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SD153165 Antirrhinum nuttallianum var. nuttallianum (previously Antirrhinum nuttallianum subsp. nuttallianum)
SD153166 Antirrhinum nuttallianum var. nuttallianum (previously Antirrhinum nuttallianum subsp. nuttallianum)
SD217472 Bromus madritensis subsp. rubens (previously Bromus rubens)
SD107923 Calandrinia maritima (previously Calandrinia breweri)
SD210849 Cardamine californica (previously Cardamine californica var. californica)
SD210850 Cardamine californica (previously Cardamine californica var. californica)
SD212069 Cardamine californica (previously Cardamine californica var. integrifolia)
SD210683 Centaurea stoebe subsp. micranthos (previously Centaurea maculosa)
SD215199 Chorizanthe leptotheca (previously Chorizanthe staticoides)
SD188992 Chorizanthe leptotheca (previously Chorizanthe staticoides)
SD208033 Chorizanthe leptotheca (previously Chorizanthe staticoides)
SD210700 Leptosyne maritima (previously Coreopsis maritima)
SD217249 Cardamine californica (previously Dentaria californica) N.B. Possible duplicates: SD217249 RSA535488
SD217479 Leymus triticoides (previously Elymus triticoides)
SD203251 Logfia depressa (previously Filago depressa)
SD200700 Logfia gallica (previously Filago gallica)
SD186237 Geranium dissectum (previously Geranium carolinianum) N.B. Possible duplicates: UCR136265 SD186237 RSA716817
SD217790 Geranium carolinianum (previously Geranium dissectum)
SD169273 Geranium carolinianum (previously Geranium dissectum)
SD199208 Geranium carolinianum (previously Geranium dissectum) N.B. Possible duplicates: SD199208 UCR212575
SD128578 Geranium carolinianum (previously Geranium dissectum)
SD216993 Geranium carolinianum (previously Geranium dissectum)
SD216994 Geranium carolinianum (previously Geranium dissectum)
SD104882 Pelargonium grossularioides (previously Geranium pusillum) N.B. Possible duplicates: SD104882 SDSU7354
SD205322 Pseudognaphalium californicum (previously Gnaphalium californicum)
SD196309 Pseudognaphalium californicum (previously Gnaphalium californicum)
SD198227 Pseudognaphalium californicum (previously Gnaphalium californicum)
SD198229 Pseudognaphalium luteoalbum (previously Gnaphalium luteoalbum)
SD205323 Pseudognaphalium stramineum (previously Gnaphalium stramineum)
SD212496 Centromadia parryi subsp. australis (previously Hemizonia parryi subsp. australis)
SD217668 Peritoma arborea var. arborea (previously Isomeris arborea var. arborea)
SD217669 Peritoma arborea var. arborea (previously Isomeris arborea var. arborea)
SD212406 Juncus arcticus var. balticus (previously Juncus balticus) N.B. Possible duplicates: SD212406 UCR155165
SD216489 Krameria erecta (previously Krameria parvifolia var. imparata) N.B. Possible duplicates: RSA663917 SD216489 NY43875
SD134500 Lepidium lasiocarpum var. lasiocarpum (previously Lepidium lasiocarpum var. georginum)
SD212135 Achyronychia cooperi (previously Lonicera subspicata var. denudata)
SD27973 Muhlenbergia microsperma (previously Lupinus bicolor)
SD115492 Lupinus truncatus (previously Lupinus longifolius)
SD217567 Dieteria canescens var. canescens (previously Machaeranthera canescens var. canescens)
SD196301 Matricaria discoidea (previously Matricaria matricarioides)
SD192359 Matricaria discoidea (previously Matricaria matricarioides)
SD198250 Matricaria discoidea (previously Matricaria matricarioides)
SD198248 Matricaria discoidea (previously Matricaria matricarioides)
SD198249 Matricaria discoidea (previously Matricaria matricarioides)
SD200713 Matricaria discoidea (previously Matricaria matricarioides)
SD190951 Matricaria discoidea (previously Matricaria matricarioides)
SD200714 Matricaria discoidea (previously Matricaria matricarioides)
SD192360 Matricaria discoidea (previously Matricaria matricarioides)
SD201517 Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum (previously Nasturtium officinale)
SD190625 Nemacladus orientalis (previously Nemacladus glanduliferus var. orientalis)
SD203259 Dimorphotheca fruticosa (previously Osteospermum fruticosum)
SD53142 Phalacroseris bolanderi (previously Phalacroseris bolanderi var. coronata)
SD215867 Helminthotheca echioides (previously Picris echioides)
SD137834 Plagiobothrys collinus var. fulvescens (previously Plagiobothrys californicus var. fulvescens)
SD136875 Plagiobothrys collinus var. fulvescens (previously Plagiobothrys californicus var. fulvescens)
