii (previously Allium campanulatum)
VVC1950 Lotus strigosus (previously Allium campanulatum)
VVC543 Muilla maritima (previously Allium fimbriatum)
VVC551 Bromus hordeaceus (previously Allium fimbriatum)
VVC945 Lotus strigosus (previously Allium lacunosum var. davisiae)
VVC544 Yucca schidigera (previously Allium lacunosum var. davisiae)
VVC1828 Trifolium gracilentum (previously Allium parishii)
VVC380 Langloisia setosissima subsp. punctata (previously Allophyllum divaricatum)
VVC661 Atriplex confertifolia (previously Allophyllum gilioides subsp. gilioides)
VVC923 Plagiobothrys canescens (previously Allophyllum gilioides subsp. violaceum)
VVC1159 Dicentra chrysantha (previously Allophyllum integrifolium)
VVC1720 Bromus carinatus (previously Allophyllum integrifolium)
VVC1236 Puccinellia nuttalliana (previously Alnus rhombifolia)
VVC1579 Euphorbia setiloba (previously Alopecurus aequalis)
VVC1487 Eriogonum roseum (previously Amaranthus albus)
VVC1243 Hordeum jubatum (previously Amaranthus blitoides)
VVC1672 Stipa parishii (previously Amaranthus blitoides)
VVC1370 Triphysaria eriantha (previously Amaranthus californicus)
VVC1454 Chenopodium berlandieri (previously Amaranthus fimbriatus)
VVC629 Epilobium ciliatum (previously Amaranthus fimbriatus)
VVC1664 Koeleria macrantha (previously Amaranthus fimbriatus)
VVC1692 Barbarea orthoceras (previously Amaranthus fimbriatus)
VVC34 Sarcostemma hirtellum (previously Amaranthus hybridus)
VVC1659 Arenaria douglasii (previously Ambrosia acanthicarpa)
VVC1493 Chrysanthemum coronarium (previously Ambrosia acanthicarpa)
VVC641 Mentzelia multiflora subsp. longiloba (previously Ambrosia acanthicarpa)
VVC1685 Phacelia curvipes (previously Ambrosia acanthicarpa)
VVC24 Rhus ovata (previously Ambrosia dumosa)
VVC1241 Erigeron breweri (previously Ambrosia eriocentra)
VVC2694 Eriogonum latens (previously Ambrosia eriocentra)
VVC1492 Phacelia cicutaria (previously Ambrosia eriocentra)
VVC25 Apium graveolens (previously Ambrosia psilostachya)
VVC920 Cryptantha intermedia (previously Amelanchier utahensis)
VVC1188 Alisma plantago-aquatica (previously Amorpha californica)
VVC1997 Carex nebrascensis (previously Amorpha californica)
VVC127 Cryptantha nevadensis (previously Amsinckia intermedia)
VVC129 Cryptantha recurvata (previously Amsinckia tessellata)
VVC1630 Poa keckii (previously Amsinckia tessellata)
VVC128 Cryptantha pterocarya (previously Amsinckia tessellata)
VVC1863 Eriogonum baileyi var. baileyi (previously Amsinckia tessellata)
VVC721 Quercus douglasii (previously Amsinckia vernicosa)
VVC20 Chaenactis stevioides (previously Amsonia brevifolia)
VVC2648 Juniperus occidentalis var. australis (previously Androsace septentrionalis subsp. subumbellata)
VVC1312 Rumex maritimus (previously Androsace septentrionalis var. puberulenta) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCD100947 VVC1312 UCR109848
VVC436 Ceanothus cuneatus (previously Anemone tuberosa)
VVC970 Viola purpurea (previously Anemopsis californica)
VVC1346 Trifolium willdenovii (previously Anemopsis californica)
VVC1015 Gilia cana subsp. speciformis (previously Angelica lineariloba)
VVC1878 Coreopsis bigelovii (previously Anisocoma acaulis)
VVC896 Rumex crispus (previously Antennaria media)
VVC1101 Ericameria cuneata (previously Antennaria media)
VVC2649 Pinus jeffreyi (previously Antennaria microphylla)
VVC997 Juncus xiphioides (previously Antennaria rosea)
VVC1125 Nemophila spatulata (previously Antennaria rosea)
VVC15 Artemisia douglasiana (previously Anthriscus caucalis)
VVC485 Mimulus guttatus (previously Antirrhinum coulterianum)
VVC1617 Carex stenophylla subsp. eleocharis (previously Antirrhinum filipes)
VVC2080 Deschampsia danthonioides (previously Antirrhinum multiflorum)
VVC486 Castilleja exserta (previously Antirrhinum nuttallianum)
VVC36 Baccharis salicifolia (previously Apium graveolens)
VVC37 Baileya multiradiata (previously Apium graveolens)
VVC814 Penstemon speciosus (previously Apocynum androsaemifolium)
VVC913 Phacelia mohavensis (previously Apocynum cannabinum)
VVC1316 Aster frondosus (previously Aquilegia formosa)
VVC1064 Microsteris gracilis (previously Aquilegia formosa)
VVC1065 Plagiobothrys myosotoides (previously Aquilegia formosa)
VVC1304 Hymenoxys hoopesii (previously Arabis holboellii var. retrofracta)
VVC831 Holodiscus microphyllus (previously Arabis inyoensis)
VVC1301 Androsace septentrionalis var. puberulenta (previously Arabis inyoensis)
VVC1841 Chenopodium fremontii (previously Arabis perennans)
VVC1180 Potentilla gracilis (previously Arabis platysperma var. platysperma)
VVC1851 Gilia (previously Arabis pulchra) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR209073 VVC1851
VVC1840 Atriplex canescens (previously Arabis pulchra var. gracilis)
VVC1797 Poa atropurpurea (previously Arabis pulchra var. pulchra)
VVC1810 Potentilla glandulosa subsp. reflexa (previously Arabis shockleyi)
VVC148 Lepidium fremontii (previously Arabis sparsiflora var. arcuata)
VVC518 Larrea tridentata (previously Arceuthobium campylopodum)
VVC1445 Atriplex confertifolia (previously Arceuthobium divaricatum)
VVC520 Larrea tridentata (previously Arceuthobium divaricatum)
VVC519 Larrea tridentata (previously Arceuthobium divaricatum)
VVC2503 Selaginella watsonii (previously Arctostaphylos glandulosa)
VVC205 Cercidium floridum (previously Arctostaphylos glauca)
VVC828 Typha domingensis (previously Arctostaphylos patula) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR82679 VVC828
VVC1167 Sequoia sempervirens (previously Arctostaphylos patula subsp. platyphylla)
VVC177 Chenopodium berlandieri (previously Arenaria douglasii)
VVC2036 Eriogonum umbellatum var. chlorothamnus (previously Arenaria douglasii)
VVC178 Chenopodium berlandieri (previously Arenaria douglasii)
VVC2619 Cryptantha nubigena (previously Arenaria kingii subsp. compacta)
VVC180 Chenopodium californicum (previously Arenaria macradenia)
VVC179 Chenopodium berlandieri (previously Arenaria macradenia)
VVC765 Stanleya elata (previously Arenaria macradenia)
VVC181 Chenopodium rubrum (previously Arenaria macradenia)
VVC1032 Sidalcea multifida (previously Arenaria macradenia subsp. ferrisiae)
VVC1175 Leptodactylon pungens (previously Arenaria macradenia subsp. macradenia)
VVC1834 Cryptantha barbigera var. barbigera (previously Arenaria macradenia var. macradenia)
VVC365 Papaver californicum (previously Argemone corymbosa)
VVC1542 Ambrosia acanthicarpa (previously Aristida californica var. californica)
VVC2046 Cryptantha echinella (previously Aristida purpurea)
VVC1818 Clarkia heterandra (previously Aristida purpurea var. parishii)
VVC1084 Hulsea vestita (previously Arnica chamissonis)
VVC1639 Gnaphalium palustre (previously Artemisia bigelovii)
VVC26 Apium graveolens (previously Artemisia douglasiana)
VVC1567 Pectis papposa (previously Artemisia dracunculus)
VVC27 Conium maculatum (previously Artemisia dracunculus)
VVC1441 Galium argense (previously Artemisia dracunculus)
VVC1196 Oxytheca parishii (previously Artemisia dracunculus)
VVC619 Eriogonum deflexum (previously Artemisia ludoviciana)
VVC1569 Tiquilia plicata (previously Artemisia nova)
VVC1543 Suaeda moquinii (previously Artemisia rothrockii)
VVC680 Astragalus pomonensis (previously Artemisia spinescens)
VVC46 Chaenactis fremontii (previously Artemisia tridentata)
VVC1448 Panicum capillare (previously Artemisia tridentata)
VVC1568 Ambrosia acanthicarpa (previously Artemisia tridentata subsp. vaseyana)
VVC2642 Cardamine breweri (previously Artemisia tridentata var. vaseyana)
VVC42 Calycoseris parryi (previously Asclepias californica)
VVC1342 Lupinus concinnus (previously Asclepias erosa)
VVC21 Chrysothamnus nauseosus (previously Asclepias fascicularis)
VVC1340 Lupinus concinnus (previously Asclepias fascicularis)
VVC1142 Psilostrophe cooperi (previously Asclepias subulata)
VVC43 Calycoseris parryi (previously Asclepias subulata)
VVC22 Cystopteris fragilis (previously Asclepias vestita)
VVC44 Calycoseris parryi (previously Asclepias vestita)
VVC1310 Rorippa curvipes var. truncata (previously Aster alpigenus var. andersonii)
VVC1374 Vicia villosa (previously Aster frondosus)
VVC1327 Glycyrrhiza lepidota (previously Aster frondosus)
VVC1246 Nama rothrockii (previously Aster frondosus)
VVC1574 Pectis papposa (previously Aster occidentalis)
VVC1830 Collinsia parryi (previously Astragalus albens)
VVC208 Lotus rigidus (previously Astragalus bernardinus)
VVC207 Lotus procumbens (previously Astragalus bernardinus)
VVC1355 Alopecurus aequalis (previously Astragalus bernardinus)
VVC1956 Eriogonum luteolum var. luteolum (previously Astragalus bicristatus)
VVC662 Platystemon californicus (previously Astragalus didymocarpus)
VVC903 Descurainia incana (previously Astragalus didymocarpus)
VVC210 Lotus scoparius (previously Astragalus douglasii)
VVC209 Lotus rigidus (previously Astragalus douglasii)
VVC211 Lotus scoparius var. brevialatus (previously Astragalus layneae)
VVC1489 Eriogonum brachyanthum (previously Astragalus lentiginosus)
VVC967 Gilia inyoensis (previously Astragalus lentiginosus)
VVC951 Thelypodium lasiophyllum (previously Astragalus lentiginosus var. nigricalycis)
VVC2627 Draba sharsmithii (previously Astragalus lentiginosus var. semotus)
VVC1964 Eriogonum angulosum (previously Astragalus lentiginosus var. sierrae)
VVC1896 Calyptridium monandrum (previously Astragalus lentiginosus var. variabilis)
VVC754 Arenaria macradenia (previously Astragalus pomonensis)
VVC691 Sarcostemma cynanchoides (previously Astragalus pomonensis)
VVC1083 Erigeron lonchophyllus (previously Astragalus subvestitus)
VVC149 Lepidium fremontii (previously Athysanus pusillus)
VVC674 Lupinus concinnus (previously Atriplex)
VVC1127 Myosurus apetalus (previously Atriplex californica)
VVC2733 Isoetes occidentalis (previously Atriplex canescens)
VVC184 Grayia spinosa (previously Atriplex canescens)
VVC742 Pityrogramma triangularis (previously Atriplex canescens)
VVC1437 Artemisia tridentata (previously Atriplex canescens)
VVC183 Eurotia lanata (previously Atriplex canescens)
VVC926 Alchemilla occidentalis (previously Atriplex confertifolia) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR97656 VVC926 UCD143198
VVC1456 Cordylanthus eremicus subsp. eremicus (previously Atriplex confertifolia)
VVC1665 Bromus inermis (previously Atriplex confertifolia)
VVC672 Linanthus parviflorus (previously Atriplex confertifolia)
VVC1658 Galium aparine (previously Atriplex elegans)
VVC186 Grayia spinosa (previously Atriplex hymenelytra)
VVC1347 Trifolium obtusiflorum (previously Atriplex lentiformis subsp. torreyi)
VVC185 Grayia spinosa (previously Atriplex lentiformis subsp. torreyi)
VVC1003 Salix gooddingii (previously Atriplex lentiformis subsp. torreyi)
VVC1478 Astragalus lentiginosus (previously Atriplex lentiformis subsp. torreyi)
VVC1121 Senecio scorzonella (previously Atriplex lentiformis subsp. torreyi)
VVC1147 Cryptantha simulans (previously Atriplex polycarpa)
VVC607 Boerhavia triquetra (previously Atriplex polycarpa)
VVC864 Elymus trachycaulus subsp. trachycaulus (previously Atriplex polycarpa)
VVC2613 Mimulus suksdorfii (previously Atriplex serenana)
VVC1129 Navarretia breweri (previously Baccharis emoryi)
VVC47 Chaenactis macrantha (previously Baccharis salicifolia)
VVC28 Cymopterus panamintensis (previously Baccharis salicifolia)
VVC695 Palafoxia arida var. arida (previously Baccharis salicifolia)
VVC1360 Hilaria jamesii (previously Baccharis sergiloides)
VVC1348 Pulicaria paludosa (previously Baccharis sergiloides)
VVC1638 Circaea alpina subsp. pacifica (previously Baccharis sergiloides)
VVC1226 Epilobium ciliatum (previously Bahia dissecta)
VVC48 Chaenactis stevioides (previously Baileya multiradiata)
VVC1637 Cryptantha pterocarya (previously Baileya pauciradiata)
VVC49 Chrysothamnus paniculatus (previously Baileya pleniradiata)
VVC1686 Lotus strigosus (previously Baileya pleniradiata)
VVC2717 Primula suffrutescens (previously Barbarea orthoceras)
VVC1476 Amaranthus albus (previously Bassia hyssopifolia)
VVC50 Coreopsis bigelovii (previously Bebbia juncea)
VVC126 Cryptantha muricata (previously Berberis dictyota)
VVC1233 Salix lutea (previously Berula erecta)
VVC1902 Cryptantha micrantha (previously Betula occidentalis)
VVC1364 Chenopodium foliosum (previously Bidens frondosa) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC1364 UCR109853
VVC1120 Fraxinus velutina (previously Bidens laevis)
VVC628 Polypogon monspeliensis (previously Boerhavia)
VVC1483 Alhagi pseudalhagi (previously Boerhavia triquetra)
VVC618 Amaranthus fimbriatus (previously Boerhavia triquetra)
VVC845 Prunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifolia (previously Boerhavia triquetra)
VVC1149 Eriogonum pusillum (previously Boerhavia wrightii)
VVC1143 Ditaxis neomexicana (previously Boerhavia wrightii)
VVC1669 Heterocodon rariflorum (previously Bouteloua barbata)
VVC1615 Antennaria microphylla (previously Bouteloua eriopoda)
VVC1614 Senecio spartioides (previously Bouteloua eriopoda)
VVC559 Dactylis glomerata (previously Bouteloua gracilis)
VVC677 Camissonia campestris (previously Bowlesia incana)
VVC150 Lepidium fremontii (previously Brassica geniculata)
VVC699 Panicum miliaceum (previously Brassica tournefortii)
VVC51 Dyssodia cooperi (previously Brickellia arguta)
VVC862 Elymus glaucus subsp. glaucus (previously Brickellia arguta var. arguta)
VVC861 Bromus ciliatus (previously Brickellia desertorum) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR92737 VVC861
VVC1124 Potentilla gracilis (previously Brickellia desertorum)
VVC614 Chrysothamnus paniculatus (previously Brickellia desertorum)
VVC1460 Eriogonum deflexum (previously Brickellia desertorum)
VVC866 Chenopodium botrys (previously Brickellia desertorum)
VVC1438 Philadelphus microphyllus (previously Brickellia microphylla)
VVC741 Achnatherum hymenoides (previously Brickellia oblongifolia)
VVC1808 Galium angustifolium (previously Brickellia oblongifolia var. linifolia)
VVC1853 Eriogonum davidsonii (previously Brickellia oblongifolia var. linifolia)
VVC1164 Arenaria macradenia subsp. macradenia (previously Brickellia oblongifolia var. linifolia)
VVC872 Bouteloua barbata (previously Bromus ciliatus)
VVC603 Brickellia desertorum (previously Bromus diandrus)
VVC2660 Rosa woodsii var. ultramontana (previously Bromus hordeaceus)
VVC2016 Eriogonum elatum var. elatum (previously Bromus inermis)
VVC2678 Stellaria longipes (previously Bromus tectorum)
VVC933 Stillingia linearifolia (previously Calandrinia ciliata)
VVC432 Ranunculus californicus (previously Calandrinia ciliata)
VVC2736 Erigeron pygmaeus (previously Calandrinia ciliata)
