The Consortium of California Herbaria is a gateway to information from California vascular plant specimens that are housed in herbaria throughout the state.
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UC1949128 Centaurium tenuiflorum (previously Zeltnera muehlenbergii)
UC1949130 Centaurium tenuiflorum (previously Zeltnera muehlenbergii) N.B. Possible duplicates: RSA756537 UC1949130
UC1949075 Dysphania botrys (previously Chenopodium botrys)
UC1949118 Elymus caput-medusae (previously Taeniatherum caput-medusae)
UC1562551 Erigeron breweri var. breweri (previously Erigeron breweri)
UC1949142 Erigeron glacialis var. glacialis (previously Calendula arvensis) N.B. Possible duplicates: RSA757470 UC1949142
JEPS89701 Erigeron pumilus var. intermedius (previously Erigeron breweri var. covillei)
UC1949151 Festuca microstachys (previously Vulpia microstachys var. confusa)
UC1949126 Frasera albicaulis var. nitida (previously Frasera albicaulis subsp. nitida)
UC1949127 Frasera albicaulis var. nitida (previously Frasera albicaulis subsp. nitida) N.B. Possible duplicates: RSA761385 UC1949127
UC1949132 Frasera speciosa (previously Swertia radiata)
UC1949133 Frasera speciosa (previously Swertia radiata)
UC1949176 Fremontodendron californicum (previously Fremontodendron californicum subsp. californicum)
UC1949105 Herniaria hirsuta var. cinerea (previously Herniaria cinerea)
UC88383 Micropus amphibolus (previously Scribneria bolanderi)
UC1949194 Nemophila parviflora var. austiniae (previously Nemophila austiniae)
UC1949161 Ozomelis trifida (previously Mitella trifida)
JEPS64696 Psilocarphus tenellus (previously Psilocarphus oregonus)
UC1928435 Solidago spectabilis (previously Solidago velutina subsp. californica) N.B. Possible duplicates: UC1928435 UCR196746 RSA728759
JEPS32433 Solidago velutina subsp. sparsiflora (previously Solidago velutina subsp. californica)
UC1949129 Zeltnera trichantha (previously Centaurium trichanthum)