SD43589 Muhlenbergia richardsonis (previously Salix lemmonii)
SD208760 Sambucus nigra subsp. caerulea (previously Sambucus mexicana)
SD190582 Schoenoplectus californicus (previously Scirpus californicus)
SD207674 Solidago velutina subsp. californica (previously Solidago californica)
SD207672 Solidago velutina subsp. californica (previously Solidago californica)
SD207673 Solidago velutina subsp. californica (previously Solidago californica)
SD208429 Nassella cernua (previously Stipa cernua)
SD208428 Nassella cernua (previously Stipa cernua)
SD208430 Nassella cernua (previously Stipa cernua)
SD208433 Nassella cernua (previously Stipa cernua)
SD208427 Nassella cernua (previously Stipa cernua)
SD208431 Nassella cernua (previously Stipa cernua)
SD208432 Nassella cernua (previously Stipa cernua)
SD208434 Nassella cernua (previously Stipa cernua)
SD208440 Achnatherum coronatum (previously Stipa coronata)
SD208438 Achnatherum coronatum (previously Stipa coronata)
SD208447 Achnatherum coronatum (previously Stipa coronata)
SD208445 Achnatherum coronatum (previously Stipa coronata)
SD208444 Achnatherum coronatum (previously Stipa coronata)
SD208439 Achnatherum coronatum (previously Stipa coronata)
SD208443 Achnatherum coronatum (previously Stipa coronata)
SD208441 Achnatherum coronatum (previously Stipa coronata)
SD208436 Achnatherum coronatum (previously Stipa coronata)
SD208442 Achnatherum coronatum (previously Stipa coronata)
SD208446 Achnatherum coronatum (previously Stipa coronata)
SD208437 Achnatherum coronatum (previously Stipa coronata)
SD208435 Achnatherum coronatum (previously Stipa coronata)
SD208448 Achnatherum lemmonii (previously Stipa lemmonii)
SD208452 Nassella lepida (previously Stipa lepida)
SD208453 Nassella lepida (previously Stipa lepida)
SD208450 Nassella lepida (previously Stipa lepida)
SD208457 Nassella lepida (previously Stipa lepida)
SD208455 Nassella lepida (previously Stipa lepida)
SD208449 Nassella lepida (previously Stipa lepida)
SD208454 Nassella lepida (previously Stipa lepida)
SD208456 Nassella lepida (previously Stipa lepida)
SD208451 Nassella lepida (previously Stipa lepida)
SD208463 Nassella pulchra (previously Stipa pulchra)
SD208466 Nassella pulchra (previously Stipa pulchra)
SD208460 Nassella pulchra (previously Stipa pulchra)
SD208461 Nassella pulchra (previously Stipa pulchra)
SD208465 Nassella pulchra (previously Stipa pulchra)
SD208462 Nassella pulchra (previously Stipa pulchra)
SD208468 Nassella pulchra (previously Stipa pulchra)
SD208467 Nassella pulchra (previously Stipa pulchra)
SD208476 Achnatherum speciosum (previously Stipa speciosa)
SD208475 Achnatherum speciosum (previously Stipa speciosa)
SD208472 Achnatherum speciosum (previously Stipa speciosa)
SD208469 Achnatherum speciosum (previously Stipa speciosa)
SD208474 Achnatherum speciosum (previously Stipa speciosa)
SD208470 Achnatherum speciosum (previously Stipa speciosa)
SD208477 Achnatherum speciosum (previously Stipa speciosa)
SD208473 Achnatherum speciosum (previously Stipa speciosa)
SD208471 Achnatherum speciosum (previously Stipa speciosa)
SD208478 Achnatherum speciosum (previously Stipa speciosa)
SD30805 Chorizanthe (previously Stylocline gnaphaloides)
SD198937 Torilis arvensis (previously Torilis nodosa)
SD165804 Torilis arvensis (previously Torilis nodosa)
SD214701 Torilis arvensis (previously Torilis nodosa)
SD197115 Torilis arvensis (previously Torilis nodosa) N.B. Possible duplicates: SD197115 UCR212036
SD156901 Torilis arvensis (previously Torilis nodosa)
SD165805 Torilis arvensis (previously Torilis nodosa)
SD188701 Torilis arvensis (previously Torilis nodosa) N.B. Possible duplicates: SD188701 UCR202453
SD205445 Torilis arvensis (previously Torilis nodosa)
SD181931 Torilis arvensis (previously Torilis nodosa)
SD205562 Bahiopsis laciniata (previously Viguiera laciniata)
SD190889 Bahiopsis laciniata (previously Viguiera laciniata)
SD190888 Bahiopsis laciniata (previously Viguiera laciniata)
SD194937 Bahiopsis laciniata (previously Viguiera laciniata)
SD205561 Bahiopsis laciniata (previously Viguiera laciniata)
SD198959 Bahiopsis laciniata (previously Viguiera laciniata)
SD193571 Bahiopsis parishii (previously Viguiera parishii)
SD198185 Bahiopsis parishii (previously Viguiera parishii)
SD190890 Bahiopsis parishii (previously Viguiera parishii)