VVC431 Delphinium parryi (previously Calandrinia ciliata)
VVC212 Lotus strigosus (previously Calliandra eriophylla)
VVC1251 Descurainia pinnata subsp. glabra (previously Calochortus invenustus)
VVC545 Aegilops cylindrica (previously Calochortus kennedyi)
VVC546 Agrostis stolonifera (previously Calochortus splendens)
VVC55 Haplopappus linearifolius (previously Calycoseris parryi)
VVC53 Encelia virginensis (previously Calycoseris parryi)
VVC56 Haplopappus linearifolius (previously Calycoseris parryi)
VVC54 Ericameria linearifolia (previously Calycoseris parryi)
VVC2682 Cardamine breweri (previously Calyptridium monandrum)
VVC1865 Collinsia childii (previously Calyptridium monandrum)
VVC433 Ceanothus crassifolius (previously Calyptridium monandrum)
VVC1618 Carex eleocharis (previously Calyptridium monandrum)
VVC827 Eriogonum deflexum (previously Calyptridium monospermum)
VVC1557 Nicotiana obtusifolia (previously Calystegia longipes)
VVC2077 Carex mariposana (previously Calystegia occidentalis subsp. fulcrata)
VVC333 Camissonia refracta (previously Camissonia bistorta)
VVC334 Camissonia refracta (previously Camissonia brevipes)
VVC965 Scrophularia desertorum (previously Camissonia brevipes subsp. brevipes)
VVC341 Ludwigia repens (previously Camissonia californica)
VVC1971 Eriogonum crosbyae (previously Camissonia campestris)
VVC336 Epilobium brachycarpum (previously Camissonia campestris)
VVC688 Brassica tournefortii (previously Camissonia campestris)
VVC335 Clarkia unguiculata (previously Camissonia campestris)
VVC337 Epilobium canum (previously Camissonia campestris)
VVC340 Epilobium densiflorum (previously Camissonia campestris)
VVC904 Trichostema austromontanum (previously Camissonia campestris subsp. campestris)
VVC338 Epilobium canum (previously Camissonia claviformis)
VVC342 Oenothera californica (previously Camissonia claviformis)
VVC1625 Muhlenbergia richardsonis (previously Camissonia claviformis)
VVC339 Epilobium canum (previously Camissonia claviformis)
VVC715 Castilleja (previously Camissonia claviformis)
VVC943 Phacelia fremontii (previously Camissonia claviformis var. claviformis)
VVC1992 Phleum pratense (previously Camissonia hirtella)
VVC343 Oenothera californica (previously Camissonia hirtella)
VVC2523 Gayophytum diffusum subsp. parviflorum (previously Camissonia hirtella)
VVC2522 Gayophytum racemosum (previously Camissonia intermedia)
VVC713 Microseris lindleyi (previously Camissonia pallida)
VVC1624 Koeleria macrantha (previously Camissonia pallida)
VVC2611 Mimulus nanus var. mephiticus (previously Camissonia palmeri)
VVC808 Oreonana clementis (previously Camissonia parvula)
VVC820 Arabis lemmonii var. depauperata (previously Camissonia parvula)
VVC344 Oenothera californica (previously Camissonia refracta)
VVC345 Oenothera californica (previously Camissonia refracta)
VVC665 Plagiobothrys (previously Camissonia strigulosa)
VVC783 Gilia (previously Camissonia walkeri subsp. tortilis)
VVC936 Ranunculus canus (previously Capsella bursa-pastoris)
VVC151 Lobularia maritima (previously Capsella bursa-pastoris)
VVC1261 Ephedra nevadensis (previously Capsella bursa-pastoris)
VVC1027 Luzula comosa (previously Cardamine breweri)
VVC1491 Phacelia brachyloba (previously Carduus nutans)
VVC1938 Cryptantha micrantha var. lepida (previously Carex)
VVC1939 Monardella breweri subsp. lanceolata (previously Carex)
VVC1941 Cryptantha circumscissa (previously Carex)
VVC1942 Spergularia rubra (previously Carex)
VVC2021 Eriogonum marifolium (previously Carex athrostachya)
VVC1892 Linanthus dichotomus (previously Carex athrostachya)
VVC772 Camissonia walkeri subsp. tortilis (previously Carex aurea)
VVC1940 Cryptantha oxygona (previously Carex aurea)
VVC2651 Saxifraga oregana (previously Carex eleocharis)
VVC1082 Rumex acetosella (previously Carex fracta)
VVC2014 Dicoria canescens (previously Carex heteroneura)
VVC2020 Eriogonum sphaerocephalum var. sphaerocephalum (previously Carex integra)
VVC815 Castilleja applegatei (previously Carex leptopoda)
VVC2559 Monardella beneolens (previously Carex mariposana)
VVC1990 Muhlenbergia filiformis (previously Carex multicaulis)
VVC2103 Stipa occidentalis (previously Carex multicaulis)
VVC1936 Cryptantha nevadensis var. rigida (previously Carex nebrascensis)
VVC2022 Eriogonum crocatum (previously Carex nebrascensis)
VVC533 Allium lacunosum var. davisiae (previously Carex praegracilis)
VVC2632 Mimulus leptaleus (previously Carex rossii)
VVC810 Cryptantha circumscissa var. hispida (previously Carex scopulorum)
VVC2652 Saxifraga nidifica var. nidifica (previously Carex stenophylla subsp. eleocharis)
VVC2650 Viola adunca (previously Carex stenophylla subsp. eleocharis)
VVC726 Lupinus (previously Castilleja)
VVC743 Astragalus pomonensis (previously Castilleja angustifolia)
VVC826 Quercus cornelius-mulleri (previously Castilleja applegatei)
VVC497 Nicotiana glauca (previously Castilleja exserta)
VVC2135 Erigeron breweri var. breweri (previously Castilleja exserta)
VVC498 Nicotiana obtusifolia (previously Castilleja exserta)
VVC487 Castilleja exserta (previously Castilleja foliolosa)
VVC1544 Suaeda moquinii (previously Castilleja linariifolia)
VVC1996 Setaria viridis (previously Castilleja linariifolia)
VVC488 Penstemon centranthifolius (previously Castilleja linariifolia)
VVC2670 Luzula comosa (previously Castilleja miniata)
VVC635 Ephedra trifurca (previously Castilleja minor)
VVC1809 Antirrhinum multiflorum (previously Caulanthus cooperi)
VVC1926 Allium campanulatum (previously Caulanthus coulteri)
VVC950 Streptanthella longirostris (previously Caulanthus coulteri)
VVC771 Cuscuta (previously Caulanthus glaucus)
VVC152 Sisymbrium altissimum (previously Caulanthus heterophyllus var. pseudosimulans)
VVC154 Thelypodium lasiophyllum (previously Caulanthus inflatus)
VVC153 Thelypodium integrifolium (previously Caulanthus major)
VVC155 Thysanocarpus curvipes (previously Caulanthus major)
VVC1838 Linanthus ciliatus (previously Caulanthus major)
VVC446 Adenostoma fasciculatum (previously Ceanothus crassifolius)
VVC444 Rhamnus crocea (previously Ceanothus crassifolius)
VVC697 Hyptis emoryi (previously Ceanothus crassifolius)
VVC448 Cercocarpus ledifolius (previously Ceanothus crassifolius)
VVC445 Rhamnus ilicifolia (previously Ceanothus crassifolius)
VVC447 Cercocarpus betuloides (previously Ceanothus cuneatus)
VVC452 Prunus fasciculata (previously Ceanothus greggii)
VVC449 Holodiscus microphyllus (previously Ceanothus greggii)
VVC450 Horkelia rydbergii (previously Ceanothus greggii var. vestitus)
VVC451 Potentilla glandulosa subsp. reflexa (previously Ceanothus greggii var. vestitus)
VVC1218 Juncus xiphioides (previously Ceanothus integerrimus)
VVC454 Purshia glandulosa (previously Ceanothus leucodermis)
VVC453 Purshia glandulosa (previously Ceanothus leucodermis)
VVC1063 Trifolium monanthum (previously Ceanothus pinetorum)
VVC1367 Salix lasiolepis (previously Centaurea diffusa)
VVC853 Atriplex polycarpa (previously Centaurium venustum)
VVC412 Eriogonum inflatum (previously Centrostegia thurberi)
VVC406 Eriogonum deflexum (previously Centrostegia thurberi)
VVC411 Eriogonum inflatum (previously Centrostegia thurberi)
VVC215 Lupinus arizonicus (previously Cercidium floridum)
VVC216 Lupinus arizonicus (previously Cercidium floridum)
VVC214 Lupinus arizonicus (previously Cercidium floridum)
VVC458 Rosa californica (previously Cercocarpus betuloides)
VVC751 Triteleia ixioides (previously Cercocarpus intricatus)
VVC459 Galium angustifolium (previously Cercocarpus ledifolius)
VVC817 Arctostaphylos patula (previously Cercocarpus ledifolius)
VVC1165 Bouteloua gracilis (previously Cercocarpus ledifolius)
VVC739 Cryptantha confertiflora (previously Chaenactis carphoclinia)
VVC824 Muhlenbergia rigens (previously Chaenactis douglasii)
VVC1636 Chaenactis santolinoides (previously Chaenactis fremontii)
VVC29 Osmorhiza chilensis (previously Chaenactis fremontii)
VVC1911 Poa secunda (previously Chaenactis fremontii)
VVC57 Haplopappus linearifolius (previously Chaenactis fremontii)
VVC714 Lomatium californicum (previously Chaenactis fremontii)
VVC687 Salvia mellifera (previously Chaenactis glabriuscula)
VVC2031 Malacothrix stebbinsii (previously Chaenactis glabriuscula)
VVC847 Chenopodium desiccatum (previously Chaenactis glabriuscula) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR81809 VVC847
VVC58 Haplopappus cooperi (previously Chaenactis macrantha)
VVC1190 Circaea alpina subsp. pacifica (previously Chaenactis santolinoides)
VVC2049 Lupinus benthamii (previously Chaenactis santolinoides)
VVC2095 Castilleja linariifolia (previously Chaenactis santolinoides)
VVC59 Ericameria cooperi (previously Chaenactis stevioides)
VVC31 Asclepias californica (previously Chaenactis stevioides)
VVC1881 Eriogonum reniforme (previously Chaenactis stevioides)
VVC30 Tauschia arguta (previously Chaenactis xantiana)
VVC2617 Cryptantha glomeriflora (previously Chamaebatiaria millefolium)
VVC2691 Eriogonum ovalifolium var. nivale (previously Chamaesyce setiloba)
VVC187 Grayia spinosa (previously Chenopodium ambrosioides)
VVC1545 Euphorbia micromera (previously Chenopodium atrovirens)
VVC968 Allium campanulatum (previously Chenopodium atrovirens)
VVC2718 Lewisia pygmaea (previously Chenopodium berlandieri)
VVC189 Suaeda moquinii (previously Chenopodium berlandieri)
VVC1465 Bassia hyssopifolia (previously Chenopodium berlandieri)
VVC190 Crossosoma bigelovii (previously Chenopodium berlandieri)
VVC877 Nama rothrockii (previously Chenopodium botrys)
VVC736 Eriogonum maculatum (previously Chenopodium californicum)
VVC899 Lotus grandiflorus (previously Chenopodium californicum)
VVC191 Marah macrocarpa (previously Chenopodium californicum)
VVC858 Lagophylla ramosissima (previously Chenopodium desiccatum)
VVC1325 Trianthema portulacastrum (previously Chenopodium foliosum)
VVC2734 Pyrrocoma apargioides (previously Chenopodium fremontii)
VVC1248 Lathyrus vestitus (previously Chenopodium glaucum var. salinum)
VVC841 Forestiera pubescens (previously Chenopodium pumilio)
VVC192 Marah macrocarpa (previously Chenopodium rubrum)
VVC568 Piptatherum miliaceum (previously Chloris virgata)
VVC415 Eriogonum viridescens (previously Chorizanthe brevicornu) N.B. Possible duplicates: RSA625703 UCR88183 VVC415 CAS945920
VVC409 Eriogonum fasciculatum (previously Chorizanthe brevicornu)
VVC800 Carex leptopoda (previously Chorizanthe brevicornu)
VVC407 Eriogonum elongatum (previously Chorizanthe brevicornu)
VVC408 Eriogonum fasciculatum (previously Chorizanthe brevicornu)
VVC1641 Polygonum arenastrum (previously Chorizanthe leptotheca)
VVC410 Eriogonum fasciculatum (previously Chorizanthe staticoides)
VVC414 Eriogonum plumatella (previously Chorizanthe watsonii)
VVC932 Camissonia claviformis var. claviformis (previously Chorizanthe watsonii)
VVC413 Eriogonum ovalifolium var. vineum (previously Chorizanthe watsonii)
VVC1610 Ericameria discoidea (previously Chrysanthemum coronarium)
VVC1204 Fremontodendron californicum (previously Chrysanthemum parthenium)
VVC32 Asclepias subulata (previously Chrysothamnus nauseosus)
VVC1363 Aster frondosus (previously Chrysothamnus paniculatus)
VVC625 Mimulus guttatus (previously Chrysothamnus paniculatus)
VVC60 Erigeron foliosus (previously Chrysothamnus paniculatus) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC60 UCR93544
VVC612 Eriogonum brachypodum (previously Chrysothamnus teretifolius)
VVC1446 Thelypodium integrifolium (previously Chrysothamnus teretifolius)
VVC624 Castilleja minor (previously Chrysothamnus teretifolius)
VVC1221 Glycyrrhiza lepidota (previously Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus)
VVC2629 Callitriche verna (previously Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus subsp. viscidiflorus)
VVC1201 Osmorhiza chilensis (previously Circaea alpina subsp. pacifica)
VVC2490 Galium hypotrichium subsp. subalpinum (previously Cirsium mohavense)
VVC1006 Lotus oblongifolius (previously Cirsium mohavense)
VVC1495 Trifolium willdenovii (previously Cirsium mohavense)
VVC2090 Trifolium willdenovii (previously Clarkia heterandra)
VVC2074 Scutellaria siphocampyloides (previously Clarkia purpurea subsp. quadrivulnera)
VVC2088 Cryptantha cinerea var. abortiva (previously Clarkia rhomboidea)
VVC346 Oenothera deltoides (previously Clarkia unguiculata)
VVC928 Pholistoma membranaceum (previously Claytonia exigua)
VVC434 Ceanothus crassifolius (previously Claytonia parviflora)
VVC948 Lomatium dasycarpum (previously Claytonia parviflora)
VVC2058 Lotus nevadensis var. davidsonii (previously Claytonia parviflora subsp. viridis)
VVC435 Ceanothus crassifolius (previously Claytonia perfoliata)
VVC437 Ceanothus crassifolius (previously Clematis lasiantha)
VVC438 Ceanothus greggii (previously Clematis ligusticifolia)
VVC798 Leptodactylon pungens (previously Cleome)
VVC718 Trifolium variegatum (previously Collinsia bartsiifolia)
VVC2104 Hedypnois cretica (previously Collinsia bartsiifolia)
VVC2089 Chenopodium atrovirens (previously Collinsia childii)
VVC1169 Arabis platysperma var. platysperma (previously Collinsia childii)
VVC2529 Gentianopsis holopetala (previously Collinsia childii)
VVC1991 Alopecurus aequalis (previously Collinsia childii)
VVC489 Penstemon cordifolius (previously Collinsia concolor)
VVC1209 Quercus chrysolepis (previously Collinsia heterophylla)
VVC2039 Eriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanum (previously Collinsia parryi)
VVC1133 Geraea canescens (previously Collinsia torreyi var. wrightii)
VVC1066 Trifolium longipes (previously Collinsia torreyi var. wrightii)
VVC38 Baileya pleniradiata (previously Conium maculatum)
VVC1253 Sisymbrium irio (previously Convolvulus arvensis)
VVC1467 Atriplex lentiformis subsp. torreyi (previously Cordylanthus eremicus subsp. eremicus)
VVC490 Penstemon incertus (previously Cordylanthus rigidus)
VVC61 Erigeron foliosus (previously Coreopsis bigelovii)
VVC1897 Phacelia fremontii (previously Coreopsis bigelovii)
VVC2097 Mimulus exiguus (previously Cornus nuttallii)
VVC689 Rhus lancea (previously Cowania mexicana var. stansburyana)
VVC1297 Alopecurus aequalis (previously Crepis nana)
VVC201 Calliandra eriophylla (previously Crossosoma bigelovii)
VVC1714 Deschampsia cespitosa (previously Croton californicus)
VVC1683 Erigeron divergens (previously Croton californicus)
VVC1461 Andropogon glomeratus (previously Croton californicus)
VVC696 Pectocarya recurvata (previously Croton californicus)
VVC1678 Salvia dorrii (previously Croton californicus)
VVC1462 Oenothera californica (previously Croton californicus)
VVC756 Phacelia perityloides (previously Croton californicus)
