The Consortium of California Herbaria is a gateway to information from California vascular plant specimens that are housed in herbaria throughout the state.
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JEPS101295 Calochortus superbus (previously Calochortus venustus)
JEPS101562 Cryptantha nubigena (previously Cryptantha sobolifera)
JEPS49934 Dudleya cymosa subsp. cymosa (previously Dudleya farinosa)
UC1613523 Dudleya abramsii subsp. setchellii (previously Dudleya lanceolata)
UC1369837 Dudleya parva (previously Dudleya verityi) N.B. Possible duplicates: UC1369837 RSA199054
UC1949624 Erigeron foliosus var. hartwegii (previously Erigeron foliosus)
JEPS89702 Erigeron foliosus var. foliosus (previously Erigeron foliosus)
JEPS21937 Erigeron foliosus var. confinis (previously Erigeron foliosus)
JEPS70805 Cryptantha nubigena (previously Oreocarya nubigena) N.B. Possible duplicates: UC765474 NY1110351 JEPS70805
JEPS848 Cryptantha nubigena (previously Oreocarya nubigena)
JEPS108701 Chaenactis fremontii (previously Rigiopappus leptocladus) N.B. Possible duplicates: CHSC95394 JEPS108701
JEPS96900 Solanum physalifolium var. nitidibaccatum (previously Solanum americanum)
JEPS104715 Solanum americanum (previously Solanum nigrum)
JEPS12072 Solanum (previously Solanum nigrum)
JEPS12066 Solanum americanum (previously Solanum nigrum)
UC1558384 Solanum xanti (previously Solanum umbelliferum) N.B. Possible duplicates: UC1558384 UC1558348
UC310269 Solanum xanti var. hoffmannii (previously Solanum xanti)