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UC797838 Agoseris aurantiaca (previously Agoseris)
UC1191226 Agoseris aurantiaca (previously Agoseris)
UC797807 Agoseris aurantiaca (previously Agoseris)
UC1558208 Agoseris aurantiaca (previously Agoseris)
JEPS36387 Agoseris glauca var. glauca (previously Agoseris)
UC1563604 Ambrosia dumosa (previously Ambrosia)
JEPS98844 Arctostaphylos stanfordiana (previously Arctostaphylos)
UC1123608 Calystegia collina (previously Calystegia)
UC879424 Calystegia macrostegia (previously Calystegia)
UC1537159 Calystegia macrostegia (previously Calystegia)
UC879426 Calystegia macrostegia (previously Calystegia)
UC1349038 Calystegia macrostegia (previously Calystegia)
UC50356 Calystegia macrostegia (previously Calystegia)
UC879428 Calystegia macrostegia (previously Calystegia)
UC879427 Calystegia macrostegia (previously Calystegia)
UC465958 Calystegia macrostegia (previously Calystegia)
UC465961 Calystegia macrostegia (previously Calystegia)
UC148961 Calystegia malacophylla (previously Calystegia)
UC139072 Calystegia malacophylla (previously Calystegia)
UC599260 Calystegia occidentalis (previously Calystegia)
UC764474 Calystegia occidentalis (previously Calystegia) N.B. Possible duplicates: UC764474 JEPS31655
UC67118 Calystegia occidentalis (previously Calystegia)
UC303007 Carex echinata (previously Carex) N.B. Possible duplicates: CAS167018 UC303007 POM160306
UC562274 Carex echinata (previously Carex)
UC562273 Carex echinata (previously Carex)
UC1100650 Carex echinata (previously Carex)
UC194806 Carex echinata (previously Carex)
UC562272 Carex echinata (previously Carex)
UC562281 Carex echinata (previously Carex)
UC562270 Carex echinata (previously Carex)
UC1103126 Carex echinata (previously Carex)
UC562276 Carex echinata (previously Carex)
UC936234 Carex echinata (previously Carex)
UC1103128 Carex echinata (previously Carex)
JEPS86590 Castilleja ambigua var. meadii (previously Castilleja)
UC1776758 Ceanothus integerrimus (previously Ceanothus) N.B. Possible duplicates: CDA13392 UC1776758
UC467742 Delphinium variegatum subsp. variegatum (previously Delphinium)
UC440407 Descurainia pinnata (previously Descurainia)
UC792929 Dudleya edulis (previously Dudleya)
UC806720 Dudleya edulis (previously Dudleya)
UC806718 Dudleya edulis (previously Dudleya) N.B. Possible duplicates: DS342182 NY387869 POM301405 UC806718 UC905133
JEPS30728 Encelia farinosa (previously Encelia)
UC111151 Encelia farinosa (previously Encelia)
UC724135 Encelia farinosa (previously Encelia) N.B. Possible duplicates: UC724135 DS346398 GH414483
UC895510 Encelia farinosa (previously Encelia) N.B. Possible duplicates: UC895510 RSA26988
UC489075 Encelia frutescens (previously Encelia)
UC1928462 Eriastrum diffusum (previously Eriastrum)
UC197515 Hemizonia congesta (previously Hemizonia)
UC197511 Hemizonia congesta (previously Hemizonia)
UC523520 Hemizonia congesta (previously Hemizonia)
UC990601 Hemizonia congesta (previously Hemizonia) N.B. Possible duplicates: UC990601 RSA81605
JEPS63893 Juncus effusus var. pacificus (previously Juncus)
UC1292589 Lotus scoparius (previously Lotus)
UC15593 Lotus scoparius (previously Lotus)
JEPS24657 Mentha arvensis (previously Mentha)
UC126069 Mimulus aurantiacus (previously Mimulus)
UC1101356 Myosurus apetalus var. montanus (previously Myosurus)
UC1594600 Myosurus minimus (previously Myosurus)
JEPS87181 Myosurus minimus (previously Myosurus)
JEPS2332 Phacelia fremontii (previously Phacelia douglasii)
JEPS57136 Polygonum douglasii (previously Polygonum)
JEPS51304 Polygonum sawatchense subsp. sawatchense (previously Polygonum)
JEPS17862 Purshia tridentata (previously Purshia)
UC1338628 Purshia tridentata (previously Purshia) N.B. Possible duplicates: CAS866552 UC1338628 RSA185258 NY848528
UC1535020 Purshia tridentata (previously Purshia)
UC1535028 Purshia tridentata (previously Purshia)
UC12925 Rosa bridgesii (previously Rosa)
JEPS105837 Rosa bridgesii (previously Rosa)
UC711930 Rosa woodsii subsp. ultramontana (previously Rosa)
UC1928046 Salix exigua (previously Salix) N.B. Possible duplicates: UC1872973 UC1928046
UCLA69849 Salvia apiana (previously Salvia)
JEPS28103 Salvia apiana (previously Salvia)
UC1100889 Scirpus (previously Bolboschoenus) N.B. Possible duplicates: DS414132 UC1100889
JEPS67298 Sidalcea asprella (previously Sidalcea)
JEPS67297 Sidalcea asprella (previously Sidalcea)