VVC647 Solanum douglasii (previously Croton wigginsii)
VVC1631 Stipa hymenoides (previously Cryptantha angustifolia)
VVC132 Heliotropium curassavicum (previously Cryptantha barbigera)
VVC130 Cryptantha similis (previously Cryptantha barbigera)
VVC1835 Lupinus concinnus (previously Cryptantha barbigera)
VVC131 Cryptantha utahensis (previously Cryptantha barbigera)
VVC1806 Delphinium parryi subsp. parryi (previously Cryptantha barbigera var. barbigera)
VVC1860 Senecio ionophyllus (previously Cryptantha barbigera var. barbigera)
VVC2126 Cryptantha circumscissa (previously Cryptantha cinerea var. abortiva)
VVC133 Pectocarya linearis (previously Cryptantha circumscissa)
VVC2006 Ericameria parishii (previously Cryptantha circumscissa)
VVC1973 Eriogonum nummulare (previously Cryptantha circumscissa)
VVC793 Ranunculus alismifolius (previously Cryptantha circumscissa)
VVC821 Eriogonum latens (previously Cryptantha circumscissa var. hispida)
VVC974 Geum macrophyllum (previously Cryptantha confertiflora)
VVC750 Encelia actoni (previously Cryptantha confertiflora)
VVC2003 Artemisia nova (previously Cryptantha echinella)
VVC2008 Cirsium mohavense (previously Cryptantha echinella)
VVC2557 Monardella odoratissima subsp. pallida (previously Cryptantha echinella)
VVC1057 Juncus nevadensis (previously Cryptantha echinella)
VVC135 Pectocarya recurvata (previously Cryptantha intermedia)
VVC134 Pectocarya penicillata (previously Cryptantha intermedia)
VVC666 Bowlesia incana (previously Cryptantha intermedia)
VVC931 Lepidium fremontii (previously Cryptantha intermedia)
VVC1969 Eriogonum trichopes var. hooveri (previously Cryptantha intermedia var. intermedia)
VVC1951 Linanthus parryae (previously Cryptantha jamesii var. abortiva)
VVC955 Gilia cana subsp. bernardina (previously Cryptantha maritima)
VVC1872 Mentzelia albicaulis (previously Cryptantha micrantha)
VVC2007 Eriogonum gossypinum (previously Cryptantha micrantha var. lepida)
VVC136 Pectocarya setosa (previously Cryptantha microstachys)
VVC2041 Mimulus tilingii (previously Cryptantha microstachys)
VVC2524 Gayophytum diffusum subsp. parviflorum (previously Cryptantha muricata)
VVC137 Arabis sparsiflora var. arcuata (previously Cryptantha muricata)
VVC2092 Eriogonum wrightii var. subscaposum (previously Cryptantha muricata)
VVC2083 Cryptantha muricata var. muricata (previously Cryptantha muricata)
VVC2084 Gayophytum decipiens (previously Cryptantha muricata var. jonesii)
VVC2551 Epilobium obcordatum (previously Cryptantha muricata var. muricata)
VVC919 Calyptridium monandrum (previously Cryptantha nevadensis)
VVC796 Juncus balticus (previously Cryptantha nevadensis)
VVC138 Athysanus pusillus (previously Cryptantha nevadensis)
VVC2037 Trifolium variegatum (previously Cryptantha nevadensis var. rigida)
VVC1311 Juniperus occidentalis subsp. australis (previously Cryptantha nubigena)
VVC1844 Plagiobothrys collinus var. ursinus (previously Cryptantha oxygona)
VVC1798 Cryptantha jamesii var. abortiva (previously Cryptantha oxygona)
VVC1859 Erigeron aphanactis var. congestus (previously Cryptantha oxygona)
VVC1813 Phacelia imbricata subsp. patula (previously Cryptantha oxygona)
VVC1980 Eriogonum gracile var. gracile (previously Cryptantha oxygona)
VVC1880 Lupinus excubitus var. excubitus (previously Cryptantha pterocarya)
VVC1899 Linanthus aureus subsp. aureus (previously Cryptantha pterocarya)
VVC789 Chorizanthe brevicornu (previously Cryptantha pterocarya)
VVC2047 Eremalche parryi subsp. kernensis (previously Cryptantha pterocarya)
VVC139 Brassica geniculata (previously Cryptantha pterocarya)
VVC1975 Eriogonum cithariforme var. agninum (previously Cryptantha pterocarya var. purpusii)
VVC1349 Baccharis sergiloides (previously Cryptantha racemosa)
VVC140 Capsella bursa-pastoris (previously Cryptantha recurvata)
VVC797 Camissonia parvula (previously Cryptantha recurvata)
VVC141 Caulanthus heterophyllus var. pseudosimulans (previously Cryptantha similis)
VVC2091 Malacothamnus fremontii (previously Cryptantha simulans)
VVC2663 Potentilla drummondii subsp. breweri (previously Cryptantha simulans)
VVC142 Caulanthus major (previously Cryptantha utahensis)
VVC786 Cryptantha recurvata (previously Cryptantha utahensis)
VVC740 Cercocarpus intricatus (previously Cryptantha utahensis)
VVC782 Cryptantha circumscissa (previously Cuscuta)
VVC778 Cryptantha pterocarya (previously Cuscuta denticulata)
VVC204 Cercidium floridum (previously Cuscuta subinclusa)
VVC39 Bebbia juncea (previously Cymopterus panamintensis)
VVC569 Poa annua (previously Cynosurus echinatus)
VVC709 Erysimum capitatum (previously Cyperus eragrostis)
VVC1343 Lupinus latifolius (previously Cyperus laevigatus)
VVC33 Asclepias vestita (previously Cystopteris fragilis)
VVC1309 Rumex paucifolius (previously Cystopteris fragilis)
VVC600 Haplopappus cuneatus (previously Dactylis glomerata)
VVC570 Poa fendleriana (previously Dactylis glomerata)
VVC1642 Vicia villosa (previously Dalea mollis)
VVC1629 Poa glauca subsp. rupicola (previously Dalea mollissima)
VVC1948 Camissonia campestris (previously Danthonia unispicata)
VVC1676 Bromus tectorum (previously Datura wrightii)
VVC16 Artemisia dracunculus (previously Daucus pusillus)
VVC416 Oxytheca trilobata (previously Dedeckera eurekensis)
VVC1555 Amaranthus blitoides (previously Delphinium glaucum)
VVC439 Ceanothus greggii var. vestitus (previously Delphinium parishii)
VVC441 Ceanothus greggii (previously Delphinium parishii)
VVC440 Ceanothus greggii var. vestitus (previously Delphinium parryi)
VVC442 Ceanothus leucodermis (previously Delphinium parryi)
VVC728 Chaenactis carphoclinia (previously Delphinium parryi)
VVC2070 Scutellaria siphocampyloides (previously Delphinium parryi subsp. parryi)
VVC2101 Juncus hemiendytus (previously Delphinium patens)
VVC972 Monardella odoratissima (previously Delphinium patens)
VVC367 Plantago ovata (previously Dendromecon rigida)
VVC366 Platystemon californicus (previously Dendromecon rigida)
VVC874 Bromus tectorum (previously Deschampsia cespitosa)
VVC2548 Epilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatum (previously Deschampsia danthonioides)
VVC1949 Eriodictyon trichocalyx (previously Deschampsia danthonioides)
VVC1089 Saxifraga aprica (previously Descurainia incana)
VVC914 Fraxinus velutina (previously Descurainia incana)
VVC1262 Ephedra nevadensis (previously Descurainia pinnata subsp. glabra)
VVC1263 Ephedra nevadensis (previously Descurainia pinnata subsp. glabra)
VVC2141 Monardella linoides (previously Desmodium tortuosum)
VVC1443 Amaranthus fimbriatus (previously Dicentra chrysantha)
VVC368 Platanus racemosa (previously Dicentra chrysantha)
VVC1170 Epilobium glaberrimum (previously Dicentra chrysantha)
VVC549 Bromus carinatus (previously Dichelostemma capitatum)
VVC2659 Collinsia parviflora (previously Dichelostemma capitatum)
VVC548 Bouteloua gracilis (previously Dichelostemma capitatum)
VVC547 Avena fatua (previously Dichelostemma capitatum)
VVC1794 Deschampsia danthonioides (previously Dicoria canescens)
VVC1242 Convolvulus arvensis (previously Diospyros virginiana var. virginiana)
VVC1195 Eriogonum saxatile (previously Diplotaxis muralis)
VVC701 Mirabilis tenuiloba (previously Ditaxis lanceolata)
VVC659 Psorothamnus arborescens var. minutifolius (previously Ditaxis neomexicana)
VVC1154 Cercocarpus ledifolius (previously Ditaxis neomexicana)
VVC1302 Draba breweri (previously Dodecatheon redolens)
VVC1061 Porterella carnosula (previously Draba albertina)
VVC1103 Salvia dorrii (previously Draba breweri)
VVC1313 Gnaphalium stramineum (previously Draba breweri)
VVC653 Linanthus pygmaeus (previously Draba cuneifolia)
VVC62 Eriophyllum confertiflorum (previously Dyssodia cooperi)
VVC1484 Cirsium mohavense (previously Dyssodia cooperi)
VVC868 Mentzelia congesta (previously Dyssodia cooperi)
VVC1141 Sphaeralcea ambigua (previously Dyssodia porophylloides)
VVC719 Saxifraga californica (previously Eastwoodia elegans)
VVC169 Arenaria macradenia (previously Echinocactus polycephalus)
VVC843 Haplopappus cooperi (previously Eleocharis parishii)
VVC534 Calochortus kennedyi (previously Eleocharis parishii)
VVC2637 Mimulus breweri (previously Elymus elymoides)
VVC886 Nemophila parviflora (previously Elymus elymoides)
VVC2063 Mentzelia dispersa (previously Elymus glaucus)
VVC599 Eriogonum plumatella (previously Elymus glaucus)
VVC846 Nicolletia occidentalis (previously Elymus glaucus subsp. glaucus)
VVC873 Bouteloua aristidoides (previously Elymus glaucus subsp. glaucus)
VVC875 Elymus elymoides (previously Elymus trachycaulus subsp. trachycaulus)
VVC2634 Mimulus leptaleus (previously Elymus trachycaulus subsp. trachycaulus)
VVC2633 Orobanche corymbosa (previously Elymus trachycaulus subsp. trachycaulus)
VVC2641 Barbarea orthoceras (previously Elymus trachycaulus subsp. trachycaulus)
VVC264 Phacelia campanularia (previously Emmenanthe penduliflora)
VVC265 Phacelia cicutaria (previously Emmenanthe penduliflora)
VVC263 Phacelia brachyloba (previously Emmenanthe penduliflora)
VVC775 Cryptantha utahensis (previously Encelia actoni)
VVC1481 Ambrosia eriocentra (previously Encelia actoni)
VVC761 Carex aurea (previously Encelia actoni)
VVC668 Yabea microcarpa (previously Encelia actoni)
VVC64 Eriophyllum pringlei (previously Encelia virginensis)
VVC1270 Juniperus osteosperma (previously Ephedra californica)
VVC1274 Juniperus osteosperma (previously Ephedra nevadensis)
VVC1271 Juniperus osteosperma (previously Ephedra nevadensis)
VVC1273 Juniperus osteosperma (previously Ephedra nevadensis)
VVC1272 Juniperus osteosperma (previously Ephedra nevadensis)
VVC646 Pterostegia drymarioides (previously Ephedra trifurca)
VVC774 Stephanomeria exigua (previously Ephedra viridis)
VVC1985 Lupinus lepidus var. confertus (previously Epilobium brachycarpum)
VVC347 Oenothera elata (previously Epilobium brachycarpum)
VVC348 Oenothera primiveris (previously Epilobium canum)
VVC350 Oxalis pes-caprae (previously Epilobium canum)
VVC349 Oxalis pes-caprae (previously Epilobium canum)
VVC640 Psorothamnus emoryi (previously Epilobium ciliatum)
VVC1237 Chenopodium glaucum var. salinum (previously Epilobium ciliatum)
VVC1010 Melilotus indicus (previously Epilobium ciliatum)
VVC917 Claytonia exigua (previously Epilobium densiflorum)
VVC351 Paeonia californica (previously Epilobium densiflorum)
VVC1181 Lupinus lepidus var. confertus (previously Epilobium glaberrimum)
VVC908 Cryptantha nevadensis (previously Epilobium torreyi)
VVC1080 Myosurus minimus (previously Equisetum arvense)
VVC1335 Anemopsis californica (previously Eragrostis cilianensis)
VVC627 Veronica anagallis-aquatica (previously Eragrostis cilianensis)
VVC1885 Pectocarya penicillata (previously Eremalche exilis)
VVC2610 Mimulus nanus var. mephiticus (previously Eremalche parryi subsp. kernensis)
VVC319 Mirabilis bigelovii (previously Eremalche rotundifolia)
VVC381 Leptodactylon californicum (previously Eriastrum densifolium)
VVC382 Leptodactylon californicum (previously Eriastrum densifolium)
VVC1550 Euphorbia micromera (previously Eriastrum densifolium subsp. austromontanum)
VVC1820 Cryptantha muricata (previously Eriastrum diffusum)
VVC383 Linanthus aureus (previously Eriastrum diffusum)
VVC1854 Eriastrum sapphirinum (previously Eriastrum diffusum)
VVC1825 Delphinium patens (previously Eriastrum diffusum)
VVC686 Ceanothus crassifolius (previously Eriastrum diffusum)
VVC2609 Mimulus nanus var. mephiticus (previously Eriastrum hooveri)
VVC385 Linanthus bigelovii (previously Eriastrum sapphirinum)
VVC384 Linanthus aureus (previously Eriastrum sapphirinum)
VVC2004 Artemisia dracunculus (previously Eriastrum sapphirinum)
VVC70 Gnaphalium microcephalum (previously Ericameria cooperi)
VVC1123 Potentilla breweri (previously Ericameria cuneata)
VVC2647 Erysimum perenne (previously Ericameria discoidea)
VVC1118 Baccharis emoryi (previously Ericameria laricifolia)
VVC65 Eriophyllum wallacei (previously Ericameria linearifolia)
VVC2494 Pellaea breweri (previously Ericameria parishii)
VVC1122 Collinsia torreyi var. wrightii (previously Ericameria teretifolia)
VVC667 Mirabilis (previously Erigeron aphanactis var. aphanactis)
VVC2010 Koeberlinia spinosa var. tenuispina (previously Erigeron aphanactis var. congestus)
VVC1252 Descurainia pinnata subsp. glabra (previously Erigeron breweri)
VVC745 Croton californicus (previously Erigeron breweri)
VVC2000 Allium campanulatum (previously Erigeron breweri)
VVC2720 Lewisia glandulosa (previously Erigeron breweri var. porphyreticus)
VVC1314 Chenopodium foliosum (previously Erigeron clokeyi) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR131525 VVC1314 UCR109850
VVC1099 Stipa occidentalis (previously Erigeron compositus)
VVC2671 Eleocharis bella (previously Erigeron divergens)
VVC72 Gutierrezia californica (previously Erigeron foliosus)
VVC1458 Salsola paulsenii (previously Erigeron foliosus) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR109786 VVC1458
VVC71 Gnaphalium stramineum (previously Erigeron foliosus)
VVC2082 Allium fimbriatum var. fimbriatum (previously Erigeron foliosus var. foliosus)
VVC1094 Silene sargentii (previously Erigeron lonchophyllus)
VVC1088 Erigeron compositus (previously Erigeron lonchophyllus)
VVC1805 Trifolium microcephalum (previously Erigeron parishii)
VVC2644 Anelsonia eurycarpa (previously Erigeron pygmaeus)
VVC1106 Gutierrezia microcephala (previously Erigeron pygmaeus)
VVC266 Phacelia distans (previously Eriodictyon crassifolium var. nigrescens)
VVC268 Phacelia distans (previously Eriodictyon trichocalyx)
VVC1977 Eriogonum molestum (previously Eriodictyon trichocalyx)
VVC267 Phacelia distans (previously Eriodictyon trichocalyx)
VVC2501 Isoetes bolanderi var. pygmaea (previously Eriogonum baileyi)
VVC1563 Abronia villosa (previously Eriogonum baileyi)
VVC1983 Eriogonum maculatum (previously Eriogonum baileyi var. baileyi)
VVC1547 Amaranthus fimbriatus (previously Eriogonum baileyi var. baileyi)
VVC1619 Carex stenophylla subsp. eleocharis (previously Eriogonum baileyi var. baileyi)
VVC1622 Elymus trachycaulus subsp. trachycaulus (previously Eriogonum brachyanthum)
VVC623 Lamium amplexicaule (previously Eriogonum brachypodum)
VVC927 Plectritis ciliosa subsp. insignis (previously Eriogonum covilleanum)
VVC2732 Adenostoma fasciculatum (previously Eriogonum davidsonii)
VVC1621 Elymus trachycaulus subsp. trachycaulus (previously Eriogonum davidsonii)
VVC2002 Artemisia tridentata subsp. vaseyana (previously Eriogonum davidsonii)
VVC838 Lonicera subspicata var. johnstonii (previously Eriogonum deflexum)
VVC630 Ambrosia acanthicarpa (previously Eriogonum deflexum)
VVC417 Oxytheca perfoliata (previously Eriogonum deflexum)
