The Consortium of California Herbaria is a gateway to information from California vascular plant specimens that are housed in herbaria throughout the state.
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 New Records (Jun 12 2012)

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Arctostaphylos dup: GH362520 dup: GH362517 dup: GH362518 dup: GH362519 dup: GH362502 dup: GH362565 dup: GH362564 dup: GH362563 dup: GH362562 dup: GH362561 dup: A362585 dup: A362580 dup: A362583 dup: A362570 dup: A362572 dup: A362574 dup: A362575 dup: A362576 dup: A362543 dup: A362548 dup: A362523 dup: A362522 dup: A362521 dup: A362514 dup: A362505 dup: A362507 dup: A362506 dup: A362503
Arctostaphylos acutifolia dup: GH362559 dup: A362524
Arctostaphylos auriculata
Arctostaphylos canescens
Arctostaphylos insularis
Arctostaphylos tomentosa
Arctostaphylos virgata
Arctostaphylos viscida
Bryanthus breweri
Cassiope mertensiana subsp. californica
Cassiope mertensiana subsp. ciliolata
Ceanothus connivens
Ceanothus cuneatus dup: GH349661
Ceanothus diversifolius
Ceanothus integerrimus dup: A349633 dup: GH349517 dup: GH349541 dup: GH349643
Ceanothus integerrimus var. californicus
Ceanothus integerrimus var. macrothyrsus
Ceanothus jepsonii dup: A349683 dup: A349687 dup: GH349693 dup: GH349691
Ceanothus lemmonii dup: GH349710 dup: A349728 dup: A349724
Ceanothus leucodermis
Ceanothus megacarpus dup: A349782
Ceanothus megacarpus var. insularis
Ceanothus oliganthus dup: GH349909 dup: GH349903 dup: GH349900 dup: GH349905 dup: A349947 dup: GH349870 dup: GH349869 dup: GH349894 dup: GH349895 dup: GH349896 dup: GH349888 dup: A349850 dup: A349851 dup: A349854 dup: A349847 dup: A349846 dup: A349848 dup: A349876 dup: A349877 dup: A349875 dup: A349873 dup: A349878 dup: A349879 dup: A349862 dup: A349864 dup: A349866 dup: A349890 dup: A349891 dup: A349892 dup: A349887 dup: A349886
Ceanothus oliganthus var. orcuttii
Ceanothus ophiochilus
Ceanothus palmeri dup: GH349993 dup: A349982
Ceanothus papillosus dup: A425021 dup: GH425044 dup: GH425039
Ceanothus papillosus var. roweanus
Ceanothus parryi
Ceanothus pinetorum
Ceanothus lobbianus dup: GH349839
Chimaphila umbellata
Chimaphila umbellata var. occidentalis
Chrysolepis chrysophylla
Comarostaphylis diversifolia
Comarostaphylis diversifolia subsp. planifolia dup: GH362675
Empetrum nigrum
Eriogonum minutiflorum
Eriogonum umbellatum var. dichrocephalum
Eriogonum umbellatum var. nevadense dup: GH364575
Eriogonum umbellatum var. polyanthum
Eriogonum umbellatum var. speciosum
Eriogonum umbellatum var. subaridum
Eriogonum umbellatum var. torreyanum
Eriogonum umbellatum var. versicolor
Eriogonum vestitum
Eriogonum wrightii
Eriogonum wrightii subsp. subscaposum
Eriogonum wrightii var. membranaceum
Eriogonum wrightii var. nodosum
Eriogonum wrightii var. subscaposum dup: GH364681
Eriogonum wrightii var. trachygonum
Gaultheria humifusa
Gaultheria ovatifolia
Gaultheria shallon
Gilmania luteola
Goodmania luteola
Hesperolinon adenophyllum
Hesperolinon bicarpellatum
Hesperolinon breweri
Hesperolinon congestum
Hesperolinon didymocarpum
Hesperolinon drymarioides dup: GH364921 dup: GH364923
Hesperolinon tehamense
Juncus dup: GH364950 dup: GH364955 dup: GH364943 dup: GH364940 dup: GH364947 dup: GH364945 dup: GH364933 dup: GH364936 dup: GH364935
Juncus acuminatus dup: GH364959 dup: GH364961 dup: GH364960
Juncus cooperi dup: GH364842
Juncus dubius
Juncus hemiendytus
Juncus hemiendytus var. abjectus
Juncus leiospermus
Juncus nodosus
Juncus occidentalis
Juncus tenuis var. congestus
Kalmia microphylla dup: A362744 dup: A362735 dup: A362728 dup: GH362739 dup: GH362734 dup: GH362732 dup: GH362733 dup: GH362730 dup: GH362724 dup: GH362755 dup: GH362750 dup: GH362751 dup: GH362752 dup: GH362753 dup: GH362743 dup: GH362749
Limnanthes bakeri
Limnanthes douglasii subsp. sulphurea
Limnanthes floccosa dup: GH364864 dup: GH364865
Limnanthes gracilis subsp. parishii
Limnanthes vinculans
Linum puberulum
Malosma laurina
Menziesia ferruginea
Mucronea californica
Muehlenbeckia complexa
Nemacaulis denudata
Nemacaulis denudata var. gracilis
Orthilia secunda
Phyllodoce dup: GH362847 dup: GH362849
Phyllodoce breweri dup: A362824 dup: GH362801 dup: GH362838 dup: GH362795
Phyllodoce empetriformis
Pinus attenuata
Pinus contorta
Pinus contorta var. murrayana
Pinus jeffreyi
Pinus lambertiana
Pinus sabiniana
Pinus torreyana
Pistacia atlantica
Pityopus californica
Pleuricospora fimbriolata
Polygonum dup: GH364821 dup: GH364823
Polygonum bolanderi
Polygonum paronychia
Polygonum polygaloides subsp. esotericum dup: GH364796 dup: GH364798
Polygonum shastense
Pseudotsuga macrocarpa
Pterospora andromedea
Pyrola asarifolia dup: GH362884 dup: GH362885 dup: GH362888 dup: GH362894
Pyrola asarifolia subsp. bracteata
Quercus chrysolepis
Quercus lobata
Rhus dup: GH347204 dup: GH347027
Rhus integrifolia
Rhus ovata dup: GH347136 dup: GH347130 dup: GH347133 dup: GH347138
Rhus trilobata dup: GH347183 dup: GH347196 dup: A347157 dup: A347166 dup: A347194 dup: GH347170
Rumex venosus
Schinus molle
Schinus terebinthifolius
Umbellularia californica