VVC1471 Erioneuron pulchellum (previously Eriogonum deflexum) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR126484 SEINET238509 VVC1471
VVC418 Polygonum amphibium (previously Eriogonum elongatum)
VVC615 Senecio flaccidus var. douglasii (previously Eriogonum elongatum)
VVC421 Calandrinia ciliata (previously Eriogonum fasciculatum)
VVC419 Pterostegia drymarioides (previously Eriogonum fasciculatum)
VVC420 Calandrinia ciliata (previously Eriogonum fasciculatum)
VVC1819 Cryptantha simulans (previously Eriogonum fasciculatum var. polifolium)
VVC2462 Erodium texanum (previously Eriogonum gossypinum)
VVC1982 Eriogonum viridescens (previously Eriogonum gracile)
VVC1605 Linanthus nuttallii (previously Eriogonum gracile var. gracile)
VVC1620 Carex rossii (previously Eriogonum heermannii var. floccosum)
VVC423 Claytonia parviflora (previously Eriogonum inflatum)
VVC422 Calyptridium monandrum (previously Eriogonum inflatum)
VVC832 Eleocharis parishii (previously Eriogonum latens)
VVC818 Orochaenactis thysanocarpha (previously Eriogonum latens)
VVC1803 Cryptantha oxygona (previously Eriogonum maculatum)
VVC1862 Prunus virginiana var. demissa (previously Eriogonum maculatum)
VVC1453 Penstemon fruticiformis (previously Eriogonum microthecum) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR109783 VVC1453
VVC1490 Thysanocarpus laciniatus (previously Eriogonum microthecum)
VVC1558 Lepidospartum squamatum (previously Eriogonum microthecum var. ambiguum)
VVC876 Lupinus excubitus (previously Eriogonum molestum)
VVC779 Eriogonum ovalifolium var. purpureum (previously Eriogonum nidularium)
VVC631 Gnaphalium palustre (previously Eriogonum nidularium)
VVC1151 Galium angustifolium (previously Eriogonum nidularium)
VVC1116 Atriplex californica (previously Eriogonum nidularium)
VVC1062 Hesperochiron pumilus (previously Eriogonum nudum)
VVC1470 Encelia actoni (previously Eriogonum nudum)
VVC2614 Veronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusa (previously Eriogonum ovalifolium var. nivale)
VVC790 Luzula orestera (previously Eriogonum ovalifolium var. purpureum)
VVC424 Claytonia perfoliata (previously Eriogonum ovalifolium var. vineum) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC424 UCR92628
VVC2001 Juncus oxymeris (previously Eriogonum parishii)
VVC1179 Chaenactis santolinoides (previously Eriogonum parishii)
VVC610 Euphorbia setiloba (previously Eriogonum plumatella)
VVC1681 Sphaeralcea ambigua (previously Eriogonum plumatella)
VVC425 Anemone tuberosa (previously Eriogonum plumatella)
VVC1115 Oenothera laciniata (previously Eriogonum plumatella)
VVC2134 Hulsea vestita subsp. parryi (previously Eriogonum pusillum)
VVC1882 Lepidium flavum (previously Eriogonum pusillum)
VVC1874 Plagiobothrys arizonicus (previously Eriogonum pusillum)
VVC844 Fremontodendron californicum (previously Eriogonum pusillum)
VVC1160 Nicotiana quadrivalvis (previously Eriogonum pusillum)
VVC1889 Anisocoma acaulis (previously Eriogonum reniforme)
VVC1603 Ribes cereum (previously Eriogonum roseum)
VVC1604 Holodiscus dumosus var. glabrescens (previously Eriogonum roseum)
VVC1206 Ribes nevadense (previously Eriogonum saxatile)
VVC1049 Mimulus bigelovii (previously Eriogonum spergulinum var. reddingianum)
VVC1450 Croton californicus (previously Eriogonum umbellatum)
VVC1079 Ranunculus cymbalaria var. saximontanus (previously Eriogonum umbellatum var. nevadense)
VVC2616 Cryptantha glomeriflora (previously Eriogonum umbellatum var. versicolor)
VVC2615 Veronica wormskjoldii (previously Eriogonum umbellatum var. versicolor)
VVC1559 Datura wrightii (previously Eriogonum umbellatum var. versicolor)
VVC426 Clematis lasiantha (previously Eriogonum viridescens)
VVC1119 Nicotiana obtusifolia (previously Eriogonum wrightii)
VVC1113 Brickellia desertorum (previously Eriogonum wrightii)
VVC1447 Erigeron foliosus (previously Eriogonum wrightii)
VVC1362 Limosella acaulis (previously Eriogonum wrightii var. nodosum)
VVC1548 Atriplex confertifolia (previously Eriogonum wrightii var. subscaposum)
VVC1482 Ambrosia acanthicarpa (previously Erioneuron pulchellum)
VVC73 Haplopappus pinifolius (previously Eriophyllum confertiflorum)
VVC727 Layia heterotricha (previously Eriophyllum confertiflorum)
VVC1580 Salsola paulsenii (previously Eriophyllum lanatum var. obovatum) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC1580 UCR145098
VVC1869 Gilia splendens (previously Eriophyllum pringlei)
VVC75 Helianthus annuus (previously Eriophyllum pringlei)
VVC74 Haplopappus squarrosus (previously Eriophyllum wallacei)
VVC76 Heterotheca sessiliflora (previously Eriophyllum wallacei)
VVC1870 Gilia leptomeria var. micromeria (previously Eriophyllum wallacei)
VVC1910 Lasthenia gracilis (previously Eriophyllum wallacei)
VVC258 Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia (previously Erodium cicutarium)
VVC261 Phacelia affinis (previously Erodium cicutarium)
VVC260 Phacelia affinis (previously Erodium cicutarium)
VVC259 Nemophila menziesii (previously Erodium cicutarium)
VVC262 Phacelia brachyloba (previously Erodium cicutarium)
VVC960 Penstemon floridus (previously Eruca vesicaria subsp. sativa)
VVC2779 Arenaria congesta var. suffrutescens (previously Eryngium vaseyi)
VVC156 Thysanocarpus curvipes (previously Erysimum capitatum)
VVC720 Lupinus bicolor (previously Erysimum capitatum)
VVC157 Tropidocarpum gracile (previously Erysimum capitatum)
VVC940 Astragalus lentiginosus var. nigricalycis (previously Erysimum capitatum subsp. capitatum)
VVC370 Eriastrum densifolium (previously Eschscholzia californica)
VVC369 Allophyllum divaricatum (previously Eschscholzia californica)
VVC371 Eriastrum densifolium (previously Eschscholzia californica)
VVC1267 Juniperus californica (previously Eschscholzia californica)
VVC373 Eriastrum sapphirinum (previously Eschscholzia glyptosperma)
VVC372 Eriastrum diffusum (previously Eschscholzia glyptosperma)
VVC777 Pectocarya heterocarpa (previously Eschscholzia minutiflora)
VVC374 Eriastrum sapphirinum (previously Eschscholzia minutiflora)
VVC375 Gilia australis (previously Eschscholzia parishii)
VVC692 Muhlenbergia microsperma (previously Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia)
VVC269 Phacelia distans (previously Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia)
VVC2780 Arenaria kingii var. glabrescens (previously Euphorbia abramsiana)
VVC1488 Eriogonum gracile var. gracile (previously Euphorbia albomarginata)
VVC1668 Scirpus pungens (previously Euphorbia albomarginata)
VVC1662 Eriogonum gracile (previously Euphorbia micromera) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR209077 VVC1662
VVC1667 Trifolium microcephalum (previously Euphorbia micromera) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR209089 VVC1667
VVC1463 Bouteloua barbata (previously Euphorbia micromera)
VVC1687 Lotus strigosus (previously Euphorbia micromera)
VVC863 Deschampsia cespitosa (previously Euphorbia micromera)
VVC1673 Trifolium microcephalum (previously Euphorbia micromera)
VVC2012 Poa (previously Euphorbia palmeri)
VVC206 Lotus humistratus (previously Euphorbia palmeri)
VVC918 Monolepis nuttalliana (previously Euphorbia serpyllifolia)
VVC1697 Camissonia hirtella (previously Euphorbia setiloba)
VVC621 Stephanomeria pauciflora (previously Euphorbia setiloba)
VVC1480 Carduus nutans (previously Euphorbia setiloba)
VVC865 Eriogonum molestum (previously Euphorbia setiloba) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR81776 VVC865
VVC2139 Melica stricta (previously Euphorbia setiloba)
VVC193 Cuscuta subinclusa (previously Eurotia lanata) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC193 UCR91009 RSA605790
VVC194 Arctostaphylos glauca (previously Eurotia lanata)
VVC528 Juncus rugulosus (previously Fagonia pachyacantha)
VVC2635 Mimulus leptaleus (previously Festuca brachyphylla)
VVC604 Eriogonum elongatum (previously Festuca californica)
VVC571 Poa howellii (previously Festuca microstachys)
VVC573 Poa secunda (previously Festuca octoflora)
VVC572 Poa pratensis (previously Festuca octoflora)
VVC2040 Phacelia ramosissima var. subglabra (previously Filago californica)
VVC852 Euphorbia micromera (previously Forestiera pubescens)
VVC850 Brickellia desertorum (previously Forestiera pubescens)
VVC1045 Lupinus breweri var. grandiflorus (previously Fragaria virginiana)
VVC1451 Croton californicus (previously Fraxinus anomala)
VVC331 Camissonia claviformis (previously Fraxinus dipetala)
VVC332 Camissonia hirtella (previously Fraxinus velutina)
VVC1131 Asclepias subulata (previously Fraxinus velutina)
VVC925 Capsella bursa-pastoris (previously Fraxinus velutina)
VVC855 Brickellia desertorum (previously Fremontodendron californicum)
VVC514 Phoradendron californicum (previously Fremontodendron californicum)
VVC1173 Potentilla gracilis (previously Fremontodendron californicum)
VVC1215 Bahia dissecta (previously Fremontodendron californicum)
VVC470 Salix lasiolepis (previously Galium angustifolium)
VVC2078 Mimulus pilosus (previously Galium angustifolium)
VVC1162 Fremontodendron californicum (previously Galium angustifolium)
VVC1833 Osmorhiza brachypoda (previously Galium angustifolium subsp. angustifolium)
VVC1821 Chaenactis santolinoides (previously Galium angustifolium subsp. angustifolium)
VVC906 Epilobium densiflorum (previously Galium aparine)
VVC2068 Muilla maritima (previously Galium aparine)
VVC471 Ribes malvaceum (previously Galium aparine)
VVC1452 Euphorbia micromera (previously Galium argense)
VVC472 Ribes nevadense (previously Galium hilendiae)
VVC1855 Tetradymia canescens (previously Galium hilendiae subsp. hilendiae)
VVC1839 Eriogonum davidsonii (previously Galium hilendiae subsp. hilendiae)
VVC1104 Eriogonum plumatella (previously Galium hypotrichium)
VVC473 Ribes speciosum (previously Galium nuttallii)
VVC474 Antirrhinum coulterianum (previously Galium parishii)
VVC2558 Phacelia eisenii (previously Galium parishii)
VVC1213 Potentilla anserina (previously Galium porrigens var. porrigens)
VVC475 Antirrhinum nuttallianum (previously Galium stellatum)
VVC2552 Camissonia boothii subsp. boothii (previously Gayophytum decipiens)
VVC1157 Vicia americana var. americana (previously Gayophytum heterozygum)
VVC1144 Stephanomeria pauciflora (previously Geraea canescens)
VVC77 Hymenoclea salsola (previously Geraea canescens)
VVC1033 Sidalcea multifida (previously Geranium richardsonii)
VVC985 Juncus bryoides (previously Geum macrophyllum)
VVC1999 Carex integra (previously Gilia)
VVC794 Rumex salicifolius (previously Gilia)
VVC386 Linanthus breviculus (previously Gilia australis)
VVC387 Linanthus breviculus (previously Gilia cana)
VVC1822 Cornus nuttallii (previously Gilia cana subsp. bernardina)
VVC1852 Eriogonum parishii (previously Gilia cana subsp. bernardina)
VVC966 Melica stricta (previously Gilia cana subsp. bernardina)
VVC1817 Collinsia childii (previously Gilia cana subsp. bernardina)
VVC1943 Carex (previously Gilia cana subsp. cana)
VVC1026 Ipomopsis aggregata (previously Gilia cana subsp. speciformis)
VVC388 Linanthus breviculus (previously Gilia capitata)
VVC978 Senecio integerrimus var. exaltatus (previously Gilia inyoensis)
VVC390 Linanthus dichotomus (previously Gilia latiflora)
VVC1895 Amsinckia tessellata (previously Gilia latiflora subsp. davyi)
VVC1891 Linanthus parryae (previously Gilia leptomeria var. micromeria)
VVC922 Calandrinia ciliata (previously Gilia malior)
VVC1886 Cryptantha dumetorum (previously Gilia sinuata)
VVC1879 Astragalus lentiginosus var. variabilis (previously Gilia sinuata)
VVC389 Linanthus breviculus (previously Gilia splendens)
VVC1998 Carex athrostachya (previously Gilia splendens)
VVC675 Eriastrum diffusum (previously Gilia tricolor)
VVC768 Eriogonum nidularium (previously Glossopetalon spinescens)
VVC1163 Bromus diandrus (previously Glossopetalon spinescens)
VVC2056 Euphorbia abramsiana (previously Glyceria elata)
VVC1265 Juniperus californica (previously Glycyrrhiza lepidota)
VVC1338 Cryptantha racemosa (previously Glycyrrhiza lepidota)
VVC1232 Amaranthus blitoides (previously Glycyrrhiza lepidota)
VVC1266 Juniperus californica (previously Glycyrrhiza lepidota)
VVC78 Hymenoclea salsola (previously Gnaphalium canescens)
VVC79 Isocoma acradenia (previously Gnaphalium canescens)
VVC80 Iva axillaris (previously Gnaphalium luteoalbum)
VVC81 Layia glandulosa (previously Gnaphalium microcephalum)
VVC2061 Woodsia scopulina (previously Gnaphalium palustre)
VVC1070 Potentilla anserina (previously Gnaphalium palustre)
VVC1987 Aster occidentalis (previously Gnaphalium palustre)
VVC1365 Chenopodium desiccatum (previously Gnaphalium palustre) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC1365 UCR109854
VVC642 Draba cuneifolia (previously Gnaphalium palustre)
VVC82 Layia glandulosa subsp. glandulosa (previously Gnaphalium stramineum)
VVC1324 Eragrostis cilianensis (previously Gnaphalium stramineum)
VVC912 Allophyllum gilioides subsp. violaceum (previously Gnaphalium stramineum)
VVC199 Astragalus douglasii (previously Grayia spinosa)
VVC196 Astragalus bernardinus (previously Grayia spinosa)
VVC197 Astragalus bernardinus (previously Grayia spinosa)
VVC195 Euphorbia palmeri (previously Grayia spinosa)
VVC198 Astragalus douglasii (previously Grayia spinosa)
VVC1341 Lupinus adsurgens (previously Grindelia squarrosa var. serrulata)
VVC83 Layia glandulosa (previously Gutierrezia californica)
VVC1117 Physalis crassifolia (previously Gutierrezia microcephala)
VVC1690 Collinsia childii (previously Gutierrezia microcephala)
VVC613 Chrysothamnus teretifolius (previously Gutierrezia microcephala)
VVC1318 Potentilla biennis (previously Habenaria dilatata var. leucostachys) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR110445 VVC1318 UC1746639
VVC1361 Stephanomeria exigua (previously Haplopappus acradenius)
VVC854 Euphorbia setiloba (previously Haplopappus cooperi)
VVC69 Gnaphalium luteoalbum (previously Haplopappus cooperi)
VVC611 Portulaca oleracea (previously Haplopappus cuneatus)
VVC66 Geraea canescens (previously Haplopappus linearifolius)
VVC68 Gnaphalium canescens (previously Haplopappus linearifolius)
VVC67 Gnaphalium canescens (previously Haplopappus linearifolius)
VVC1202 Galium porrigens var. porrigens (previously Haplopappus parishii)
VVC84 Lessingia filaginifolia (previously Haplopappus pinifolius)
VVC909 Amelanchier utahensis (previously Haplopappus pinifolius)
VVC85 Lessingia germanorum (previously Haplopappus squarrosus)
VVC1298 Cystopteris fragilis (previously Haplopappus suffruticosus) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC1296 VVC1298
VVC86 Lessingia glandulifera (previously Helianthus annuus)
VVC1205 Juncus rugulosus (previously Helianthus gracilentus)
VVC143 Caulanthus inflatus (previously Heliotropium curassavicum)
VVC1981 Eriogonum collinum (previously Hemizonia fitchii)
VVC550 Bromus carinatus (previously Hesperocallis undulata)
VVC1073 Arnica chamissonis (previously Hesperochiron pumilus)
VVC916 Eriogonum covilleanum (previously Heterocodon rariflorum) N.B. Possible duplicates: CAS959665 RSA614316 VVC916
VVC2066 Camissonia confusa (previously Heterocodon rariflorum)
VVC941 Rafinesquia neomexicana (previously Heterodraba unilateralis)
VVC637 Palafoxia arida var. gigantea (previously Heterotheca grandiflora)
VVC87 Machaeranthera carnosa (previously Heterotheca sessiliflora)
VVC704 Camissonia claviformis (previously Hibiscus denudatus)
VVC320 Fraxinus dipetala (previously Hibiscus denudatus)
VVC1107 Ericameria laricifolia (previously Hieracium horridum)
VVC749 Mirabilis laevis (previously Hilaria jamesii)
VVC1371 Acacia dealbata (previously Hilaria jamesii)
VVC1688 Madia elegans (previously Hilaria rigida)
VVC620 Eriogonum nidularium (previously Hilaria rigida)
VVC574 Poa secunda (previously Hilaria rigida)
VVC1098 Stellaria longipes (previously Hippuris vulgaris)
VVC2624 Draba stenoloba (previously Holodiscus dumosus var. glabrescens)
VVC842 Centaurium venustum (previously Holodiscus microphyllus)
VVC460 Galium aparine (previously Holodiscus microphyllus)
VVC1108 Eriogonum wrightii (previously Hordeum brachyantherum)
VVC1254 Glycyrrhiza lepidota (previously Hordeum jubatum)
VVC575 Puccinellia nuttalliana (previously Hordeum vulgare)
VVC461 Galium hilendiae (previously Horkelia rydbergii)
VVC1300 Cryptantha nubigena (previously Hulsea algida)
VVC870 Eriogonum pusillum (previously Hulsea heterochroma)
VVC1095 Erigeron pygmaeus (previously Hulsea vestita)
VVC1845 Cryptantha microstachys (previously Hulsea vestita subsp. parryi)
VVC2009 Arctostaphylos glandulosa (previously Hulsea vestita subsp. parryi)
VVC89 Xylorhiza tortifolia (previously Hymenoclea salsola)
VVC88 Xylorhiza tortifolia (previously Hymenoclea salsola)
VVC1187 Juncus effusus (previously Hymenopappus filifolius var. lugens)
VVC1315 Polygonum lapathifolium (previously Hymenoxys hoopesii)
VVC2730 Cylindropuntia munzii (previously Hypericum formosum)
VVC757 Glossopetalon spinescens (previously Hyptis emoryi)
VVC708 Eastwoodia elegans (previously Hyptis emoryi)
VVC1037 Kelloggia galioides (previously Ipomopsis aggregata) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC1040 VVC1037 VVC976
VVC606 Dyssodia cooperi (previously Isocoma acradenia)
VVC90 Xylorhiza tortifolia (previously Isocoma acradenia)
VVC650 Allophyllum gilioides subsp. gilioides (previously Isocoma acradenia)
VVC174 Atriplex lentiformis subsp. torreyi (previously Isomeris arborea var. angustata)
VVC91 Madia elegans (previously Iva axillaris)
VVC1182 Linanthus breviculus (previously Iva axillaris)
VVC1249 Lathyrus vestitus (previously Ivesia argyrocoma)
VVC1000 Salix laevigata (previously Ivesia campestris)
VVC2646 Descurainia californica (previously Ivesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularis)
VVC1086 Linum lewisii (previously Ivesia santolinoides)
VVC540 Allium fimbriatum (previously Juncus)
VVC807 Eriogonum latens (previously Juncus balticus)
VVC2721 Lewisia pygmaea (previously Juncus bryoides)
VVC2129 Quercus john-tuckeri (previously Juncus bryoides)
VVC1328 Suaeda moquinii (previously Juncus bufonius)
VVC1071 Carex fracta (previously Juncus bufonius)
VVC536 Dichelostemma capitatum (previously Juncus bufonius)
VVC537 Dichelostemma capitatum (previously Juncus bufonius)
VVC1198 Collinsia heterophylla (previously Juncus effusus)
VVC1959 Syntrichopappus lemmonii (previously Juncus hemiendytus)
VVC538 Dichelostemma capitatum (previously Juncus longistylis)
VVC848 Krascheninnikovia lanata (previously Juncus macrophyllus)
VVC1068 Eriogonum umbellatum var. nevadense (previously Juncus nevadensis)
VVC1156 Arctostaphylos patula subsp. platyphylla (previously Juncus nevadensis)
VVC1564 Eriogonum plumatella (previously Juncus oxymeris)
VVC539 Hesperocallis undulata (previously Juncus rugulosus)
VVC1216 Solidago californica (previously Juncus rugulosus)
VVC1611 Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus subsp. viscidiflorus (previously Juncus triformis)
VVC541 Muilla maritima (previously Juncus xiphioides)
VVC1229 Vitis girdiana (previously Juncus xiphioides)
VVC1275 Juniperus osteosperma (previously Juniperus californica)
VVC1277 Juniperus osteosperma (previously Juniperus californica)
VVC1276 Juniperus osteosperma (previously Juniperus californica)
VVC1278 Juniperus osteosperma (previously Juniperus californica)
VVC871 Asclepias erosa (previously Juniperus californica)
VVC1280 Juniperus occidentalis subsp. australis (previously Juniperus occidentalis)
VVC1279 Juniperus osteosperma (previously Juniperus occidentalis)
VVC1291 Dodecatheon redolens (previously Juniperus occidentalis subsp. australis)
VVC1292 Ribes montigenum (previously Juniperus occidentalis subsp. australis)
VVC1322 Spergularia rubra (previously Juniperus occidentalis subsp. australis)
VVC1287 Haplopappus suffruticosus (previously Juniperus osteosperma)
VVC1289 Hulsea algida (previously Juniperus osteosperma)
VVC1288 Penstemon davidsonii (previously Juniperus osteosperma)
VVC1285 Woodwardia fimbriata (previously Juniperus osteosperma)
VVC1290 Arabis lemmonii var. depauperata (previously Juniperus osteosperma)
VVC1283 Pellaea andromedifolia (previously Juniperus osteosperma)
VVC1827 Silene lemmonii (previously Juniperus osteosperma)
VVC1286 Crepis nana (previously Juniperus osteosperma)
VVC1282 Selaginella bigelovii (previously Juniperus osteosperma)
VVC1281 Juniperus occidentalis subsp. australis (previously Juniperus osteosperma)
VVC1284 Polystichum imbricans (previously Juniperus osteosperma)
VVC711 Poa bulbosa (previously Justicia californica)
VVC491 Penstemon labrosus (previously Keckiella antirrhinoides)
VVC1183 Lotus argyraeus (previously Keckiella antirrhinoides)
VVC492 Penstemon spectabilis (previously Keckiella antirrhinoides)
VVC1060 Juncus bufonius (previously Kelloggia galioides)
VVC1048 Rumex salicifolius (previously Kelloggia galioides)
VVC476 Castilleja foliolosa (previously Kelloggia galioides)
VVC1571 Baileya pleniradiata (previously Kelloggia galioides)
VVC2463 Orobanche vallicola (previously Kickxia elatine)
VVC1245 Potentilla biennis (previously Kochia scoparia) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC1245 UCR108931
VVC2461 Chorizanthe corrugata (previously Koeberlinia spinosa var. tenuispina)
VVC2460 Cryptantha pterocarya var. pterocarya (previously Koeberlinia spinosa var. tenuispina)
VVC2640 Barbarea orthoceras (previously Koeleria macrantha)
VVC2653 Lithophragma glabrum (previously Koeleria macrantha)
VVC2019 Eriogonum latifolium (previously Koeleria macrantha)
VVC297 Trichostema parishii (previously Krameria erecta)
VVC298 Trichostema parishii (previously Krameria grayi)
VVC300 Umbellularia californica (previously Krameria grayi)
VVC299 Umbellularia californica (previously Krameria grayi)
VVC859 Hulsea heterochroma (previously Krascheninnikovia lanata)
VVC2069 Clarkia purpurea subsp. quadrivulnera (previously Lagophylla ramosissima)
VVC869 Agoseris retrorsa (previously Lagophylla ramosissima)
VVC2675 Poa keckii (previously Lamarckia aurea)
VVC405 Dedeckera eurekensis (previously Langloisia matthewsii)
VVC404 Chorizanthe brevicornu (previously Langloisia matthewsii)
VVC391 Linanthus parryae (previously Langloisia setosissima subsp. punctata)
VVC1255 Glycyrrhiza lepidota (previously Lappula redowskii)
VVC530 Juncus xiphioides (previously Larrea tridentata)
VVC529 Juncus (previously Larrea tridentata)
VVC531 Luzula comosa (previously Larrea tridentata)
VVC671 Tetradymia axillaris var. longispina (previously Lasthenia californica)
VVC1934 Carex heteroneura (previously Lasthenia gracilis)
VVC1203 Polystichum imbricans subsp. curtum (previously Lathyrus latifolius)
VVC1260 Ephedra nevadensis (previously Lathyrus vestitus)
VVC1258 Pinus monophylla (previously Lathyrus vestitus)
VVC1259 Ephedra californica (previously Lathyrus vestitus)
VVC1867 Epilobium brachycarpum (previously Layia glandulosa)
VVC94 Malacothrix glabrata (previously Layia glandulosa)
VVC92 Malacothrix clevelandii (previously Layia glandulosa)
VVC1166 Pinus contorta subsp. murrayana (previously Layia glandulosa)
VVC93 Malacothrix glabrata (previously Layia glandulosa subsp. glandulosa)
VVC738 Hilaria jamesii (previously Layia heterotricha)
VVC158 Echinocactus polycephalus (previously Lepidium flavum)
VVC1888 Cryptantha pterocarya (previously Lepidium flavum)
VVC161 Parishella californica (previously Lepidium fremontii)
VVC160 Parishella californica (previously Lepidium fremontii)
VVC159 Nemacladus sigmoideus (previously Lepidium fremontii) N.B. Possible duplicates: RSA625704 VVC159 UCR88244
VVC942 Phacelia cryptantha (previously Lepidium fremontii)
VVC1675 Dichelostemma capitatum (previously Lepidospartum squamatum)
VVC393 Langloisia matthewsii (previously Leptodactylon californicum)
VVC392 Linanthus parryae (previously Leptodactylon californicum)
VVC809 Camissonia parvula (previously Leptodactylon pungens)
VVC1186 Aegilops cylindrica (previously Leptodactylon pungens)
VVC982 Antennaria dimorpha (previously Leptodactylon pungens)
VVC95 Malacothrix glabrata (previously Lessingia filaginifolia)
VVC96 Malacothrix glabrata (previously Lessingia germanorum)
VVC97 Malacothrix saxatilis (previously Lessingia glandulifera)
VVC2015 Eriogonum gracile var. gracile (previously Leucopoa kingii)
VVC1954 Lomatium mohavense (previously Leucopoa kingii)
VVC1955 Eriogonum pusillum (previously Leucopoa kingii)
VVC1319 Ranunculus sceleratus (previously Lewisia nevadensis)
VVC1373 Calochortus albus (previously Limosella acaulis)
VVC1368 Gilia stellata (previously Limosella acaulis)
VVC394 Langloisia matthewsii (previously Linanthus aureus)
VVC395 Centrostegia thurberi (previously Linanthus aureus)
VVC1868 Gnaphalium palustre (previously Linanthus aureus subsp. aureus)
VVC396 Chorizanthe brevicornu (previously Linanthus bigelovii)
VVC400 Centrostegia thurberi (previously Linanthus breviculus)
VVC1976 Eriogonum vimineum (previously Linanthus breviculus)
VVC1193 Chrysanthemum parthenium (previously Linanthus breviculus)
VVC397 Chorizanthe brevicornu (previously Linanthus breviculus)
VVC2055 Mimulus floribundus (previously Linanthus breviculus)
VVC398 Chorizanthe brevicornu (previously Linanthus breviculus)
VVC399 Chorizanthe staticoides (previously Linanthus breviculus)
VVC2731 Eriastrum eremicum (previously Linanthus ciliatus)
VVC1016 Cardamine breweri (previously Linanthus ciliatus)
VVC1875 Betula occidentalis (previously Linanthus dichotomus)
VVC401 Centrostegia thurberi (previously Linanthus dichotomus)
VVC2625 Draba breweri (previously Linanthus nuttallii)
VVC1876 Populus trichocarpa (previously Linanthus parryae)
VVC402 Chorizanthe watsonii (previously Linanthus parryae)
VVC1972 Eriogonum prociduum (previously Linanthus parryae)
VVC403 Chorizanthe watsonii (previously Linanthus parryae)
VVC683 Avena barbata (previously Linanthus parviflorus)
VVC664 Gilia tricolor (previously Linanthus pygmaeus)
VVC1097 Hordeum brachyantherum (previously Linum lewisii)
VVC2555 Phacelia eisenii (previously Lithophragma bolanderi)
VVC162 Lonicera interrupta (previously Lobularia maritima)
VVC725 Chenopodium californicum (previously Lomatium californicum)
VVC995 Cirsium mohavense (previously Lomatium dasycarpum)
VVC2554 Phacelia hastata var. compacta (previously Lomatium dissectum var. multifidum)
VVC17 Baccharis salicifolia (previously Lomatium lucidum)
VVC2024 Eriogonum umbellatum var. nevadense (previously Lomatium mohavense)
VVC18 Chaenactis fremontii (previously Lomatium mohavense)
VVC1979 Eriogonum elegans (previously Lomatium mohavense)
VVC19 Chaenactis xantiana (previously Lomatium mohavense)
VVC1268 Juniperus occidentalis (previously Lomatium nevadense) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC1268 UCR86575
VVC723 Madia elegans (previously Lomatium utriculatum)
VVC594 Machaeranthera carnosa (previously Lomatium utriculatum)
VVC173 Atriplex canescens (previously Lonicera interrupta)
VVC2086 Lomatium dissectum var. multifidum (previously Lonicera interrupta)
VVC1433 Pinus monophylla (previously Lonicera involucrata)
VVC849 Viguiera parishii (previously Lonicera subspicata var. johnstonii)
VVC1194 Helianthus gracilentus (previously Lotus argyraeus)
VVC910 Malacothrix coulteri (previously Lotus grandiflorus)
VVC217 Lupinus bicolor (previously Lotus humistratus)
VVC1984 Kelloggia galioides (previously Lotus nevadensis var. davidsonii)
VVC1017 Montia chamissoi (previously Lotus oblongifolius)
VVC218 Lupinus bicolor (previously Lotus procumbens)
VVC1334 Salix gooddingii (previously Lotus purshianus)
VVC219 Lupinus lepidus var. confertus (previously Lotus rigidus)
VVC220 Lupinus excubitus var. excubitus (previously Lotus rigidus)
VVC221 Lupinus hirsutissimus (previously Lotus scoparius)
VVC643 Pectocarya linearis (previously Lotus scoparius)
VVC222 Lupinus hirsutissimus (previously Lotus scoparius var. brevialatus)
VVC223 Lupinus lepidus var. confertus (previously Lotus strigosus)
VVC2526 Epilobium glaberrimum subsp. fastigiatum (previously Lotus strigosus)
VVC1718 Trisetum spicatum (previously Lotus strigosus)
VVC2666 Eriogonum incanum (previously Lotus strigosus)
VVC1974 Eriogonum nudum var. oblongifolium (previously Lotus strigosus)
VVC956 Astragalus lentiginosus (previously Lotus strigosus)
VVC2665 Calyptridium monospermum (previously Lotus strigosus)
VVC224 Lupinus latifolius var. parishii (previously Lotus strigosus)
VVC1628 Stipa pinetorum (previously Lotus strigosus var. tomentellus)
VVC352 Paeonia californica (previously Ludwigia repens)
VVC1210 Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus (previously Lunaria annua)
VVC737 Tetradymia glabrata (previously Lupinus)
VVC1031 Phacelia mutabilis (previously Lupinus adsurgens)
VVC1352 Chrysothamnus paniculatus (previously Lupinus adsurgens)
VVC898 Haplopappus pinifolius (previously Lupinus albifrons)
VVC1573 Hilaria rigida (previously Lupinus andersonii)
VVC1208 Rubus parviflorus (previously Lupinus andersonii)
VVC2643 Cardamine breweri (previously Lupinus argenteus)
VVC225 Lupinus microcarpus (previously Lupinus arizonicus)
VVC227 Lupinus odoratus (previously Lupinus arizonicus)
VVC226 Lupinus nanus (previously Lupinus arizonicus)
VVC2612 Mimulus suksdorfii (previously Lupinus benthamii)
VVC228 Lupinus odoratus (previously Lupinus bicolor)
VVC229 Lupinus sparsiflorus (previously Lupinus bicolor)
VVC731 Atriplex canescens (previously Lupinus bicolor)
VVC2621 Hackelia sharsmithii (previously Lupinus breweri var. bryoides)
VVC1353 Bidens frondosa (previously Lupinus concinnus)
VVC2030 Sidalcea neomexicana (previously Lupinus concinnus)
VVC1351 Eriogonum wrightii var. nodosum (previously Lupinus concinnus)
VVC685 Croton californicus (previously Lupinus concinnus)
VVC1946 Phacelia campanularia (previously Lupinus confertus)
VVC887 Lupinus albifrons (previously Lupinus excubitus)
VVC231 Lupinus truncatus (previously Lupinus excubitus var. excubitus)
VVC1894 Eriogonum maculatum (previously Lupinus excubitus var. excubitus)
VVC233 Melilotus indicus (previously Lupinus hirsutissimus)
VVC232 Medicago sativa (previously Lupinus hirsutissimus)
VVC2013 Eriogonum baileyi (previously Lupinus hyacinthinus)
VVC1354 Gnaphalium palustre (previously Lupinus latifolius)
VVC1030 Penstemon grinnellii var. scrophularioides (previously Lupinus latifolius)
VVC911 Gilia malior (previously Lupinus latifolius)
VVC235 Prosopis glandulosa (previously Lupinus latifolius var. parishii)
VVC1572 Euphorbia micromera (previously Lupinus lepidus var. confertus)
VVC1192 Lathyrus latifolius (previously Lupinus lepidus var. confertus)
VVC234 Olneya tesota (previously Lupinus lepidus var. confertus)
VVC230 Lupinus succulentus (previously Lupinus lepidus var. confertus)
VVC236 Psorothamnus arborescens (previously Lupinus microcarpus)
VVC237 Psorothamnus arborescens (previously Lupinus nanus)
VVC239 Psorothamnus fremontii (previously Lupinus odoratus)
VVC238 Psorothamnus emoryi (previously Lupinus odoratus)
VVC240 Robinia pseudoacacia (previously Lupinus sparsiflorus)
VVC1967 Eriogonum trichopes var. hooveri (previously Lupinus sparsiflorus)
VVC241 Senna armata (previously Lupinus succulentus)
VVC242 Spartium junceum (previously Lupinus truncatus)
VVC1038 Eriogonum spergulinum var. reddingianum (previously Luzula comosa)
VVC542 Muilla maritima (previously Luzula comosa)
VVC801 Salix lemmonii (previously Luzula orestera)
VVC507 Arceuthobium campylopodum (previously Lycium cooperi)
VVC506 Viola purpurea (previously Lycium cooperi)
VVC505 Viola pedunculata (previously Lycium cooperi)
VVC2628 Callitriche verna (previously Machaeranthera canescens)
VVC1225 Alnus rhombifolia (previously Machaeranthera canescens)
VVC605 Pectis papposa (previously Machaeranthera carnosa)
VVC98 Microseris lindleyi (previously Machaeranthera carnosa)
VVC102 Pluchea sericea (previously Madia elegans)
VVC1228 Plantago lanceolata (previously Madia elegans)
VVC734 Erigeron breweri (previously Madia elegans)
VVC2528 Gentiana newberryi (previously Madia elegans)
VVC1029 Stellaria longipes (previously Madia elegans subsp. wheeleri)
VVC1562 Senna armata (previously Malacothamnus fremontii)
VVC103 Prenanthella exigua (previously Malacothrix clevelandii)
VVC921 Chorizanthe watsonii (previously Malacothrix coulteri)
VVC105 Rafinesquia californica (previously Malacothrix glabrata)
VVC107 Solidago californica (previously Malacothrix glabrata)
VVC1635 Pyrrocoma apargioides (previously Malacothrix glabrata)
VVC104 Prenanthella exigua (previously Malacothrix glabrata)
VVC1877 Cryptantha pterocarya (previously Malacothrix glabrata)
VVC106 Senecio flaccidus var. douglasii (previously Malacothrix glabrata)
VVC108 Stephanomeria virgata (previously Malacothrix saxatilis)
VVC2489 Silene sargentii (previously Malacothrix stebbinsii)
VVC1945 Lupinus sparsiflorus (previously Malva neglecta)
VVC203 Cercidium floridum (previously Marah macrocarpa)
VVC202 Senna armata (previously Marah macrocarpa)
VVC693 Hibiscus denudatus (previously Marah macrocarpa)
VVC301 Mentzelia albicaulis (previously Marrubium vulgare)
VVC717 Delphinium parryi (previously Matricaria matricarioides)
VVC243 Trifolium gracilentum (previously Medicago sativa)
VVC576 Sporobolus airoides (previously Melica imperfecta)
VVC977 Sidalcea multifida (previously Melica stricta)
VVC244 Trifolium microcephalum (previously Melilotus indicus)
VVC1021 Arenaria macradenia subsp. ferrisiae (previously Melilotus indicus)
VVC684 Baccharis salicifolia (previously Menodora spinescens)
VVC313 Sphaeralcea ambigua (previously Mentzelia)
VVC1871 Carex athrostachya (previously Mentzelia affinis)
VVC314 Sphaeralcea ambigua (previously Mentzelia albicaulis)
VVC1893 Plagiobothrys parishii (previously Mentzelia albicaulis)
VVC312 Sphaeralcea ambigua (previously Mentzelia albicaulis)
VVC315 Abronia pogonantha (previously Mentzelia albicaulis)
VVC879 Alopecurus aequalis (previously Mentzelia congesta)
VVC316 Abronia villosa (previously Mentzelia involucrata)
VVC2045 Panicum hirticaule var. hirticaule (previously Mentzelia montana)
VVC2553 Nemophila spatulata (previously Mentzelia montana)
VVC652 Ribes quercetorum (previously Mentzelia multiflora subsp. longiloba)
VVC1970 Eriogonum parishii (previously Mentzelia veatchiana)
VVC1055 Collinsia torreyi var. wrightii (previously Mertensia ciliata)
VVC902 Apocynum cannabinum (previously Microseris lindleyi) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR81818 VVC902 SEINET2065718
VVC109 Syntrichopappus fremontii (previously Microseris lindleyi)
VVC724 Thelypodium lemmonii (previously Microseris lindleyi)
VVC1075 Ivesia santolinoides (previously Microsteris gracilis)
VVC494 Lycium cooperi (previously Mimulus aurantiacus)
VVC493 Veronica arvensis (previously Mimulus aurantiacus)
VVC495 Lycium cooperi (previously Mimulus aurantiacus)
VVC1069 Equisetum arvense (previously Mimulus bigelovii)
VVC781 Lepidium flavum (previously Mimulus bigelovii var. cuspidatus)
VVC2054 Phacelia ramosissima var. ramosissima (previously Mimulus bolanderi)
VVC1957 Eriogonum eastwoodianum (previously Mimulus exiguus)
VVC2608 Mimulus leptaleus (previously Mimulus floribundus)
VVC496 Lycium cooperi (previously Mimulus guttatus)
VVC636 Croton wigginsii (previously Mimulus guttatus)
VVC833 Eriogonum pusillum (previously Mimulus mephiticus)
VVC2719 Lewisia glandulosa (previously Mimulus mephiticus)
VVC963 Cryptantha confertiflora (previously Mimulus mohavensis)
VVC1719 Trifolium albopurpureum (previously Mimulus palmeri)
VVC2053 Gymnosteris parvula (previously Mimulus palmeri)
VVC2546 Epilobium angustifolium subsp. circumvagum (previously Mimulus pilosus)
VVC1096 Hieracium horridum (previously Mimulus primuloides)
VVC998 Polypogon monspeliensis (previously Mimulus suksdorfii)
VVC1958 Eriogonum cithariforme var. agninum (previously Mimulus suksdorfii)
VVC1552 Bouteloua barbata (previously Mimulus tilingii)
VVC678 Cowania mexicana var. stansburyana (previously Mirabilis)
VVC1148 Allophyllum integrifolium (previously Mirabilis bigelovii)
VVC330 Camissonia californica (previously Mirabilis bigelovii)
VVC328 Camissonia claviformis (previously Mirabilis bigelovii)
VVC329 Camissonia campestris (previously Mirabilis bigelovii)
VVC760 Caulanthus glaucus (previously Mirabilis laevis)
VVC799 Carex scopulorum (previously Mirabilis multiflora)
VVC712 Lomatium utriculatum (previously Mirabilis tenuiloba)
VVC1475 Viguiera multiflora (previously Mollugo cerviana)
VVC2726 Calyptridium umbellatum (previously Monardella boydii)
VVC983 Muhlenbergia richardsonis (previously Monardella odoratissima)
VVC2618 Cryptantha howellii (previously Monardella odoratissima)
VVC2680 Draba breweri (previously Monolepis nuttalliana)
VVC110 Tetradymia axillaris var. longispina (previously Monolopia lanceolata)
VVC946 Tiquilia palmeri (previously Monolopia lanceolata)
VVC1890 Malacothrix glabrata (previously Monoptilon bellidiforme)
VVC1028 Ipomopsis aggregata (previously Montia chamissoi)
VVC1223 Quercus chrysolepis (previously Muhlenbergia asperifolia)
VVC1477 Euphorbia albomarginata (previously Muhlenbergia asperifolia)
VVC577 Stipa coronata (previously Muhlenbergia asperifolia)
VVC1577 Amaranthus fimbriatus (previously Muhlenbergia filiformis)
VVC703 Chaenactis fremontii (previously Muhlenbergia microsperma)
VVC836 Chaenactis glabriuscula (previously Muhlenbergia porteri)
VVC2654 Salix drummondiana (previously Muhlenbergia richardsonis)
VVC2636 Mimulus leptaleus (previously Muhlenbergia richardsonis)
VVC835 Elymus glaucus subsp. glaucus (previously Muhlenbergia rigens)
VVC2076 Galium parishii (previously Muilla maritima)
VVC1850 Hemizonia fitchii (previously Muilla maritima)
VVC1812 Chaenactis glabriuscula (previously Muilla maritima)
VVC553 Bromus madritensis subsp. rubens (previously Muilla maritima) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR104076 VVC553
VVC554 Bromus tectorum (previously Muilla maritima)
VVC552 Bromus madritensis subsp. rubens (previously Muilla maritima)
VVC1138 Boerhavia wrightii (previously Myosurus apetalus)
VVC1823 Rubus parviflorus (previously Nama demissa)
VVC1800 Cryptantha oxygona (previously Nama demissa)
VVC888 Chenopodium californicum (previously Nama rothrockii)
VVC1257 Lomatium nevadense (previously Nama rothrockii)
VVC1140 Eriogonum nidularium (previously Navarretia breweri)
VVC1801 Cryptantha oxygona (previously Nemacladus sigmoideus)
VVC1824 Polystichum imbricans (previously Nemacladus sigmoideus)
VVC170 Arenaria macradenia (previously Nemacladus sigmoideus)
VVC1858 Hulsea vestita subsp. parryi (previously Nemacladus sigmoideus)
VVC270 Phacelia distans (previously Nemophila menziesii)
VVC897 Epilobium torreyi (previously Nemophila parviflora)
VVC1136 Atriplex polycarpa (previously Nemophila spatulata)
VVC857 Dyssodia cooperi (previously Nicolletia occidentalis)
VVC111 Tetradymia spinosa (previously Nicolletia occidentalis)
VVC2674 Poa fendleriana subsp. longiligula (previously Nicolletia occidentalis)
VVC1546 Euphorbia setiloba (previously Nicotiana attenuata)
VVC508 Arceuthobium divaricatum (previously Nicotiana glauca) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCD101962 VVC508 UCR89106
VVC656 Erigeron aphanactis var. aphanactis (previously Nicotiana glauca)
VVC705 Phoradendron californicum (previously Nicotiana obtusifolia)
VVC509 Arceuthobium divaricatum (previously Nicotiana obtusifolia)
VVC1674 Bromus hordeaceus (previously Nicotiana obtusifolia)
VVC1130 Dyssodia porophylloides (previously Nicotiana obtusifolia)
VVC1171 Iva axillaris (previously Nicotiana quadrivalvis)
VVC1978 Eriogonum baileyi var. baileyi (previously Nicotiana quadrivalvis)
VVC1473 Dyssodia cooperi (previously Oenothera californica)
VVC355 Dendromecon rigida (previously Oenothera californica)
VVC353 Paeonia californica (previously Oenothera californica)
VVC354 Argemone corymbosa (previously Oenothera californica)
VVC356 Dendromecon rigida (previously Oenothera californica)
VVC1185 Artemisia dracunculus (previously Oenothera californica subsp. californica)
VVC357 Dicentra chrysantha (previously Oenothera deltoides)
VVC1623 Festuca brachyphylla (previously Oenothera deltoides)
VVC358 Eschscholzia californica (previously Oenothera elata)
VVC1126 Penstemon heterodoxus (previously Oenothera laciniata)
VVC359 Eschscholzia californica (previously Oenothera primiveris)
VVC964 Oenothera xylocarpa (previously Oenothera primiveris subsp. bufonis)
VVC975 Potentilla glandulosa (previously Oenothera xylocarpa)
VVC245 Trifolium willdenovii (previously Olneya tesota)
VVC819 Swertia tubulosa (previously Oreonana clementis)
VVC1250 Capsella bursa-pastoris (previously Orobanche californica subsp. feudgei)
VVC929 Erysimum capitatum subsp. capitatum (previously Orochaenactis thysanocarpha)
VVC2093 Eriogonum baileyi var. baileyi (previously Osmorhiza brachypoda)
VVC2722 Lewisia pygmaea (previously Osmorhiza chilensis)
VVC40 Brickellia arguta (previously Osmorhiza chilensis)
VVC1212 Muhlenbergia asperifolia (previously Osmorhiza chilensis)
VVC361 Eschscholzia glyptosperma (previously Oxalis pes-caprae) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC361 RSA552482
VVC360 Eschscholzia californica (previously Oxalis pes-caprae)
VVC1207 Ceanothus integerrimus (previously Oxytheca parishii)
VVC1807 Cryptantha muricata (previously Oxytheca parishii var. goodmaniana)
VVC1848 Eriogonum umbellatum var. versicolor (previously Oxytheca parishii var. goodmaniana)
VVC428 Delphinium parishii (previously Oxytheca perfoliata)
VVC427 Clematis ligusticifolia (previously Oxytheca trilobata)
VVC362 Eschscholzia glyptosperma (previously Paeonia californica)
VVC364 Eschscholzia parishii (previously Paeonia californica)
VVC363 Eschscholzia minutiflora (previously Paeonia californica)
VVC1634 Artemisia tridentata var. vaseyana (previously Palafoxia arida)
VVC1468 Pectis papposa (previously Palafoxia arida var. arida)
VVC706 Matricaria matricarioides (previously Palafoxia arida var. arida)
VVC648 Ditaxis neomexicana (previously Palafoxia arida var. gigantea)
VVC1459 Eriogonum nudum (previously Panicum capillare)
VVC710 Amsinckia vernicosa (previously Panicum miliaceum)
VVC376 Gilia cana (previously Papaver californicum)
VVC172 Atriplex canescens (previously Parishella californica)
VVC171 Stellaria nitens (previously Parishella californica)
VVC633 Bromus diandrus (previously Pectis papposa)
VVC1466 Muhlenbergia asperifolia (previously Pectis papposa)
VVC616 Eragrostis cilianensis (previously Pectis papposa)
VVC1684 Castilleja miniata (previously Pectis papposa)
VVC1682 Salvia pachyphylla (previously Pectis papposa)
VVC1479 Eriogonum microthecum (previously Pectis papposa)
VVC788 Mirabilis multiflora (previously Pectocarya heterocarpa)
VVC144 Caulanthus major (previously Pectocarya linearis)
VVC654 Camissonia strigulosa (previously Pectocarya linearis)
VVC1632 Koeleria macrantha (previously Pectocarya linearis)
VVC145 Erysimum capitatum (previously Pectocarya penicillata)
VVC1884 Eremalche exilis (previously Pectocarya penicillata)
VVC146 Erysimum capitatum (previously Pectocarya recurvata)
VVC707 Collinsia bartsiifolia (previously Pectocarya recurvata)
VVC1717 Juncus balticus (previously Pectocarya setosa)
VVC147 Lepidium flavum (previously Pectocarya setosa)
VVC1317 Juncus bufonius (previously Pedicularis groenlandica)
VVC1294 Ranunculus alismifolius (previously Pellaea andromedifolia)
VVC1722 Justicia californica (previously Pellaea truncata)
VVC1640 Elymus glaucus (previously Pellaea truncata)
VVC499 Physalis crassifolia (previously Penstemon centranthifolius)
VVC500 Solanum douglasii (previously Penstemon cordifolius)
VVC1299 Aster alpigenus var. andersonii (previously Penstemon davidsonii)
VVC1849 Ericameria palmeri var. pachylepis (previously Penstemon eatonii)
VVC1832 Senecio californicus (previously Penstemon eatonii)
VVC773 Oenothera caespitosa (previously Penstemon floridus)
VVC971 Leptodactylon pungens (previously Penstemon floridus)
VVC1464 Mollugo cerviana (previously Penstemon fruticiformis)
VVC1161 Stipa speciosa (previously Penstemon grinnellii subsp. grinnellii)
VVC1041 Penstemon speciosus (previously Penstemon grinnellii var. scrophularioides)
VVC1137 Mirabilis bigelovii (previously Penstemon heterodoxus)
VVC2645 Anelsonia eurycarpa (previously Penstemon heterodoxus var. heterodoxus)
VVC501 Solanum xanti (previously Penstemon incertus)
VVC502 Solanum xanti (previously Penstemon labrosus)
VVC1551 Euphorbia albomarginata (previously Penstemon rostriflorus)
VVC1052 Ceanothus pinetorum (previously Penstemon speciosus)
VVC1087 Hippuris vulgaris (previously Penstemon speciosus)
VVC825 Muhlenbergia porteri (previously Penstemon speciosus)
VVC503 Fremontodendron californicum (previously Penstemon spectabilis)
VVC2729 Rumex salicifolius var. denticulatus (previously Pentachaeta lyonii)
VVC1633 Elymus trachycaulus subsp. trachycaulus (previously Perityle emoryi)
VVC608 Artemisia ludoviciana (previously Petalonyx nitidus)
VVC1677 Stephanomeria exigua (previously Petalonyx thurberi)
VVC318 Mirabilis bigelovii (previously Petalonyx thurberi)
VVC317 Mirabilis bigelovii (previously Petalonyx thurberi)
VVC112 Tetradymia axillaris var. longispina (previously Peucephyllum schottii)
VVC271 Phacelia fremontii (previously Phacelia affinis) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC271 UCR93511 SEINET2055756
VVC272 Phacelia fremontii (previously Phacelia affinis)
VVC1816 Clarkia rhomboidea (previously Phacelia affinis)
VVC273 Phacelia fremontii (previously Phacelia brachyloba)
VVC274 Phacelia fremontii (previously Phacelia brachyloba)
VVC1608 Ivesia lycopodioides subsp. scandularis (previously Phacelia brachyloba)
VVC1968 Eriogonum esmeraldense var. esmeraldense (previously Phacelia campanularia)
VVC275 Phacelia fremontii (previously Phacelia campanularia)
VVC1609 Machaeranthera canescens (previously Phacelia cicutaria)
VVC276 Phacelia fremontii (previously Phacelia cicutaria)
VVC592 Bromus diandrus (previously Phacelia ciliata)
VVC1842 Trifolium gracilentum (previously Phacelia cryptantha)
VVC2035 Osmorhiza chilensis (previously Phacelia cryptantha)
VVC953 Oenothera primiveris subsp. bufonis (previously Phacelia cryptantha)
VVC1716 Juncus macrandrus (previously Phacelia cryptantha)
VVC1815 Sanicula tuberosa (previously Phacelia cryptantha)
VVC1905 Plagiobothrys arizonicus (previously Phacelia curvipes)
VVC2669 Phacelia eisenii (previously Phacelia curvipes)
VVC2527 Comastoma tenellum (previously Phacelia davidsonii)
VVC1931 Carex (previously Phacelia distans)
VVC593 Festuca californica (previously Phacelia distans)
VVC279 Phacelia ramosissima (previously Phacelia distans)
VVC278 Phacelia parryi (previously Phacelia distans)
VVC281 Phacelia rotundifolia (previously Phacelia distans)
VVC280 Phacelia ramosissima var. suffrutescens (previously Phacelia distans)
VVC277 Phacelia minor (previously Phacelia distans)
VVC2547 Epilobium oregonense (previously Phacelia exilis)
VVC282 Phacelia rotundifolia (previously Phacelia fremontii)
VVC285 Turricula parryi (previously Phacelia fremontii)
VVC284 Pholistoma membranaceum (previously Phacelia fremontii)
VVC954 Camissonia brevipes subsp. brevipes (previously Phacelia fremontii)
VVC287 Krameria grayi (previously Phacelia fremontii) N.B. Possible duplicates: CAS932468 VVC287 SEINET269341
VVC286 Krameria erecta (previously Phacelia fremontii)
VVC283 Pholistoma membranaceum (previously Phacelia fremontii)
VVC2085 Mentzelia montana (previously Phacelia imbricata subsp. patula)
VVC288 Krameria grayi (previously Phacelia minor)
VVC924 Plantago erecta (previously Phacelia mohavensis)
VVC289 Krameria grayi (previously Phacelia parryi)
VVC767 Cuscuta denticulata (previously Phacelia perityloides)
VVC290 Marrubium vulgare (previously Phacelia ramosissima)
VVC2607 Mimulus leptaleus (previously Phacelia ramosissima var. ramosissima)
VVC1549 Tribulus terrestris (previously Phacelia ramosissima var. subglabra)
VVC291 Salazaria mexicana (previously Phacelia ramosissima var. suffrutescens)
VVC292 Salvia columbariae (previously Phacelia rotundifolia)
VVC293 Salvia dorrii subsp. dorrii (previously Phacelia rotundifolia)
VVC1804 Lagophylla ramosissima (previously Phacelia rotundifolia)
VVC949 Eruca vesicaria subsp. sativa (previously Phacelia tanacetifolia)
VVC769 Plagiobothrys (previously Philadelphus microphyllus)
VVC1449 Brickellia desertorum (previously Philadelphus microphyllus)
VVC1578 Bouteloua barbata (previously Phleum pratense)
VVC669 Artemisia spinescens (previously Phlox longifolia var. stansburyi)
VVC591 Vulpia myuros (previously Pholistoma membranaceum)
VVC295 Salvia dorrii (previously Pholistoma membranaceum)
VVC733 Acamptopappus shockleyi (previously Pholistoma membranaceum)
VVC939 Caulanthus coulteri (previously Pholistoma membranaceum)
VVC294 Salvia dorrii (previously Pholistoma membranaceum)
VVC609 Hilaria rigida (previously Phoradendron californicum)
VVC1150 Penstemon grinnellii subsp. grinnellii (previously Phoradendron californicum)
VVC525 Juncus bufonius (previously Phoradendron californicum)
VVC716 Eriophyllum confertiflorum (previously Phoradendron californicum)
VVC526 Juncus bufonius (previously Phoradendron densum)
VVC522 Carex praegracilis (previously Phoradendron densum)
VVC521 Tribulus terrestris (previously Phoradendron densum)
VVC523 Eleocharis parishii (previously Phoradendron juniperinum) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC523 UCR104947
VVC1222 Berula erecta (previously Phoradendron juniperinum)
VVC524 Sisyrinchium bellum (previously Phoradendron macrophyllum)
VVC901 Gnaphalium stramineum (previously Phoradendron macrophyllum)
VVC527 Juncus longistylis (previously Phoradendron villosum) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR104077 VVC527
VVC1128 Polygonum kelloggii (previously Physalis crassifolia)
VVC1350 Haplopappus acradenius (previously Physalis crassifolia)
VVC1696 Camissonia intermedia (previously Physalis crassifolia)
VVC510 Phoradendron densum (previously Physalis crassifolia)
VVC1177 Amorpha californica (previously Pinus contorta subsp. murrayana)
VVC1269 Juniperus occidentalis (previously Pinus monophylla)
VVC1444 Salazaria mexicana (previously Pinus monophylla)
VVC579 Stipa speciosa (previously Piptatherum miliaceum)
VVC578 Stipa parishii (previously Piptatherum miliaceum)
VVC753 Scopulophila rixfordii (previously Pityrogramma triangularis)
VVC780 Xylorhiza tortifolia var. tortifolia (previously Plagiobothrys)
VVC676 Chaenactis glabriuscula (previously Plagiobothrys)
VVC1906 Vulpia octoflora (previously Plagiobothrys arizonicus)
VVC1898 Layia glandulosa (previously Plagiobothrys arizonicus)
VVC934 Allium lacunosum var. davisiae (previously Plagiobothrys canescens) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR86808 VVC934
VVC851 Brickellia arguta var. arguta (previously Plagiobothrys collinus var. fulvescens)
VVC2664 Ranunculus eschscholtzii var. oxynotus (previously Plagiobothrys hispidulus)
VVC1076 Penstemon speciosus (previously Plagiobothrys myosotoides)
VVC1861 Euphorbia palmeri (previously Plagiobothrys parishii)
VVC935 Monolopia lanceolata (previously Plantago erecta)
VVC1239 Orobanche californica subsp. feudgei (previously Plantago lanceolata)
VVC378 Gilia splendens (previously Plantago ovata)
VVC1235 Aster frondosus (previously Platanus racemosa)
VVC379 Gilia latiflora (previously Platanus racemosa)
VVC673 Menodora spinescens (previously Platystemon californicus)
VVC377 Gilia capitata (previously Platystemon californicus)
VVC938 Phacelia tanacetifolia (previously Plectritis ciliosa subsp. insignis)
VVC113 Tetradymia spinosa (previously Pluchea sericea)
VVC1570 Croton californicus (previously Poa)
VVC580 Pholistoma membranaceum (previously Poa annua)
VVC1935 Cryptantha intermedia var. intermedia (previously Poa atropurpurea)
VVC722 Pholistoma membranaceum (previously Poa bulbosa)
VVC1961 Eriogonum inerme var. inerme (previously Poa bulbosa)
VVC581 Phacelia ciliata (previously Poa fendleriana)
VVC596 Atriplex polycarpa (previously Poa howellii)
VVC582 Phacelia distans (previously Poa howellii)
VVC2656 Salix drummondiana (previously Poa keckii)
VVC583 Lomatium utriculatum (previously Poa pratensis)
VVC2017 Eriogonum microthecum var. laxiflorum (previously Poa pratensis)
VVC585 Poa howellii (previously Poa secunda)
VVC584 Aegilops cylindrica (previously Poa secunda)
VVC1814 Lonicera interrupta (previously Poa secunda)
VVC429 Delphinium parryi (previously Polygonum amphibium)
VVC1575 Gutierrezia microcephala (previously Polygonum amphibium)
VVC1988 Polygonum amphibium (previously Polygonum arenastrum)
VVC1047 Stellaria jamesiana (previously Polygonum bistortoides)
VVC2057 Eryngium vaseyi (previously Polygonum convolvulus)
VVC1576 Sphaeralcea angustifolia (previously Polygonum douglasii)
VVC1139 Phoradendron californicum (previously Polygonum kelloggii)
VVC1092 Draba breweri (previously Polygonum kelloggii)
VVC1326 Stanleya pinnata (previously Polygonum lapathifolium)
VVC639 Isocoma acradenia (previously Polypogon monspeliensis)
VVC2099 Nicotiana attenuata (previously Polystichum imbricans)
VVC1295 Viola macloskeyi (previously Polystichum imbricans)
VVC1214 Machaeranthera canescens (previously Polystichum imbricans subsp. curtum)
VVC480 Keckiella antirrhinoides (previously Populus fremontii)
VVC479 Cordylanthus rigidus (previously Populus fremontii)
VVC1901 Eriophyllum wallacei (previously Populus trichocarpa)
VVC1072 Astragalus subvestitus (previously Porterella carnosula)
VVC622 Pectis papposa (previously Portulaca oleracea)
VVC1613 Androsace septentrionalis subsp. subumbellata (previously Potamogeton pectinatus)
VVC1331 Asclepias erosa (previously Potentilla anserina)
VVC1081 Polygonum kelloggii (previously Potentilla anserina)
VVC1224 Platanus racemosa (previously Potentilla anserina)
VVC1329 Asclepias fascicularis (previously Potentilla biennis)
VVC1937 Cryptantha muricata var. jonesii (previously Potentilla biennis)
VVC1256 Eschscholzia californica (previously Potentilla biennis)
VVC1134 Bouteloua barbata (previously Potentilla breweri)
VVC986 Antennaria rosea (previously Potentilla glandulosa)
VVC462 Galium nuttallii (previously Potentilla glandulosa subsp. reflexa)
VVC2081 Scribneria bolanderi (previously Potentilla glandulosa subsp. reflexa)
VVC1135 Aristida adscensionis (previously Potentilla gracilis)
VVC1191 Haplopappus parishii (previously Potentilla gracilis)
VVC1184 Diplotaxis muralis (previously Potentilla gracilis) N.B. Possible duplicates: RSA628258 CAS966890 VVC1184 UCR86266
VVC2620 Cryptantha watsonii (previously Potentilla pensylvanica)
VVC114 Trixis californica (previously Prenanthella exigua)
VVC115 Berberis dictyota (previously Prenanthella exigua)
VVC246 Trifolium variegatum (previously Prosopis glandulosa)
VVC1344 Astragalus bernardinus (previously Prosopis pubescens)
VVC463 Galium parishii (previously Prunus fasciculata)
VVC856 Abronia pogonantha (previously Prunus ilicifolia subsp. ilicifolia)
VVC1953 Nicotiana quadrivalvis (previously Prunus virginiana var. demissa)
VVC1730 Tauschia parishii (previously Prunus virginiana var. demissa)
VVC1836 Hypericum formosum (previously Psathyrotes annua)
VVC1947 Mentzelia veatchiana (previously Psilocarphus brevissimus var. brevissimus)
VVC1153 Brickellia oblongifolia var. linifolia (previously Psilostrophe cooperi)
VVC2690 Eriogonum gracilipes (previously Psilostrophe cooperi)
VVC248 Erodium cicutarium (previously Psorothamnus arborescens)
VVC247 Erodium cicutarium (previously Psorothamnus arborescens)
VVC670 Ranunculus hebecarpus (previously Psorothamnus arborescens var. minutifolius)
VVC249 Erodium cicutarium (previously Psorothamnus emoryi)
VVC651 Astragalus didymocarpus (previously Psorothamnus emoryi)
VVC250 Erodium cicutarium (previously Psorothamnus fremontii)
VVC12 Acamptopappus sphaerocephalus (previously Pteridium aquilinum)
VVC657 Encelia actoni (previously Pterostegia drymarioides)
VVC430 Delphinium parishii (previously Pterostegia drymarioides)
VVC1247 Lathyrus vestitus (previously Puccinellia nuttalliana)
VVC586 Bromus ciliatus (previously Puccinellia nuttalliana)
VVC1359 Amaranthus californicus (previously Pulicaria paludosa)
VVC466 Thamnosma montana (previously Purshia glandulosa)
VVC465 Kelloggia galioides (previously Purshia glandulosa)
VVC464 Galium stellatum (previously Purshia glandulosa)
VVC467 Thamnosma montana (previously Purshia tridentata var. glandulosa)
VVC1111 Ericameria teretifolia (previously Pyrrocoma apargioides)
VVC2657 Salix drummondiana (previously Pyrrocoma apargioides)
VVC1220 Rhamnus californica subsp. californica (previously Quercus chrysolepis)
VVC1234 Kochia scoparia (previously Quercus chrysolepis)
VVC837 Juncus macrophyllus (previously Quercus cornelius-mulleri)
VVC732 Castilleja angustifolia (previously Quercus douglasii)
VVC116 Amsinckia intermedia (previously Rafinesquia californica)
VVC2695 Eriogonum parishii (previously Rafinesquia neomexicana)
VVC952 Mimulus mohavensis (previously Rafinesquia neomexicana)
VVC1305 Aquilegia formosa (previously Ranunculus alismifolius)
VVC804 Carex leptopoda (previously Ranunculus alismifolius)
VVC443 Ceanothus leucodermis (previously Ranunculus californicus)
VVC947 Tropidocarpum gracile (previously Ranunculus canus)
VVC1090 Antennaria media (previously Ranunculus cymbalaria var. saximontanus)
VVC681 Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia (previously Ranunculus hebecarpus)
VVC1330 Grindelia squarrosa var. serrulata (previously Ranunculus sceleratus)
VVC1231 Diospyros virginiana var. virginiana (previously Rhamnus californica subsp. californica)
VVC455 Purshia glandulosa (previously Rhamnus crocea)
VVC456 Purshia tridentata var. glandulosa (previously Rhamnus ilicifolia) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR94000 VVC456 CAS980174
VVC700 Justicia californica (previously Rhus lancea)
VVC35 Artemisia tridentata (previously Rhus ovata)
VVC14 Ambrosia psilostachya (previously Rhus trilobata)
VVC2623 Cardamine breweri (previously Ribes cereum)
VVC816 Calyptridium monospermum (previously Ribes cereum)
VVC482 Mimulus aurantiacus (previously Ribes malvaceum)
VVC1303 Erigeron clokeyi (previously Ribes montigenum)
VVC483 Mimulus aurantiacus (previously Ribes nevadense)
VVC1217 Madia elegans (previously Ribes nevadense)
VVC663 Atriplex (previously Ribes quercetorum)
VVC484 Mimulus aurantiacus (previously Ribes speciosum)
VVC1439 Eriogonum umbellatum (previously Ribes velutinum)
VVC251 Erodium cicutarium (previously Robinia pseudoacacia)
VVC1321 Suaeda calceoliformis (previously Rorippa curvipes var. truncata)
VVC1369 Cryptantha costata (previously Rorippa curvisiliqua)
VVC1007 Sidalcea covillei (previously Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum)
VVC469 Populus fremontii (previously Rosa californica)
VVC1442 Eriogonum microthecum (previously Rosa woodsii)
VVC2098 Collinsia bartsiifolia (previously Rubus parviflorus)
VVC1219 Solanum americanum (previously Rubus parviflorus)
VVC468 Populus fremontii (previously Rubus ursinus)
VVC1093 Galium hypotrichium (previously Rumex acetosella)
VVC907 Euphorbia serpyllifolia (previously Rumex crispus)
VVC1323 Lotus purshianus (previously Rumex maritimus)
VVC1320 Potentilla anserina (previously Rumex paucifolius)
VVC805 Ribes cereum (previously Rumex salicifolius)
VVC1059 Gnaphalium palustre (previously Rumex salicifolius)
VVC1238 Ivesia argyrocoma (previously Rumex salicifolius)
VVC302 Mentzelia (previously Salazaria mexicana)
VVC1455 Pectis papposa (previously Salazaria mexicana)
VVC1345 Trifolium variegatum (previously Salix gooddingii)
VVC1922 Gilia sinuata (previously Salix laevigata)
VVC481 Keckiella antirrhinoides (previously Salix lasiolepis)
VVC1925 Erigeron breweri (previously Salix lasiolepis)
VVC1200 Verbena lasiostachys var. scabrida (previously Salix lucida subsp. lasiandra)
VVC1244 Lappula redowskii (previously Salix lutea)
VVC1496 Potamogeton pectinatus (previously Salsola paulsenii)
VVC1694 Lotus strigosus (previously Salsola paulsenii)
VVC1469 Euphorbia setiloba (previously Salsola paulsenii)
VVC303 Mentzelia albicaulis (previously Salvia columbariae)
VVC1627 Muhlenbergia richardsonis (previously Salvia columbariae)
VVC306 Petalonyx thurberi (previously Salvia dorrii)
VVC1114 Antennaria rosea (previously Salvia dorrii)
VVC305 Mentzelia involucrata (previously Salvia dorrii)
VVC2676 Nama rothrockii (previously Salvia dorrii)
VVC304 Mentzelia albicaulis (previously Salvia dorrii subsp. dorrii)
VVC698 Cyperus eragrostis (previously Salvia mellifera)
VVC307 Petalonyx thurberi (previously Salvia mellifera)
VVC2672 Luzula subcongesta (previously Salvia pachyphylla)
VVC175 Atriplex hymenelytra (previously Sambucus mexicana)
VVC2087 Cryptantha circumscissa (previously Sanicula tuberosa)
VVC2050 Atriplex serenana (previously Sarcobatus vermiculatus)
VVC702 Camissonia pallida (previously Sarcostemma cynanchoides)
VVC45 Calycoseris parryi (previously Sarcostemma hirtellum)
VVC2715 Oxyria digyna (previously Sarcostemma hirtellum)
VVC1100 Pyrrocoma apargioides (previously Saxifraga aprica)
VVC730 Brickellia oblongifolia (previously Saxifraga californica)
VVC1307 Habenaria dilatata var. leucostachys (previously Saxifraga oregana)
VVC2043 Mentzelia congesta (previously Scirpus pungens)
VVC764 Encelia actoni (previously Scopulophila rixfordii)
VVC2521 Gayophytum racemosum (previously Scribneria bolanderi)
VVC2549 Juncus parryi (previously Scribneria bolanderi)
VVC770 Mimulus bigelovii var. cuspidatus (previously Scrophularia desertorum)
VVC976 Thalictrum fendleri (previously Scrophularia desertorum) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC1040 VVC1037 VVC976
VVC2065 Camissonia hirtella (previously Scutellaria siphocampyloides)
VVC2556 Monardella beneolens (previously Scutellaria siphocampyloides)
VVC2073 Lithophragma bolanderi (previously Scutellaria siphocampyloides)
VVC1293 Arabis holboellii var. retrofracta (previously Selaginella bigelovii)
VVC2034 Eriophorum crinigerum (previously Senecio californicus)
VVC626 Heterotheca grandiflora (previously Senecio flaccidus var. douglasii)
VVC117 Amsinckia tessellata (previously Senecio flaccidus var. douglasii)
VVC787 Cleome (previously Senecio flaccidus var. monoensis)
VVC989 Ivesia campestris (previously Senecio integerrimus var. exaltatus)
VVC2011 Koeberlinia spinosa var. tenuispina (previously Senecio ionophyllus)
VVC2630 Callitriche verna (previously Senecio multilobatus)
VVC1132 Boerhavia wrightii (previously Senecio scorzonella)
VVC2631 Lonicera involucrata (previously Senecio spartioides)
VVC2716 Primula suffrutescens (previously Senecio triangularis)
VVC252 Emmenanthe penduliflora (previously Senna armata)
VVC213 Lotus strigosus (previously Senna armata)
VVC1679 Lamarckia aurea (previously Senna armata)
VVC1178 Stipa comata (previously Sequoia sempervirens)
VVC1986 Lupinus andersonii (previously Setaria viridis)
VVC894 Yabea microcarpa (previously Sibbaldia procumbens)
VVC1018 Madia elegans subsp. wheeleri (previously Sidalcea covillei)
VVC1078 Descurainia incana (previously Sidalcea malviflora)
VVC984 Plagiobothrys hispidulus (previously Sidalcea malviflora subsp. asprella)
VVC1044 Mimulus mephiticus (previously Sidalcea multifida)
VVC988 Achillea millefolium (previously Sidalcea multifida)
VVC2102 Danthonia unispicata (previously Silene lemmonii)
VVC1105 Eriogonum nidularium (previously Silene sargentii)
VVC1036 Polygonum bistortoides (previously Silene verecunda subsp. platyota)
VVC163 Isomeris arborea var. angustata (previously Sisymbrium altissimum)
VVC1264 Juniperus californica (previously Sisymbrium irio) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC1264 UCR91290
VVC535 Calochortus splendens (previously Sisyrinchium bellum)
VVC1230 Ambrosia eriocentra (previously Solanum americanum)
VVC658 Phlox longifolia var. stansburyi (previously Solanum douglasii)
VVC511 Phoradendron densum (previously Solanum douglasii)
VVC1616 Carex subfusca (previously Solanum elaeagnifolium)
VVC512 Phoradendron juniperinum (previously Solanum xanti)
VVC513 Phoradendron macrophyllum (previously Solanum xanti)
VVC118 Amsinckia tessellata (previously Solidago californica)
VVC1227 Rumex salicifolius (previously Solidago californica)
VVC253 Emmenanthe penduliflora (previously Spartium junceum)
VVC2029 Sarcobatus vermiculatus (previously Spergularia rubra)
VVC1333 Prosopis pubescens (previously Spergularia rubra)
VVC321 Fraxinus velutina (previously Sphaeralcea ambigua)
VVC1152 Glossopetalon spinescens (previously Sphaeralcea ambigua)
VVC2673 Festuca brachyphylla (previously Sphaeralcea ambigua)
VVC322 Camissonia bistorta (previously Sphaeralcea ambigua)
VVC323 Camissonia brevipes (previously Sphaeralcea ambigua)
VVC324 Camissonia campestris (previously Sphaeralcea ambigua)
VVC325 Camissonia campestris (previously Sphaeralcea ambigua)
VVC660 Lasthenia californica (previously Sphaeralcea ambigua)
VVC746 Hyptis emoryi (previously Sphaeralcea ambigua subsp. rosacea)
VVC1691 Acer macrophyllum (previously Sphaeralcea angustifolia)
VVC587 Bromus carinatus (previously Sporobolus airoides)
VVC1012 Angelica lineariloba (previously Stachys albens)
VVC776 Senecio flaccidus var. monoensis (previously Stanleya elata)
VVC1337 Baccharis sergiloides (previously Stanleya pinnata)
VVC2679 Stellaria longipes (previously Stellaria jamesiana)
VVC1109 Bidens laevis (previously Stellaria longipes)
VVC1040 Kelloggia galioides (previously Stellaria longipes) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC1040 VVC1037 VVC976
VVC182 Eurotia lanata (previously Stellaria nitens)
VVC785 Cryptantha nevadensis (previously Stephanomeria exigua)
VVC1695 Scribneria bolanderi (previously Stephanomeria exigua)
VVC1372 Castilleja affinis (previously Stephanomeria exigua)
VVC2677 Swertia perennis (previously Stephanomeria exigua)
VVC649 Sphaeralcea ambigua (previously Stephanomeria pauciflora)
VVC1155 Layia glandulosa (previously Stephanomeria pauciflora)
VVC632 Lotus scoparius (previously Stephanomeria pauciflora)
VVC119 Cryptantha barbigera (previously Stephanomeria virgata)
VVC944 Cryptantha maritima (previously Stillingia linearifolia)
VVC1189 Salix lucida subsp. lasiandra (previously Stipa comata)
VVC588 Elymus glaucus (previously Stipa coronata)
VVC2639 Barbarea orthoceras (previously Stipa hymenoides)
VVC1110 Atriplex lentiformis subsp. torreyi (previously Stipa occidentalis)
VVC1960 Eriogonum brachyanthum (previously Stipa occidentalis)
VVC1944 Castilleja exserta (previously Stipa parishii)
VVC589 Dactylis glomerata (previously Stipa parishii)
VVC2662 Potentilla glandulosa subsp. nevadensis (previously Stipa parishii)
VVC2638 Mimulus leptaleus (previously Stipa pinetorum)
VVC590 Cynosurus echinatus (previously Stipa speciosa)
VVC1172 Keckiella antirrhinoides (previously Stipa speciosa)
VVC961 Delphinium patens (previously Streptanthella longirostris)
VVC2094 Eriogonum baileyi (previously Streptanthus bernardinus)
VVC1332 Cyperus laevigatus (previously Suaeda calceoliformis)
VVC1661 Gilia cana subsp. cana (previously Suaeda moquinii)
VVC200 Astragalus layneae (previously Suaeda moquinii)
VVC1339 Physalis crassifolia (previously Suaeda moquinii)
VVC1660 Stipa parishii (previously Suaeda moquinii)
VVC830 Chenopodium pumilio (previously Swertia tubulosa)
VVC759 Scrophularia desertorum (previously Symphoricarpos longiflorus)
VVC690 Ditaxis lanceolata (previously Symphoricarpos longiflorus)
VVC1829 Filago californica (previously Symphoricarpos rotundifolius var. parishii)
VVC120 Cryptantha barbigera (previously Syntrichopappus fremontii)
VVC1966 Eriogonum ordii (previously Syntrichopappus lemmonii)
VVC41 Brickellia oblongifolia (previously Tauschia arguta)
VVC1843 Calandrinia ciliata (previously Tauschia parishii)
VVC123 Cryptantha intermedia (previously Tetradymia axillaris var. longispina)
VVC121 Cryptantha barbigera (previously Tetradymia axillaris var. longispina)
VVC682 Marah macrocarpa (previously Tetradymia axillaris var. longispina)
VVC2005 Artemisia rothrockii (previously Tetradymia canescens)
VVC748 Symphoricarpos longiflorus (previously Tetradymia glabrata)
VVC124 Cryptantha intermedia (previously Tetradymia spinosa)
VVC122 Cryptantha circumscissa (previously Tetradymia spinosa)
VVC987 Mimulus suksdorfii (previously Thalictrum fendleri)
VVC477 Castilleja linariifolia (previously Thamnosma montana)
VVC478 Collinsia concolor (previously Thamnosma montana)
VVC1457 Palafoxia arida var. arida (previously Thelypodium integrifolium)
VVC164 Sambucus mexicana (previously Thelypodium integrifolium)
VVC165 Achyronychia cooperi (previously Thelypodium lasiophyllum)
VVC735 Sphaeralcea ambigua subsp. rosacea (previously Thelypodium lemmonii)
VVC167 Arenaria douglasii (previously Thysanocarpus curvipes)
VVC166 Arenaria douglasii (previously Thysanocarpus curvipes)
VVC1607 Astragalus lentiginosus var. semotus (previously Thysanocarpus laciniatus)
VVC957 Chenopodium atrovirens (previously Tiquilia palmeri)
VVC1713 Trichoptilium incisum (previously Tiquilia plicata)
VVC1336 Atriplex lentiformis subsp. torreyi (previously Trianthema portulacastrum)
VVC1666 Lomatium mohavense (previously Tribulus terrestris)
VVC1670 Scutellaria siphocampyloides (previously Tribulus terrestris)
VVC532 Allium fimbriatum (previously Tribulus terrestris)
VVC915 Atriplex confertifolia (previously Trichostema austromontanum)
VVC2059 Carex multicaulis (previously Trichostema austromontanum subsp. austromontanum)
VVC309 Hibiscus denudatus (previously Trichostema parishii)
VVC308 Eremalche rotundifolia (previously Trichostema parishii)
VVC2027 Eriogonum umbellatum var. modocense (previously Trifolium gracilentum)
VVC2735 Erigeron pygmaeus (previously Trifolium gracilentum)
VVC254 Emmenanthe penduliflora (previously Trifolium gracilentum)
VVC2023 Eriogonum umbellatum var. munzii (previously Trifolium hirtum)
VVC2525 Gayophytum diffusum subsp. parviflorum (previously Trifolium hirtum)
VVC2142 Erigeron breweri var. jacinteus (previously Trifolium longipes)
VVC1077 Erigeron lonchophyllus (previously Trifolium longipes)
VVC2071 Cryptantha muricata var. muricata (previously Trifolium microcephalum)
VVC2661 Potentilla gracilis (previously Trifolium microcephalum)
VVC255 Eriodictyon crassifolium var. nigrescens (previously Trifolium microcephalum)
VVC2028 Kickxia elatine (previously Trifolium microcephalum)
VVC1074 Alopecurus aequalis (previously Trifolium monanthum)
VVC1358 Rorippa curvisiliqua (previously Trifolium obtusiflorum)
VVC257 Eriodictyon trichocalyx (previously Trifolium variegatum)
VVC2072 Mimulus fremontii (previously Trifolium variegatum)
VVC2062 Amorpha californica (previously Trifolium variegatum)
VVC729 Cryptantha utahensis (previously Trifolium variegatum)
VVC1715 Potentilla wheeleri (previously Trifolium variegatum)
VVC1356 Centaurea diffusa (previously Trifolium variegatum)
VVC1612 Senecio multilobatus (previously Trifolium willdenovii)
VVC256 Eriodictyon trichocalyx (previously Trifolium willdenovii)
VVC1357 Limosella acaulis (previously Trifolium willdenovii)
VVC2026 Eriogonum lobbii (previously Trifolium willdenovii)
VVC762 Penstemon floridus (previously Triteleia ixioides)
VVC125 Cryptantha microstachys (previously Trixis californica)
VVC168 Arenaria macradenia (previously Tropidocarpum gracile)
VVC958 Eriogonum saxatile (previously Tropidocarpum gracile)
VVC296 Salvia mellifera (previously Turricula parryi)
VVC839 Forestiera pubescens (previously Typha domingensis)
VVC311 Sphaeralcea ambigua (previously Umbellularia californica)
VVC310 Sphaeralcea ambigua (previously Umbellularia californica)
VVC1440 Fraxinus anomala (previously Urtica dioica)
VVC515 Phoradendron densum (previously Verbena lasiostachys)
VVC1211 Phoradendron juniperinum (previously Verbena lasiostachys var. scabrida)
VVC638 Stephanomeria pauciflora (previously Veronica anagallis-aquatica)
VVC504 Verbena lasiostachys (previously Veronica arvensis)
VVC1168 Eriogonum parishii (previously Vicia americana var. americana)
VVC2032 Allium bisceptrum (previously Vicia villosa) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC2032 UCR240535
VVC1486 Desmodium tortuosum (previously Viguiera multiflora)
VVC860 Juniperus californica (previously Viguiera parishii)
VVC1306 Pedicularis groenlandica (previously Viola macloskeyi)
VVC516 Phoradendron villosum (previously Viola pedunculata)
VVC517 Fagonia pachyacantha (previously Viola purpurea)
VVC1240 Calochortus invenustus (previously Vitis girdiana)
VVC2038 Penstemon rostriflorus (previously Vulpia microstachys var. pauciflora)
VVC602 Gutierrezia microcephala (previously Vulpia myuros)
VVC1907 Eriophyllum wallacei (previously Vulpia octoflora)
VVC1556 Euphorbia micromera (previously Woodsia scopulina)
VVC1296 Saxifraga oregana (previously Woodwardia fimbriata) N.B. Possible duplicates: VVC1296 VVC1298
VVC101 Peucephyllum schottii (previously Xylorhiza tortifolia)
VVC100 Nicolletia occidentalis (previously Xylorhiza tortifolia)
VVC99 Monolopia lanceolata (previously Xylorhiza tortifolia)
VVC791 Dodecatheon alpinum (previously Xylorhiza tortifolia var. tortifolia)
VVC679 Symphoricarpos longiflorus (previously Yabea microcarpa)
VVC905 Heterocodon rariflorum (previously Yabea microcarpa)
VVC555 Bromus trinii (previously Yucca schidigera)